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Support Intern (w/ Pay) needed for Screenwriting Event

Paid Gig
Shore Scripts are looking for an intern to help them with a screenwriting seminar that is taking place in Hollywood over the 15th & 16th of July. 

The times will be from 11am - 5pm each day. You will be needed to help enroll students when they come in and be ready to jump in and help out on any other tasks. It's going to be a small class, so your work won't be too intensive. Additionally, you'll get to sit in on the seminar and have free access to the ecourse we are filming. 

We can pay $50 per day for this. 

There's an opportunity after this to continue working with Shore and helping us grow in LA. This could be thorough a mixture of jobs including script coverage, online research, course/seminar preperations, etc. Fees for each will then be discussed, but this is for future work. 

Please send a resume and short cover letter

- - - - - - Free Featured Podcast: Jacob Kruger - Plays Vs. Screenplays - - - - - - 

"...The process of writing a screenplay is different from writing a play in many essential ways. The first is the difference in the use of action."  For screenwriters, action is the primary tool of structure. But for playwrights, the primary tool is dialogue.  
Listen to the full podcast here:  https://www.networkisa.org/curious-individual.php?id=3944