Writing Gigs

Oversee the Story For The First Soap Opera in the Middle East

Paid Gig

We are looking to produce the first Soap Opera in the Middle East and we are currently looking for a writer with knowledge and experience within Soap Opera writing / script editing.  We are currently developing this on spec - join our team on the ground floor!

The soap would be produced in Arabic.  However, the experienced writer we are looking to cooperate with would work as a story editors, overseeing a few Arabic speaking writers who will be working under your supervision.  Communication will not be an issues.  For now, we are looking for a good soap opera synopsis / storyline, with content that fits the Middle Easter culture.  The soap will be ongoing and reflect daily life.

The project will be set up in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi (very cosmopolitan cities), the cast will be coming from several Middle Eastern countries, in particular Egypt, Syria, Saudi, Emirates, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait and Morocco.  The story will also involve western characters.

If this interesting and challenging project gets picked up, the writer would then be employed on a monthly salary.  Moving to Dubai may be an option.  Please provide your resume along with a logline & synopsis of the story you would like to tell.