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ISA Vetted Producer Seeks High-Concept Shorts

Paid Gig

We are looking to produce unique, high-concept, mind-bending SHORTS in the vein of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Her,” “The Lobster” or “Upstream Color.” This CAN include effects, as we have a talented, vetted and award-winning team who are great with effects/makeup/prosthetics and practical SFX that we want to shine a light on.

We want the effects and design to be able to do a lot of the thematic heavy lifting. The effects must service the story and themes. Same goes for genre – we are open to comedy, sci-fi, horror, and drama. Any tone or atmosphere is fine as long as it best serves the characters and larger thematic elements.

This should be no longer than 7-10 pages (the shorter, the better), with minimal locations and actors. The star should be the concept/idea, and how the characters and SFX highlight it.

This can also be a long scene or proof-of-concept from a feature or TV pilot! Just be sure to include a fully developed logline and synopsis for the longer project.

Shorts are used as a showcase piece so we don’t anticipate earning any money upfront but will happily share backend as deferred compensation if the film should sell. TBD. Also, you will get a professionally produced "Written By" screen credit, IMDb listing with a financed production company and copy of the completed film. Most importantly, we have lots of festival demand due to the team’s last short playing and winning awards at fests the world over.

What does "ISA Vetted" mean? 

“ISA Vetted Producer” means that this producer is professional with notable credits in the industry, but they’ve asked to remain anonymous through the first stage of the submission process. The ISA will vet all submissions and select a few to submit to that producer per their expectations or requirements of the gig. Upon submitting your work to the producer, the ISA will notify you who the production company or studio is. This is to protect these industry pros from writers contacting them outside the ISA system, which is a violation of our Terms of Use.