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Author seeking a screenwriter with experience who will help revise and perfect the script I've written that was inspired by actual events. The genre is drama/history/caper and it was written along the lines of films such as Argo or Bridge of Spies. I am willing to share any screenwriting and production credits.

My screenplay is titled, "Operation Peter Pan" and it is about the largest child refugee exodus in recorded history of the western hemisphere. In 1960, at the height of the Cold War, a dangerous clandestine operation is underway, Operation Peter Pan. A Havana headmaster teams up with a Catholic priest and smuggle over 14,000 children out of Cuba to save them from indoctrination into Communism. In an incredibly taut race against the clock, with government allies working in unison to get as many children out of Cuba before underground networks collapse, the Cuban airport shuts down, and war breaks out.

This is a NON-PAID submission only in sharing screenwriting credits for the revised script. Deferred payment to be negotiated up front, if project sold. Experienced screenwriter preferred, but not essential. Please provide cover letter (introducing yourself and your initial thoughts on the project), resume, and a sample of your work (up to 10 pages).

Submit By: Nov 16, 2020