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ISA Vetted Producer Seeking Female Thriller TV/Movie of the Week Scripts

Paid Gig

In search of Lifetime-esque scripts in which a female lead is the hero. Think tropes like the evil nanny, the bad babysitter, or the kidnapped/stolen daughter.

We’re looking for clear hooks/concepts that can be made for $500,000.

Examples: Stalked by My DoctorA Woman’s NightmareSeducedMy Stepdaughter, Dangerous CompanyKiller Reputation

Very big bonus to writers and projects with a pedigree. Meaning, if your project or you/yourself have won or placed highly in multiple contests or fellowships, or have been produced in the past, please notate that when submitting (it is not a hindrance if you have not).


Union and non-union writers accepted. Scripts/writers from CANADA ONLY.

For all writers anywhere other than Canada, go to this link: https://www.networkisa.org/modules/writinggigs/view/2237


What does "ISA Vetted" mean? 
“ISA Vetted Producer” means that this producer is professional with notable credits in the industry, but they’ve asked to remain anonymous through the first stage of the submission process. The ISA will vet all submissions and select a few to submit to that producer per their expectations or requirements of the gig. Upon submitting your work to the producer, the ISA will notify you who the production company or studio is. This is to protect these industry pros from writers contacting them outside the ISA system, which is a violation of our Terms of Use.