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Former Entertainment Attorney Seeking Screenwriting Partner/Collaborator

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Former practicing entertainment attorney and entertainment business executive with connections to some of the most prominent players in the industry is seeking a feature film screenwriting collaboration partner. The feature is based on an original story I have written with full character descriptions and many scene outlines.

This will be a big budget, major production company, studio film, not an independent. It has blockbuster, franchise, sequel/prequel potential. The genre is fantasy/action-adventure

While part of the story and some characters are fantastical, many characters and parts of the story are very realistic and deal with some of the most significant social and political issues of our time. This will be an epic picture with beautiful scenery and important messages. Sometimes there's a story that you are so compelled to tell and that's this case. Like the Mercedes Benz commercial goes, "The best, or nothing". The way I see this endeavor is, "Academy Award, or Nothing."

Please forward one sample of a feature-length screenplay you have written preferably in the mentioned genres. Also submit Cover Letter briefly introducing yourself and anything relevant to this post. We will be 50/50 partners and in addition to future screenplay-related compensation, it is expected that my screenwriting partner and I will also be executive producers on the film with corresponding credits and fees for that.

Looking forward to hearing from you!