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Writing Partner Needed for Sci-Fi Monster Movie

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I am seeking a writing partner for a sci-fi monster movie.  The film takes place in the distant future at a time when mankind is exploring far away lands and colonizing new planets.  On one of these planets, our adventurers find that they are in over their heads, for this planet is inhabited by a creature reminiscent of one in our own earthly folklore – vampires!

I’ve got a more in-depth synopsis I’m comfortable sharing below.  I’m looking for someone who may find interest in writing in this unique genre.  Any profits will be shared between the two of us.  Please submit a resume/sample/cover letter for consideration.

In 1961, humanity had spread its collective wings and began to fly. Man had finally entered the vast realm of outer space. On July 20, 1969, man had taken 'one small step' on the Moon's rocky surface--truly 'a giant leap for mankind.' Fifty years later, colonization of the moon had begun. One hundred years later, the Moon, Mars, Venus, and the rest of the solar system, had all been touched in some way by the busy, little fingers of man. Mankind was soaring now, expanding farther and faster than anyone had ever anticipated. Doors to countless new solar systems had been thrown open and were now beckoning for someone to pass through their thresholds. Some of these doors, however, were better left closed...

The year was 2076, one hundred and fifteen years after man had tasted what space had to offer him. A small exploratory team, headed by a Doctor Richard Bridgewater, was investigating a seemingly ordinary and insignificant planet. At first, there hadn't been anything particularly unique or interesting about the somewhat dreary rock of a planet. That is, until, by accident, a junior female scientist stumbled upon something far more horrifying than anything she--or anyone else--had ever encountered before...