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Family Oriented Web Series Seeks Very Young Writers

Paid Gig

Producer Hank Isaac is recruiting young writers to be taught how to write a web series and then actually write the series. It is likely as you read this that you are not within the right age range (10-15) but you likely know someone who knows someone.  Initial contact must come from a parent or guardian -- no response will be sent directly to an underage writer. There is a writing challenge which has to be completed in order to be considered for a staff writer position on this project.  References from adults attesting to a particular young writer's abilities and dedication will be requested.

All writers will work under a Writer's Agreement which describes both the writer's responsibilities and the nature of compensation for that work. A writer will join the online writers room with full access and at least one of his or her parents will need to join as an "observer." There is no fee to participate.  The Write Bros. have graciously agreed to provide a free copy of Movie Magic Screenwriter for each writer (MAC or PC).

Hank has established a Virtual Writers Room using a modified online classroom application called Canvas.  The "room" allows for discussions, file uploads, and contains a wealth of video and written material to help our young writers.  This means a writer can live anywhere in the galaxy. 

Hank has been a screenwriter since 1994 and a filmmaker since 2006. But more pertinently, he taught middle school in the Massachusetts public school system in the 1970s and was a college professor teaching screenwriting and filmmaking after that at a private four-year college. Because he works a lot with kids (primarily as actors), he has a federal and state background check on file with Washington State's Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.  His produced films and screenplays have been official selections in over 100 international film festivals and awards competitions since 2006, with more than 50 awards and additional nominations. He is a member of SCBWI ( The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). The Company has only two permanent resident creatives:  Hank and his longtime producing partner and award-winning cinematographer, Joe Andolina.  Joe will be an advisor & mentor to the writers room but not a full-time participant.  Larry Brody (TVWriter.com) who has written more hours of TV series than anyone, has also graciously agreed to make himself available in the room for advice and encouragement.

The "room" is actually an online classroom application; it will be essential for at least one parent to join as an "observer."  The classroom application will see that level of participation as "auditing the class."  This will allow each parent to see what's being said and what's being done. The writers will necessarily be able to communicate with each other via the room's open-ended discussion features.  Each writer will have free use of a full version Movie Magic Screenwriter until he or she leaves the room. 

Compensation and recognition, as with every spec production, rest with our ability to get the series financed and produced. The series gets a publicity boost and up to six fledgling writers learn a marketable skill...  plus the "fortune & glory" aspect. Hank will be teaching the writers about cinematic storytelling.  They will be watching videos online -- mostly interviews with respected produced screenwriters.  They will be assigned films and TV series episodes to watch. Only individuals who've signed the release get to hear the full details about the series. It is aimed at a broad family audience, significantly weighted toward 8-12 year olds.  The central character is a 10-year-old female detective who is driven to solve the myriad of "crimes" which plague the tween community.  Her arch rival is a full-of-himself older boy who feels he alone should wear the "Best Detective" title.  As in the Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote stories, he nearly always fails miserably.  The episodes have no foul language and no sexual innuendos and no overt violence.  The episodic topics are simple and timely.  The characters are smart, driven, yet flawed.

Only six (6) young writers will be selected.

IMPORTANT:  A young writer interested in participating needs to exhibit the following characteristics:

•   Ability to initiate his or her own work -- does not need constant prodding or encouragement.

•   Reasonable understanding of English language grammar and sentence structure.

•   Time available to work on the project -- if your young writer is already over-committed, please pass on this opportunity.

•   Must have at least one parent or guardian willing to "go the distance" with their young writer on this project.


Until all 13, 10-min. episodes of Season One have been written.


Fish & Chip: It's Roadrunner vs. Wile E. Coyote as a precocious 10-year-old girl battles a self-absorbed older boy for the title of World's Best Young Detective. 

Please submit a cover letter and some writing samples to be considered!