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Screenwriter Needed for Dramatic True Story Book Adaptation

Stephanie Palmer suggested that I try to find a screenwriter who is interested in my project on a "spec" basis, so I'm coming to you!  I have a book is titled "Could this happen to you?"   I chose that title because what happened to us can happen to anyone.  This is a dramatic and tragic true story.  By spreading the word we can share an impactful story while also educating people how they can be more prepared to handle a similar situation if one were to arise in their own life.

My Late daughter passed at 31 years-old. I took care of her 24/7. She was severely brain damaged due to the negligence of hospital staff that was tasked with taking care of her.  Tania's last ten years of life was one full of misery that not even an animal would have been allowed to suffer.

I wrote the book hoping that one day someone would realize the importance of her story and others like her without any means of communication.  We can also help wake up the medical community to be more in tune with the needs of those who may have difficulty speaking for themselves.

You can learn more about this story and the advocacy work I am focused on here:  http://www.laviniarojas.ca/

Please reach out if you have any interest in covering this story with me.