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Seeking TV Content With U.S. & European Crossover Appeal

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German Producer, well connected in Germany and pitching to US production companies looking for co-production opportunities (TV series only). Series will be pitched to German networks first and then to other European countries and United States. Taking loglines, synopsis and scripts. If you have a concept/pitch then please state in the Covering Letter.

Content must crossover well to EU countries and US. Connection to the German/European culture can be established in many ways (setting, character, content sources, societal sensitivities) must be demonstrable.

No historical dramas please, but contemporary history may work. All genres are welcome, well told, character driven, good-humored works better than high-octane, fast action, plot and twist machines.

Good examples of crossover - The Missing (French detective solves a case on a British airbase in Germany).  Berlin Station (US agent's working out of US embassy in Berlin). Counterpart (East/West Germany as multiple universes).

But also international family drama, fantasy (based on European fairy tales), immigration stories, might work, as well as universal stories (e.g. Mythology: Ragnarok, Mystery: Big Little Lies. Coming Of Age: Sex Education)). Writing STYLE that is appreciated: Fargo, True Detective, The Killing

Format, 1 hour, serialized. Comparable to: CSI, Law and Order, Bones, Chicago Fire/Med/PD