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Services to help you sell your screenplay.

Logline Review
ISAConnect $29
Want to impress agents, managers and producers?

With your review you’ll receive:

  • Feedback on theme, tone & voice
  • A clearer understanding of how to present your logline
  • Alternative logline options
Synopsis Review
Coming Soon
Save with ISAConnect
  • Submit a synopsis up to five pages for review.
  • Receive feedback to strengthen and improve the overall presentation.
  • Get your synopsis ready to send to industry professionals.
One-Pager Service
Coming Soon
Save with ISAConnect
  • Receive a one-page synopsis from a full read of your screenplay.
  • Discover new, concise ways to frame your project.
  • Gain a valuable tool to submit to industry professionals.

Why do you need marketing materials?

The window to make a first impression with your project is small, so strengthening your pitch materials is an essential step to optioning or selling your screenplay. A strong logline, synopsis and one-pager will set your project apart and guarantee your theme, tone and voice are conveyed successfully at first glance. We’ll help you create a polished final package ready to present to agents, managers and producers.

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