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Apr 30, 2020



100 SCREENPLAYS is a screenwriting competition from Screenplay Festival, running annually since 2002 and one of the highest rated screenwriting competitions on MovieBytes, where writers like you rate the reliability and significance of contests.

100 SCREENPLAYS has partnered with the film festival Film Invasion Los Angeles to hold a live ceremony for our three winners.


Each screenplay contest at 100 SCREENPLAYS has a First Prize Winner, a Second Prize Winner, and a Third Prize Winner.  These winners are selected based solely upon the quality of each screenplay, and are awarded regardless of genre or subject matter.

100SCREENPLAYS features the following Prizes:

  • Cash.  The First Prize Winner of each 100 Screenplays contest will receive a $500.00 prize. Recognition.  The First, Second, and Third Prize winners will have their win announced to industry professionals, as well as the loglines of their winning screenplays listed permanently on the 100 Screenplays website to promote inquiries into their work.Recognition.   Every First Prize winning contestant will receive the following prizes from sponsor
  • An e-mail announcement about their winning screenplay to approximately 6,500 industry professionals.
  • Placement of at least the scripts logline and synopsis on’s password protected web site. Grand Prize winners may also place their treatment and/or script.
  • will include a logline (pitch) for Grand Prize winning screenplays in their printed publication, which is snail-mailed to approximately 5,000 Industry Professionals.
  • Award Certificate: Every First, Second, and Third Prize winner will receive a digital 8.5? x 11? winner’s certificate.

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100 SCREENPLAYS has established the following rules for the competition:

All writers of submitted material must be 18 years or older, including co-authored material.  

Screenplays written by teams of two or more writers are eligible for 100 SCREENPLAYS.

Any award won by a co-authored script will be divided evenly among the writers listed on the entry form. 

Screenplays that are currently optioned, or have been sold or produced are not eligible to compete in 100 SCREENPLAYS.

Screenplays which have previously won the First Prize in a 100 SCREENPLAYS contest are not eligible to entered into another 100 SCREENPLAYS contest.  

Screenplays must be the original work of the author.  

Screenplays adapted from other sources that were written by other authors (such as but not limited to books or plays) are not eligible to compete in 100 SCREENPLAYS, regardless of the source author’s permission.  

Submissions of new drafts or corrected pages will not be accepted. 

Screenplays must be submitted in English.  

A writer may enter more than one screenplay; however, a separate entry form and fee are required for each script submitted.


What if I send my script and over 100 scripts have already been entered?

If one hundred scripts are submitted before that deadline, the contest will be closed to new entries.  All fees for scripts sent after the competition has been closed will be refunded. 

Is there an awards ceremony?
Yes!  100 SCREENPLAYS has partnered with the film festival Film Invasion Los Angeles to hold a live ceremony for our three winners.


Do I have to customize the Cover Page of my entry?

Please submit your script with a standard cover page.


What should the file name be?

We recommend that you name your script’s computer file with your script title (shortened if necessary). For example, a PDF of “A Great Script” would be best sent with the file name “A_Great_Script.pdf”.

Who are the judges for 100 SCREENPLAYS?

This is the second most frequently asked question. The readers who will be judging the scripts for 100 SCREENPLAYS are all industry professionals from the festival’s sponsors. This includes literary agents, literary managers, and development executives from production companies. Additionally, one feature-film Music Supervisor is reading scripts for 100 SCREENPLAYS because she loves to read scripts and we know she has good taste.

Can I submit more than one screenplay?

Yes, you can. Each screenplay submitted must be accompanied by its own entry form and payment. 

What are the Prizes?

The First Prize Winner will receive a $500.00 cash prize. Additionally, every First, Second and Third Prize Winner will be announced and openly available to agents, producers, directors and investors. In all cases, the writer will be contacted either by 100 SCREENPLAYS or the inquiring party when interest is expressed in their material. Only Feature Length Screenplays are eligible for prizes. Short Length Screenplays are not eligible for prizes.  There are additional prizes given to writers by our sponsors.

Can writers who live outside the USA enter Screenplay Festival?

Yes. If you live outside the USA, you are welcome to enter Screenplay Festival. All Entree Fees must be paid in United States Dollars.

If I am submitting for Script Coverage as well as the competition, do I send two scripts?
If you want written feedback on your script by submitting your script for Script Coverage and you want the script entered into the competition as well, you only need to send one copy of your script. The person who reads your script and provides the written feedback will be instructed to make certain that your script goes directly into the competition after they are done with it.


Award Winning Writer Katherine Ann Roe Sainz

2015 Screenwriting Recognition: Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Best Screenplay, 20th Indie Gathering International Film Festival Feature Screenplay, Austin Revolution Film Festival (IP) Official Selection, Oaxaca Film Festival (IP) Global...
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Beverly Hills Film Festival - Finalist - "Tangled Spirits"

First chance to walk the Red Carpet for "Official Selection / Finalist" - Screenplay Competition at the 2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival. 
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20th Screenwriting Award - Eric P. Granger

POLLY was just nominated for "Best Screenplay" at the L A Independent Film Festival Awards marking th 20 th Screenwriting Award received in 2015 for Eric P. Granger. Currently writing number 7, A comedy. 
read more »

"BEST SCREENPLAY" - Tangled Spirits

50 Screenplay honors in one year! Four different screenplays. 8 - Best Screenplays, 14 - Best Screenplay finalists
read more »

"BEST SCREENPLAY" - Tangled Spirits

Eric P. Granger's Tangled Spirits received it's best finish yet; taking "Best Screenplay" at the 2015 Topanga Film Festival in Topanga, California. 
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21st Screenplay recognition! Eric P Granger's heartfelt Short, POLLY, just received "Best Screenplay Short" at the South East New England Film Festival just one day aftyer receiving "2nd Place Best Screenplay Short" at the L....
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"BEST SCREENPLAY" - Tangled Spirits

Canada International Film Festival
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NOVA - Best Romantic screenplay
read more »


NOVA Film Festival - Best Period Screenplay
read more »


International Independent Film Awards - Screenplay
read more »


2015 International Independent Film Awards - Screenplay Short
read more »

"SILVER AWARD" FEATURE - Tangled Spirits

2015 International Independent Film Awards - Screenplay
read more »


L A Independent Film Festival. I decided to challenge myself and write a Short about an adamant object. I chose a throw pillow with a parrot on it. "POLLY" just received it's seventh Film Festival recognition.Best Screenplay in Rhode...
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"3RD PLACE" - Forbidden Pond

"Forbidden Pond" receives "3rd Place Finalist" at the Midwest Horror Shorts Film Festival. This is the fourth genre that has earned Eric P. Granger honors in screenwriting; including Sci-fi, Action Adventure, Heart Felt fantasy,...
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"3RD PLACE" - "Tangled Spirits"

2015 Miami International Sci-Fi Film Ferstival "3rd Place Winner" for Tangled Spirits in the screenplay competition. This was Eric P. Granger's first Film Festival Award. 
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2016 Cannes Screenplay Short.
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40th "OFFICIAL SELECTION" Film Festival award represents the 40th Film Festival Award that  Eric P. Granger, has received. Including The Russian Film Festival, Mallorca Film Festival, London Shows Film Festival, and many others. 
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"FINALIST" - Terminal Squad

Yet annother genre for Eric P. Granger! This time action adventure. Mixed with issue of Slave Children in Africa. Mallorca Film Festival
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Pilot 'Token Kyle' by Melissa Emery is Top 100 for Emerging Screenwriters

Melissa Emery's original comedy pilot Token Kyle is currently in the Top 100 for Emerging Screenwriters Feature/ Pilot Competition.Token Kyle is about a man who wants nothing more than to make partner at work to win the approval of his deadbeat...
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success story of Sportsperson

The ‘Top 10 Richest Sportsperson in 2018’ comprises of 3 amazing Footballers; 2 agile American Football Players; 2 second-to-none Basketball Players; 1 master Tennis Player; 1 amazing Mixed Martial Arts
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There are no judges bio linked to this contest.