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Published Author Looking For Screenwriter For World War II Story

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My book, "Strange Associations" (John M. Hill), is a story told to me by the inventor of Valium, Leo Sternbach. Who, with his fiancé, was searched for and persecuted by Nazi's in WWII. This a true story but from a third party. Regardless, it is a very exciting wartime adventure story based on Leo's own adventures. Please submit cover letter, resume and writing samples up to 10 pages.

Hero of story charged with finding, capture or kill the inventor of "Anti-Fear" drug. Whereas, Nazis seem intent on killing inventor after acquiring the formula.  I am told it would make a great movie from reputable figures in the film industry. Offering a 50% partnership on movie, etc., earnings (all but publishing royalties on book). Filming at least part of story in Halifax area, Nova Scotia, seeking government backing for this. This a great opportunity for an up-and-coming talented screenwriter to earn a notable credit and more!