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Seeking Contained Features With Limited Cast Size

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The ISA has partnered with some Verified Industry Pros looking for material that can be safely made, either inside or outside traditional methods. Ideally, budget will be as contained as the stories, but if the idea is right, the money can match.

Parameters - We’re looking for material that can be shot with a limited amount of cast and crew, but the tenets of storytelling still remain. We want to see great hooks and compelling characters (just less of them together on screen).

Technology - This has opened up a lot of storytelling avenues for creators – everything from shooting on smart phones to incorporating animation to having the whole movie take place on a computer screen.

Film grammar - This is an opportunity to get creative with film grammar. What we think of as “cinematic” will be changing as we venture forth. Think about clever ways to use closed set spaces that aren’t just a home or an apartment. What’s a great use of a theater stage, an old sitcom set, a simple green screen or an empty white room? Enclosed spaces can force screenwriters to get creative, which can pay off hugely in terms of storytelling.

Comparables - Obviously this sort of thing lends itself to genre storytelling, like the Unfriended movies, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Buried, Unsane or Rear Window. And we’re open to those! But we’d like to find uplifting and inspiring stories as well. Searching uses the computer screen to great effect. And consider Room, or even something like 12 Angry Men. True stories like 127 Hours, with the creative use of the lead character’s own camera.

When submitting, please include your SCRIPT, a SYNOPSIS and most importantly, a thoroughly developed LOGLINE. We want to know your concept and hook within the logline. We will narrow our selection based on these elements, so you’ll want to grab us with these tools.

Union and non-union writers accepted. Scripts from anywhere in the world will be considered but must be in English language.

NOTE: An “ISA-verified producer” means it is a respected industry professional/company with means to fund projects that suit their mandate. They wish to remain private and have entrusted the ISA to vet and find content to send to them.