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Seeking Sci-Fi & Dark Comedy Screenplays (low budget/ high concept)

Paid Gig

I'm an award winning director, and have a deep love for film. If I find a script I want to direct - I'll fight tooth and nail to get it made!


Stories can be set in USA, London, or Eastern Europe (preferably Hungary, if the latter). 


I am looking for screenplays in SciFi, Neo-Noir, Drama, One-Room Thriller & Dark Comedy genres. I'm specifically looking for films suited to lower budgets, with a small core cast, minimal core locations, and not heavy on SPFX (however, some SPFX and/or VFX is totally fine).


In terms of SciFi/Thriller, I am interested in fairly hard SciFi, and will tend to shy away from fantasy, supernatural, or things that are otherwise not believable from a scientific standpoint. SciFi scripts set on sets that require construction are welcomed, but would prefer something that doesn't have too big a scope. Screenplays in the style of "Moon," or "Cube" are manageable. Screenplays like "Guardians of the Galaxy" are out of scope (as much as I liked it). Likewise, I'd love to read something in the style of "Primer," "Another Earth," or "The Man From Earth".


In terms of Neo-Noir, Drama, Dark Comedy etc, if it spans across a fair few locations, I'd prefer it if these were fairly interchangeable, and not specific hard-to-acquire locations.


If interested, please submit a logline and a synopsis.