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Seeking writers for creative web series project (12 eps, 10-15 mins)

Paid Gig
We have an immediate need for writers with chutzpah. This web series project is expected to require up to five writers to collaborate together for quick turn around on this creative project.

Our Challenge: Create a new series of a dozen 10-15 min episodes based on a new distribution model, which will be disclosed only after signing a mandatory non-disclosure agreement.

The showrunner will hold meetings by conference call and online. Lead writers may be assigned to single episodes or to clusters depending on content. Expect to be given opportunities to try something outside your usual/past experiences.

The pay: All involvement involves gross points. 50% of gross points will be assigned to the team (15% to writers, 20% to actors and production, 15% to post). The remaining 50% will be assigned to 5 charities across North America. Intended recipients include the Red Cross, water.org, Unicef and two TBD. Residuals to the cast/crew will pay for 3 years. After three years, any income will also go to charities.

What we are looking for in our writers:
While you are experienced and/or educated in the industry, you’re not limited by the constructs of how projects are usually made. You’re open to new ideas and adapt easily to change. You are able to communicate your ideas effectively while appreciating genius in others.

A distribution guarantee is already in place. Project starts August 1st with filming intended to start in mid-Sept.  Please submit with your resume/cover letter/writing samples (any genre).

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