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Writer Of East Asian Heritage Wanted For UK/French Feature Film Dramedy

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Filmmaker specifically looking for a co-writer of East Asian origin. Either living in the UK, or who has lived a substantial part of their life there previously, to work on a dramedy feature film called Fragments. The writer must also have UK or French citizenship. This is to ensure that the script is authentic to the co-lead East Asian character featured in the script. The project will be shot in English, French, Cantonese/Mandarin, with a small part in Arabic. The budget is expected to be $3-4 million.

Fragments is inspired by films like Les Intouchables / The Upside which force two people from wildly different cultures together with highly comic and dramatic results. Due to Covid-19 they decide to go on a trip to Paris to see the home of Marcel Proust. The story focuses on an aging UK Playwright and his UK P.A. of East Asian heritage. About two thirds of the script has already been written, and while the story's events are mapped out, the East Asian's character's dialogue, arc, and background urgently needs to be rebuilt for authenticity.

We already have an influential financier/executive producer on board, who has worked on an Oscar-winning film, but we want to have a full readable draft before applying for development funding to take it further. We will then attach a director once the script is at a more advanced level. In addition, we have an East Asian Casting Director attached, and are currently in advanced talks with the actress we want to play the co-lead.

Submit By: Aug 08, 2020