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Urgently Seeking Contained Thrillers & Horror Scripts Budgeted Below $2M

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Production company urgently seeking contained thrillers or horror films with a maximum budget of $2M. The preferred sweet spot is $500K-750K.  Subgenres don't matter as much (supernatural, slasher, fantasy, crime, etc.). Please submit thoroughly developed logline, synopsis and script.

Those projects with a female lead in the 28-40 year range will be looked at first. (Please indicate to this in the logline) 

Projects with minimal set pieces, locations and VFX are preferred. 

Some comps with similar thematic elements include Panic Room, Ex Machina, Phone Booth, P2, ATM, Frozen, Cube, When a Stranger Calls and Disturbia.

Ideally, we're looking to move on a project by the end of July. Thanks!