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UPDATED GIG: Seeking Pilots & Features Focused on Social Causes

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ISA Verified Producers looking for features and pilots set in Britain that relating to social causes, include mental health issues, in a marketable concept. Also interested in British socio-political topics and class tensions. Stories overcoming hardship and adversity.

Think the films of Mike Leigh, Andrea Arnold or Ken Loach in terms of drama. Things like Fish Tank. Stuff that digs into the characters while remaining cinematic in terms of storytelling. Uplifting fare like Billy Elliot works well too. And we're always looking for stylish, bold stuff like Trainspotting.

In terms of TV, things like Brassic work well, both in terms of the content and the comedy.

Note: Emphasis on the "British-ness" of the humor and settings as opposed to a change in the location of your script to Britain.

Producers have access to top British talent.

To be considered, please send logline, synopsis & screenplay/pilot.