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LA Filmmaker Seeking Writing Partner

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LA writer/director looking for a writing partner, preferably located in Los Angeles. Also open to a writer/producer or writer/actor, etc.

Interested writers should be open to a partnership, willing to accept an ultra-low budget, maybe short-to-feature, etc. You will both find a way to agree on commensurate compensation/ownership, whatever the budget. Filmmaker has some contacts with production companies & film investors.  

Filmmaker open to starting fresh or looking at a script that you think could be improved with a partner, or with one of the filmmaker's ideas.  They are primarily interested in a good partnership and match of sensibilities, not a script that's ready to go right now. They are open to a much wider range of genres than can be listed here.

From Filmmaker - 'We should dare to aim high, or where 'high' is not the right word, then we should dare to aim weird. Whether it's alt-comedy, fever dream horror, naturalistic drama, arthouse or neo-noir, as long as your interests are out there somewhere, let's see if we have a match.'

Please submit Cover Letter (with your thoughts, questions and any links about who you are). Also in the Cover Letter if applicable, please mention if you have a 'back-drawer' script or one you're stuck on that you think might benefit from a partner, and briefly explain why. No full scripts please.