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Established Director & Production Company Looking For CAJUN STORIES

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We are looking for a drama feature that specifically highlights Cajun culture. Louisiana, in particular, has an undertone of black magic, witches, and spells which we believe makes for an incredible script. Also, anything that is related to the happenings of 2021 - a struggle with race acceptance, LGBTQ communities, the "Me too" movement - all of these things are a major plus. The perfect combination would be Moonlight meets The VVitch.

We are a WGA signatory company and proudly pay our writers well. Without the writers - we don't have stories to tell. We also give our writers back end %.

The Company:
We just had our first big studio hit in 2020 and are looking to go into production on something in 2021.

Please submit a thoroughly developed Logline, Story Synopsis and Script.

Submit By: Jun 08, 2021