Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I join the ISA?

If you're interested in pursuing screenwriting, the ISA is a great place to get started. We're here specifically to help proactive screenwriters improve their craft, make connections and forge a career doing what they love most - writing.

A free Basic Membership registration will give you your own personal profile, and allow you to have all of your screenplays in one place, as well as your bio, resume, classes and credits. You'll also have access to our Guides & ResourcesPro Tips & Tricks, and free Podcasts.

But upgrade to ISAConnect and you’ll get even more.

As an ISAConnect  member, you can list yourself and your loglines in the  Writer's Showcase,  where over 3,000 vetted Industry Pros search for writers and projects. And unlike other screenwriting websites that charge per script and put time limits on how long you can post your work, with the ISA you can list an unlimited number of screenplays for as long as you like.

You can also add awards and competition wins, upload pitches and videos, and create poster designs. List your accomplishments and awards in your profile, and you could possibly be featured in the ISA Spotlightwhere Industry Pros like to look for writers who have had some success and experience. 

You’ll have access to our very popular "help wanted" section known as Writing Gigs, where Industry Pros post ads looking for projects and writers, and where other writers can look for collaborators, translators, and research help.

But one of our best new features is FOUR FREE CONTEST ENTRIES for ISAConnect members only! Register for an ISAConnect membership and receive a free entry to an ISAConnect contest of our choosing, once every three months. (You must have an active ISAConnect membership for at least three months prior to receiving your first free entry.)

Plus, ISAConnect also comes with discounts on pretty much EVERY resource on the ISA site, saving you hundreds of dollars on Classes, Contests, Events and more, and we’re constantly adding new features to enhance your ISA experience.

In short, the ISA offers proactive and determined writers a chance to grow and succeed.

If you're interested in learning more and signing up for a free Basic account, just go to ISA Register Now to get started. You'll also have the opportunity to sign up for an ISAConnect account at the same time.

Welcome aboard!

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I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you’ve forgotten your password, just click on "Forgot Your Password?" under the username and password fields on the login page, and you’ll be sent an email with instructions for setting up a new password.

If you’re still can’t log in to your account, please contact  for assistance and we’ll manually set up a temporary password for you.

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I didn't get the password email.

Check your "Spam" or "Junk" folders first. Sometimes these emails land there and can be easily missed. If that's where the reset email ended up, please add the address to your "Not spam" whitelist so we can be sure future emails don't get lost. Also please let us know! It might be something we should look into.

If you don’t see the email there, please contact and we’ll manually set up a temporary password for you. 

And don't forget to clear your cache, cookies, history and stored passwords before trying to log in again. (Please see “How do I clear my cache and cookies?”)

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I have my password, but I still can't log in.

You may need to clear your cache, cookies, history and stored passwords before trying to log in again. (Please see “How do I clear my cache and cookies?”)

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You won't accept my phone number.

If you're having a problem related to the phone number, most of the time the issue is the format. Phone numbers cannot contain any special characters or spaces.

If you've been entering it in the usual American format - (xxx) xxx-xxxx - just remove the parentheses and hyphen, and it should save without any problems.

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How do I clear my cache and cookies?


1. Go to your browser’s SETTINGS or HISTORY. The location should be somewhere in the upper right of your browser screen, but this will depend on the browser you are using. You may have to click on an arrow, a small gear, some dots or make a selection out of a list.

2. You should then have a choice to select a tab or button that says one of the following, or something similar:

·         HISTORY
·         PRIVACY

3. Select the appropriate link. Please be sure to clear your cookies "From the beginning of time".

For MAC:

1. Click on Safari.
2. Click Preferences.
3. Select the Privacy tab.
4. Select Remove All Website Data.
5. Click Remove Now.

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How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter and other eblasts?

To change your ISA newsletter subscriptions, login to your account and select MY PROFILE.

Click on Notifications. From there you can check and uncheck your notifications. Be sure to scroll down and click SAVE AND UPDATE before exiting the page.

To unsubscribe to any lists or newsletters, you should also be able to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the emails and click "Unsubscribe". It may say "Subscription Options" or "Preferencesor something along those lines, but they’ll all let you unsubscribe from unwanted email. Just keep in mind that it can sometimes take up to 10 days to take effect.

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How do I cancel my ISAConnect account?

If you wish to cancel your ISAConnect account, just log in to your account and select ACCOUNT DETAILS. You'll find all your account details here - the type of plan you have, the benefits that particular plan offers, and options for upgrading.

You can also make changes and unsubscribe from here, too. If you encounter difficulties trying to change or unsubscribing from your plan, contact   and we'll be happy to assist you. Please contact us at least 5 days before the start of your next billing cycle.

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How do I delete my account?

If you would like your account deleted, please contact and we’ll be happy to assist you. Please note that once your account is deleted, all uploaded information, documents, resumes, screenplays and contacts will be lost forever.

If you change your mind later, you'll have to re-upload and manually input everything all over again.

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I can't get my payment to go through.

If you’re having trouble getting your payment to go through, please do the following before doing anything else:

1. Double check your payment method.  It must be a valid credit card drawn on a U.S. bank, not a debit or prepaid card, and must be in US dollars.

2. Check your ISA Profile address. It must match the billing address on your credit card.

If these have been covered, you may then need to clear your cache and cookies. (Please see "How do I clear my cache and cookies?")

If you continue to experience issues even after clearing your cache and cookies, next try accessing the site using a different browser, as switching browsers can often get you past a glitch. For example, if you normally use Chrome, try Firefox. Mac  users have reported experiencing problems using Safari, but switching to Chrome worked. 

If none of the above fix the problem, please send an email to with the following information:

1. An exact description of what is happening when you try to pay.
2. Your operating system and version.
3. Your browser and version.

It would be a big help if you could provide a screenshot as well. Please be sure it includes the address bar at the top of the page with the URL visible.

Once we have your information and any appropriate screenshots, our programmers can try to figure out what's happening.

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What is the ISA refund policy?

·         ISA or ISAConnect: All sales for products, services, contests, events, ISAConnect Monthly and Yearly registrations and/or other transactions are final and non-refundable. Monthly subscriptions to ISAConnect can be cancelled at any time by emailing us at must notify the ISA at least 5 days prior to your next billing cycle for it to be cancelled effective the upcoming month.

·         Third-Party: Please note that we do not bear any responsibility and therefore we do not satisfy any refund/return/exchange requests for any third-party products, services, contests or events. All sales are final and non-refundable.

·         Registration Error: In the event of an error during registration, please email us at accounting@Network  within 24 hours to request a refund. You must explain the error.

·         Chargebacks: If you contact your credit card company before requesting a refund from the ISA, you will be invoiced any chargeback or bank fees associated with that refund.

Modification to CONNECT Membership:

ISA reserves the right to change the price of the CONNECT membership at any time. If you are a member when the price increases, you will remain at the lower cost. However, if you cancel or your credit card expires or declines, your membership fee will increase to the current price at the time of renewal.


Registering for an ISAConnect membership authorizes the ISA to bill your account monthly or yearly, dependent on the subscription selected.

If you have additional questions or require clarification, please refer to the  ISA Terms of Use page.

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Does the ISA use automatic billing?

Yes. When you register for an account, you authorize the ISA to automatically renew your account either monthly or yearly, dependent on the type of account you registered. You can cancel your account at any time, but be sure to do it at least 5 days before the start of your next billing cycle, so you won’t be billed when the account rolls over into the next month or year.  

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How do I add a picture to my profile?

Login to your account.




BROWSE your hard drive for the image you want to use and OPEN it.

Adjust the size and centering of your image. Click DONE.

That’s it!

You can upload several different images and make one your default by clicking on the gears icon in the upper left-hand corner of the uploaded image.

Be sure to click on the red SAVE button before leaving the page.

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How do I delete my profile picture?

Click on the trashcan icon in the upper right corner of your picture you want to delete. (It might be hard to see, but it’s there.) Your default picture will then either switch to the next picture you’ve uploaded, or to the blank placeholder.

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Do I really need a profile picture?

ISAConnect members who want to be listed in the Writer's Showcase must have a picture and a bio uploaded to their profile. The picture doesn’t necessarily have to be a portrait, although a portrait can make your listing look more professional.

Other than that, it’s a nice touch and adds some interest and personality to your profile.

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My picture is warped and stretched. How do I fix it?

Photos cannot be larger than 2 MB, so you're having trouble with the upload, your file may be too big. Crop or compress it, and try the upload again.

If your picture is warped, the data was most likely corrupted during the upload. Use the trashcan icon to delete the photo from your profile and upload it again. If it continues to happen, you may have to choose a different photo.

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What are all those tabs on my Profile page for?

These tabs allow you to organize your personal info and build your profile.

Personal Info and Bio - Tell us a little about yourself. You will need a Bio if you're an ISAConnect member and want to included in the Writer's Showcase.

Training / Credits - Provides a place for you to list any working credits you may have, any training you've received, and what classes you've taken. Classes taken through the ISA website will automatically appear here, and you can manually add classes you’ve taken from other sources.

Companies - Promote your business. This portion must be filled out if you're promoting yourself as a Mentor, Consultant or Service.

Notifications - Set all of your email notifications here.

Expenses - Whenever you have any expenditures on the ISA website, like competition fees or classes, you’ll find your costs here. 

Resume / Cover – Upload your most up-to-date resume and cover letters here. You can also upload Samples – a few pages of a script, for example, or a short treatment – so you’ll have some available if a Writing Gig requires it.

View Profile – This lets you see a preview of your public profile. If you click on anything on this page, you’ll be asked if you want to see your live profile. Answering “yes” will show you profile as it is, live on the site.

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Everything you list under MY RESOURCES is something that you have set up or run, yourself. If you’ve been vetted as an Industry Pro, you can set up contests, register events, offer classes and products, and post your own Writing Gigs here. Once they've been approved by ISA Admins, they'll appear in the appropriate category on the site.

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You can keep track of your Writing Gigs submissions using the MY TRACKER feature in your account.  

are the screenplays you've submitted, and GIGS TRACKER are the Gigs you've submitted them to. It's the same information, available two different ways.

VIEWS/REQUESTS is also where you'll find requests from Industry Pros who may have found you through the
Writer's Showcase. If you have a request waiting, it will say "1 NEW" next to the screenplay. Once you've viewed it, it will drop back to "0 NEW" but the information will still be there.

In this example, there are no new requests:

my tracker

Under VIEWS/REQUESTS - ACTIVE, clicking on the screenplay title will open a list of the Writing Gigs it's been submitted to. In the example below, MEMBER SUPPORT TEST TWO was submitted to one Writing Gig on Aug. 29, 2018. The Industry Pro name is "LD".

The STATUS shows that has been viewed:

Clicking on the blue circle will open the submission. Both the LOGLINE and the SYNOPSIS were SHARED (submitted), and have been VIEWED. No other requests have been made. Even though it still says PENDING, since the submission was back in August 2018, it's safe to assume the Industry Pro has passed. (Sometimes the IPs fall behind in updating the status of their requests.)  

You can find the same information by looking under GIGS TRACKER, only from the other side. In this example, there are two Gigs:

To find out what scripts were submitted, click on the Gig. Click the blue circle to open the submission. You'll find the same information you found under VIEWS/REQUESTS:

If you no longer want to see a particular record, just check the ARCHIVE box and it will be archived for you.

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MY SUCCESS is a feature that encourages you to promote your awards and accolades. Industry Pros will often look at a Profile to see if a writer has had any successes before sending a read request, knowing that writers who have won awards are probably writers with scripts worth looking at.

To add a Success to your profile:

Login to your account and select MY SUCCESS.

Select the type of success you're adding - MY AWARDSLISTS or MY SUCCESS STORIES.


An Award is a contest or festival win. Whether your screenplay took home the Grand Prize or won Honorable Mention, you’ll want to promote it. Every Award you list attaches a badge with the contest’s logo to your screenplay.

To add an Award, login to your account and select MY SUCCESS.

Under MY AWARDS, click +ADD NEW>>

Check the Award box.

Select a SCREENPLAY from your uploaded scripts.

Select the AWARD you won.

Select the CONTEST YEAR.

Select the CONTEST.

The PREVIEW will show the badges you’ve attached to your screenplay.

Check the “I understand” box. Click SAVE.

You can also Publish your Award to your Profile. Click on the Award and check the PROFILE box. 

You can also EDIT, ARCHIVE or DELETE your Award.


Lists are rankings or surveys of unproduced screenplays that have garnered attention in Hollywood but haven’t sold. Some Lists are well-known, and being on one is an accomplishment you want to promote.

To add a List, login to your account and select MY SUCCESS.

Under LISTS, click +ADD NEW>>

Check the List box.

Select a SCREENPLAY from your uploaded scripts.

Select the LIST.


Add the address of the website with the List your screenplay appears on. Alternately, you can upload a screenshot or a graphic which displays your screenplay on the list. You must verify that your screenplay is on this List.

Check the “I understand” box. Click SAVE.


A Success Story is a write-up about a personal success that relates to your screenwriting, such as an announcement of a contest win or having adapted your own published novel.

To add a Success Story, login to your account and select MY SUCCESS.


Check the Success Story box.



Assign it to a SCREENPLAY. If it’s not about a screenplay, skip this step.

If it’s related to one of your AWARDS, select it here. If it’s not about an Award, skip this step.

If it’s related to any LISTS, select it here. If it’s not about a List, skip this step.

If it involves any COMPANIES, select them here. It if doesn’t concern any Companies, skip this step.


This is where you appear.


The TITLE/SUBJECT LINE is your headline.

DESCRIPTION is where you tell your Success Story.

PREVIEW is what it will look like in your Profile.

Check the “I understand” box. Click SAVE.

You can drag-and-drop your Success Stories into the order you prefer.

Please note: the MY SUCCESS feature is only available to ISAConnect members.

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What are those icons next to my name when I login?

The ENVELOPE is where you can find messages you’ve sent and received.

The BELL is to let you know you have new messages waiting for you.

Numbers next to them tell you how many new messages you’ve received. Once you click on it, the numbers will disappear, but your messages will still be there.

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How do I upload my screenplay?

Login to your account.


Step 1 – Screenplay Details



WRITER should already have your information filled in.

Add your IMDb listing, if you have one.

If you have a co-writer, click
+ADD A CO-WRITER.Fill in their information.

Please note: If you want both names to appear on a screenplay that you plan on listing in the WRITER'S SHOWCASE, both writers must be ISAConnect members. Otherwise, only the ISAConnect member's name will appear as a link to their personal profile.


First and foremost is a logline that stands out - one or two sentences that say something specific to your script. There are thousands of scripts in the Showcase with very generic loglines, and they sometimes come off sounding a bit cliched.

This is an example of a generic logline: When a good cop discovers his partner is dirty, he has to decide between his friend, his badge and maintaining the peace in a city on edge.

There are no details. Who are these cops? What is the partner doing? Why is the city on edge? How is this script different from all the others with similar loglines?

This is an example of a better logline: Discovering that his long-time black partner is accepting bribes in exchange for evidence-tampering on behalf of a black drug kingpin, a white detective is forced to make a decision that should be easy - uphold the law - but that could also set off riots in a city already heavily charged with racial tensions.

Now you know details that not only tell you about these cops, but also what the stakes are and why this script is more interesting than the others.

(Please note: You cannot have a logline by itself. Your logline must be attached to a completed screenplay.)

We have free Podcasts that can give you some pointers, and it never hurts to take a listen. These are some of the best:

Jacob Krueger's Seminars And A Brand New Fix Your Pitch
Wine Wednesdays - Episode 57 "It's All About Your Loglines"
Mastering the Logline with Barri Evans & Max Timm

The ISA has also recently added a Logline Review service for writers who would like to improve their loglines. Having someone with expertise look at your loglines can be very helpful!


A synopsis is more than just a very long logline - a synopsis is basically a beat-for-beat telling of your screenplay, and should tell your story with a distinct beginning, middle and end. Don't be coy about the details. Don't tell the reader what they should think or feel, and don't use phrases like "coming of age story", "shocking conclusion" or “How does it end? Read the script and find out!” Don't offer background on the time period or explain your research. 

All of that is talking about the story - your synopsis should tell the story.

If you think your synopsis can't be understood without the background, then your focus might be on the wrong thing and you should probably rethink it.


Screenplay uploads can be no larger than 2MB. PDF files MUST be document files - you can't upload a PDF image file. If your screenplay has been scanned, you'll have retype it into a document.


You can name the draft of that particular script after you've uploaded it. For example, if your script is dated Jan 1, 2020, you might want to label it 1/1/2020. The next draft you upload can then be labeled with the later date. Or just use "First Draft", "Second Draft", etc. This is very handy for ISAConnect members who have several drafts of the same screenplay, all with the same name and details like Tags and Genres. Basic account members will have to upload the complete screenplay and add all the details each time.

Labels are for your eyes only. The title of your screenplay will not change.

BROWSE for the screenplay on your hard drive and select it. It will automatically upload to your profile.



Step 2 – MOVIE POSTER (ISAConnect feature) Optional

You can upload a mock-up of a poster for your movie, or an image that you think represents your script. You can also commission a poster through Poster Designs For Your Movie or ISA Profile.

Please note:
All artwork and images must be original or copyright-free. Do not use images from produced works that you do not own, including images of actors.


Step 3 – PITCH OR TRAILER (ISAConnect feature) Optional

You can attach either a video or audio pitch for your screenplay here. Select the format of the file and add a link to either YouTube or Vimeo.


Step 4 – ATTACHMENTS (ISAConnect feature) Optional

List anyone who has attached themselves to your project, such as actors or producers. DO NOT LIST A NAME IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THEIR PERMISSION.


Step 5 – TAGS (ISAConnect feature) Optional

Click on any of the empty fields and a menu will drop down with your options. You should select as many applicable tags as you can. The more information you provide, the better your chances of having your script show up in a search.


Step 6 - COPYRIGHT (ISAConnect feature) Optional

We strongly suggest having your scripts at least registered with the WGA, or copyrighted.

WRITER’S SHOWCASE (ISAConnect feature) Optional

This will make your work available in the WRITER'S SHOWCASEYou should at least share your logline, and consider sharing your synopsis.

If you have a pitch/trailer, you can opt to share that, too. We do not recommend sharing your screenplay until someone has specifically requested it.

You should also have your screenplays shared to your public profile
. Anyone looking at your profile will then be able to see you have screenplays available. No one but approved Industry Pros will be able to read them, however. You will still have complete control over who sees your work.


Congratulations! You’ve just added a screenplay to your profile. You’re done!

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A Document/Screenplay Label is the name you give the upload of your screenplay, not the screenplay itself.

This is very handy for ISAConnect members who may have several drafts of the same screenplay, all with the same name and identical details like Tags and Genres. You can name the individual uploads to differentiate between them without having to enter all the same details each time. 

So instead of three separate uploads of My Screenplay, you upload all details with your first upload, then could name your next uploads My Screenplay – Second Draft, My Screenplay – Third Draft, etc. 

Basic account members will have to upload the complete screenplay and details each time.

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What is a "movie poster"?

To add interest to your screenplay, you can upload artwork like a fictional poster for the imagined movie shot from your script. Or, you can upload a picture or image that you think represents your story, or evokes an atmosphere or emotion. This can be a good way to attract attention to your screenplay as it appears in the Writer's Showcase.

If you want to go all out and have something that looks very polished and professional, you can commission a poster through  Poster Designs For Your Movie or ISA Profile.

Keep in mind that this is purely for fun and to generate interest in your screenplay.

PLEASE NOTE: All artwork and images must be original or copyright-free. Do not use images from produced works that you do not own. This includes pictures of actors!

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What is a "pitch" or "trailer"?

A video or audio pitch is a filmed (or recorded) effort to "push" - or sell - a particular script or project. A prospective writer or producer will sometimes make a short film that is a proof-of-concept, or may share some artwork or music that helps tell their story.

You can record or film a video or audio pitch, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, and include the link when you add the screenplay to your profile.

Some Writing Gigs also ask for pitches.

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What does "Share this on my profile" mean?

When you upload your screenplays to your profile, you have the option of selecting where you would like your work to appear on the site. (See Step 6 – COPYRIGHT under “How do I upload my screenplay?”)

One option is to add them to your public profile. Anyone looking at your profile will then be able to see that you have screenplays available. No one but approved Industry Pros will be able to read them, however - you will still have complete control over who sees your work.

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How can I change my screenplay details after I already uploaded it to my profile?

Just select the screenplay in your profile and click on the red pencil icon. This will open the ADD A SCREENPLAY page for that screenplay, and you can make whatever changes you need to the listing.

Once you've finished making your changes, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.That's it!

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I can't get my screenplay to upload!

Did you remember to click on UPLOAD after browsing for your screenplay on your computer?

If yes, then please check that your screenplay is in the correct PDF format, the title has no spaces or unusual characters, and the file is no larger than 2MB.

Is it a scanned file?

If yes, then it's an image file and you won't be able to upload it, unfortunately. You can only upload text files.

Before trying to upload corrected or re-sized files, make sure that you’re using the most recent version of your browser, then clear your cache and cookies. (Please see “How do I clear my cache and cookies?”)

If, after clearing your cache and cookies, you still can’t upload, contact us at  and we’ll see what we can do to get you up and running!

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How do I edit or delete a script?

To EDIT an uploaded screenplay in your profile:

Login to your account and select MY SCREENPLAYS.

Select the screenplay you want to edit.

Click on the RED PENCIL icon to the right. This is your “Edit” option.

Make any changes to your screenplay that you want to make, such as changing your logline or poster or adding Tags.

Click SAVE AND CONTINUE before exiting.

To DELETE a screenplay you have in your profile:

Login to your account and select MY SCREENPLAYS.

Select the screenplay you want to delete.

For BASIC members: Click on the
RED TRASHCAN to the right. This is your “Delete” option. It will also remove all details associated with this script. 

For ISACONNECT members: To delete the entire screenplay and all details, click on the RED TRASHCAN.

To delete a specific draft and keep all details such as tags, etc, first click on the RED PENCIL.

Scroll down to your list of versions. These are the different drafts you've uploaded. Click the RED X to delete the version you want to remove.

Click SAVE AND CONTINUE before exiting.


We recommend keeping earlier uploads if you've submitted them somewhere, and just adding your revised drafts to your profile.

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Why isn't my screenplay getting any views?

If your screenplay isn’t getting views, there may be a couple of reasons.

Consider making your screenplays available in your profile. While this may not seem to be a big deal, it can affect whether someone looking at one script will immediately know that you have others available.

Since that’s the first thing after the title that grabs a potential reader's attention, you want to be sure it’s as compelling as possible, and contains a hook that makes it something the reader can't ignore. Remember, your logline is competing with thousands of others in the Writer’s Showcase many of them nearly identical. 

To give yourself the absolute best chance at getting your screenplay read, you may want to consider the ISA Logline Review service, and get a professional evaluation of up to 4 loglines per screenplay. Turnaround time is approximately 7 days.

ISA LOGLINE REVIEW - $39 (ISAConnect Members $29)

Although it’s not required when uploading a screenplay to your profile, it’s generally a good idea to have one. If someone decides that your logline intrigues them, you might want to have the synopsis right there for them to read, as opposed to making them request it and then wait for a response from you. After all, they're interested now.

You definitely want to have as many appropriate and descriptive tags checked as possible.

If you address these issues, the odds of your screenplay being read goes up.

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How can I make my screenplay better?

There are many ways to improve your writing skills and elevate your screenplay to the next level – far too many to discuss here. But these are good places to start:

1.     Take advantage of the many resources available on this website, including the Logline ReviewScript Notes, and Development Evaluations.

2.     Take part in classes and programs.

3.     Consider a mentor and listen to their advice.

4.     Don’t take criticism of your writing personally.

5.     Be honest and critical of your own work.

6.     Talk to other screenwriters.

7.     Read as many professional scripts as you can.

These are just a few bits of advice. It’s up to you to be proactive and to want to become the absolute best writer you can be. That’s what the ISA is all about!

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Logline Review

A logline has to grab a producer’s attention and make them want to read your screenplay, and if your screenplay isn’t getting any attention in the Writer’s Showcase, your logline might be the problem.

Purchasing a professional Logline Review can help you improve your logline and get one step closer to making the connections you need to promote your work successfully. Give us a little information about your story and characters and submit up to four different loglines, and our professional readers will evaluate them and offer you suggestions for crafting a stronger logline to better represent your screenplay.

ISA Logline Review - $39 (ISAConnect Members $29)

You'll receive your Logline Review in approximately 2 weeks.

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Script Notes

Get expert feedback from experienced readers who have worked for some of the top companies in the business and truly love what they do. (No jaded ex-writers, here!) ISA Script Notes have earned accolades and praise from new writers and seasoned pros, and have helped writers make tangible and constructive changes to their screenplays, often leading to contest wins, representation, and sales!

1st 20 PAGES - $39 (ISAConnect - $34)

·         1-2 pages of notes on the opening act only

·         To help your pages “pop”

·         To hone the building blocks of your story

·         Focus on hook, character intros & inciting incident


·         2-3 pgs of notes on full script

·         Includes full score & breakdown by category

·         Focus on plot, dialogue, characterization, format, length, plot sequencing and how to focus the narrative

·         Plus, dialogue & character improvements


·         5-6 pgs of notes on full script

·         Includes full score & breakdown by category

·         Detailed analysis on every aspect of the script

·         Examination of plot, character, format, marketability, etc.

·         Suggestions and recommendations of other helpful screenplay resources


·         Deep Dive Notes PLUS...

·         Full Review and Star Rating

·         If you rate high enough, a second review by Directors of Development

·         Receive an "accept" or "pass" for the ISA Development Slate

·         For additional information, please see Development Evaluation

You'll receive your Script Notes within 60 days.

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Development Evaluations

Order the ISA Development Evaluation that's right for you, and you'll receive up to 5 pages of the highest quality notes and extensive scoring on character, plot, structure and more. If you score high enough overall, you'll be accepted onto the ISA Development Slate where we'll champion your work to our industry partners.


·         Five Pages of Deep Dive Notes

·         Full Review and Star Rating

·         Higher ratings receive a second review by our Directors of Development

·         “Accept" or "Pass" for the ISA Development Slate


·         Full Script Read by Felicity Wren, Director of Development

·         One Hour Phone Consultation

·         Notes on marketability, how to best pitch your project & overall presentation

·         “Accept" or "Pass" for the ISA Development Slate


·         Full Script Read by Max Timm, Director of Development

·         One Hour Phone Consultation

·         Includes notes on improving your craft, how to break in, get an agent, and more

·         “Accept" or "pass" for the ISA Development Slate

You can expect your Development Evaluation within 60 days.

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How can I tell if someone wants to read one of my screenplays?

You can keep track of requests to read your screenplays through the MY TRACKER tab. You can also grant and deny access and archive requests here.

(Please see "What is My Tracker? How do I use it?" for more information.)

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How can I tell how many times my script has been looked at?

During the ISA website update, the Stats feature was removed, but it will be returning to the site. Just check back periodically.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

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Can you help me get an agent to sell my screenplay?

The ISA is committed to providing information and resources for all of our members, but we are unable to assist you in acquiring representation. Our services offer screenwriters and industry professionals (like agents, directors, producers, etc.) a way to connect and work together, but we do not manage any relationships or deals which may result from those connections.

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How do I know someone won't steal my idea if I put it online?

We understand your concern, but it is a risk you choose to take when you submit your script anywhere to producers, big or small. We highly suggest registering your script with the Writers Guild, the U.S. Copyright Office, or other similar services in the country you wish to submit your work to.

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My scripts have won awards. How do I tell people?

Congratulations! If your screenplays have won awards, you definitely want to let Industry Pros know!

After you’ve uploaded your screenplay, you can use the MY SUCCESS feature to tag your screenplays with competition badges. The badges will appear next to your screenplay wherever it appears on the website.

This option is only available to ISAConnect members.


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My scripts have placed in contests. Can I list those, too?

Definitely! Placing in a contest is still a win! When you tag your screenplay with a badge, you also include your placement in the contest.

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My contest isn't on your list. Can you add it?

If you would like to request contests and festivals be added to the list for your Awards, please use the CONTACT US TO ADD AWARD link on your Add Award page. Please be sure to include the contest URL and contact email.

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What is a Success Story?

Success Stories are a great way to build your profile. Accomplishments that attract attention include notable contest wins, screenplay options, credits, completed Fellowships and mentorships, books or short stories that you’ve published, short films or reels that you’ve shot, articles you've written, and interviews you've given.

Basically, anything notable that's related to your writing or filmmaking experience.

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How do I add a Success Story to my profile?

To post a Success Story, first log in to your account.

MY ACCOUNT, scroll down and click on MY SUCCESS.

From there, you can create an entry under MY AWARDS, LISTS or MY SUCCESS STORIES. Just click on +ADD NEW to add your screenplay to the category of your choice, and fill out the required fields.

Make sure you check the "Terms of Use" box and 
SAVE when you're done. That's it!

You can archive any Success Stories that you decide you don’t want to share anymore. You can also drag and drop your rows in the order of importance.

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How do I get featured in the ISA Spotlight?

Attract attention with your successes! Things that attract attention include notable contest wins, screenplay options, credits, and completed Fellowships and mentorships.

All Success Stories are considered for inclusion in the ISA Spotlightbut only a few can be featured. If you feel you've achieved some success worth noting, you can send an email requesting consideration.

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What is The Writer's Showcase?

The Writer’s Showcase  is a directory of all the scripts in the ISA database that members have uploaded to share. This includes film screenplays, television pilots, webseries and shorts.

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How do I get included in the Writer's Showcase?

In order to be included in the Writer’s Showcase, you must be an ISAConnect member and have a photo and bio uploaded to your Profile.

If you don’t have a bio or photo, you can’t be found under “Writer View”, although your screenplays will still be found under “Screenplay View”.

Please note that you still have to “Share” your screenplays in order for them to appear in the Writer’s Showcase. (Please see “What does “Share this on my profile” mean?)

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How do I get my scripts into the Writer's Showcase?

Two ways!

ISAConnect members who upload new screenplays into their profiles can choose to "Share" their Screenplays, Loglines and Synopses in the Writer’s Showcase  under Step 6 - Copyright.

You need to share at least your Logline to appear in the Showcase. You might also want to share your Synopsis and Pitch/Trailer. Do not share your Screenplay until you receive a direct request for it.

The other way is for screenplays you already have in your profile.

Login to your profile and select MY SCREENPLAYS. Click on the screenplay you want to share to the Showcase, and click the Showcase toggle ON. This will automatically add your Logline to the Showcase AND your Public Profile. Toggle OFF to remove.


Please note that these features are only available to ISAConnect members.

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Why can't I see screenplays in the Writer's Showcase?

Screenwriters are not able to see other writers' screenplays listed in the Writer’s Showcase.  This also applies to your own screenplays.

The only people who can see screenplays in the Showcase are Industry Professionals like producers, managers, etc. who have been vetted by ISA.

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How do I get access to the Writer's Showcase?

Only approved Industry Pros may have access to the Writer’s Showcase.  These would be producers, directors, literary agents, literary managers, and other industry professionals who have an interest in purchasing screenplays or hiring writers.

If you’re interested in becoming an ISA Industry Pro, you can send an email to You will be asked to provide a resume and a link to your IMDb listing.

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How do I get Industry Pro status?

If you'd like to apply for Industry Pro status, you can send an email directly to You will need to provide a resume and a link to an active IMDb listing.

Please note that Industry Pro status is only granted to legitimate producers, directors, production companies, literary agents and literary managers, and all applicants must be vetted before access to the Showcase
 is granted.

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How do I know your Industry Pros are legitimate?

The ISA verifies industry professionals by looking at their credits, associations, guild memberships, and any other industry information we find.

If someone is found to have misrepresented themselves, or ISA members report negative interactions, previously verified professionals can find themselves removed from the site, so we always welcome our members to share their experiences with IPs they meet through the ISA site.

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What is the ISA Development Slate?

Curated from the ISA’s vast network of screenwriters and filmmakers, and the entertainment industry at large, the ISA Development Slate is our premier list of internationally talented screenwriters. Selected due to their talent, achievements, dedication to the craft, contest wins, and industry-related success, Development Slate screenwriters are mentored by the ISA for one year, during which they and their work are promoted to producers, managers and agents in Hollywood and beyond, with the intent of forging relationships and building careers.

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How much is a Development Evaluation?

There are three levels of Evaluations available for industry-ready scripts. Order the ISA Development Evaluation that's right for you, and you'll receive up to 5 pages of the highest quality notes and extensive scoring on character, plot, structure and more. If you score high enough overall, you'll be accepted onto the ISA Development Slate where we'll champion your work to our industry partners.


·         Five Pages of Deep Dive Notes

·         Full Review and Star Rating

·         Higher ratings receive a second review by our Directors of Development

·         “Accept" or "Pass" for the ISA Development Slate


·         Full Script Read by Felicity Wren, Director of Development

·         One Hour Phone Consultation

·         Notes on marketability, how to best pitch your project & overall presentation

·         “Accept" or "Pass" for the ISA Development Slate


·         Full Script Read by Max Timm, Director of Development

·         One Hour Phone Consultation

·         Includes notes on improving your craft, how to break in, get an agent, and more

·         “Accept" or "pass" for the ISA Development Slate

You can expect your Development Evaluation within 90 days.

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How do I get into the ISA Development Slate?

To be considered for the Slate, you may submit a script for review through the ISA Development Evaluationor post your success stories on the ISA Spotlight(available toISAConnect Members only).

If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status.

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When will I get my notes?

You'll receive UP TO five pages of notes within 60 days.

Your notes will be based on:

  • Concept
  • Structure
  • Character Development/Evolution
  • Page Writing/Dialogue
  • Script Marketability.
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Can I submit more than one screenplay?

Yes.  You can submit as many screenplays as you like, but you must pay the full application fee for each one, each time. We will only review, evaluate, and consider one project per application.

There is a discount if you re-submit a rewrite, however. (Please see: Can I resubmit if I don't get accepted the first time?)

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Is there a limit to how many pages my script can be when submitting?

Yes. We will not accept a script that is longer than 130 pages. This is basic, industry standard stuff. Please disregard the stories you hear about people like Quentin Tarantino writing 200+ page scripts. This is not only rare, it's regarded as amateur if you are not, indeed, Quentin Tarantino.

  • If you are writing a Romantic Comedy, you should aim for 95 pages.
  • If you are writing a whacky Comedy, this should be no more than 100 pages.
  • A Drama, depending on whether it is period or current-day, should also be no longer than 100-105 pages. This includes Horror, Mystery, and Thriller.
  • Action/Thriller or Action/Adventure script should be between 105 and 110 pages at most.
  • Fantasy and Sci-Fi can get away with maybe 110-120 pages, but even 120 pages is stretching it.

Please be concise, specific, and make sure to put your best foot forward.

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Does the ISA Development Slate accept writing teams or projects with co-writers?

No. We cannot accept submissions that were written as a team or with a co-writer UNLESS that writing team will ALWAYS be a writing team. A writing team agreement and/or contract needs to be established and executed between each writer AND shown to the ISA Development team as proof. The writing team will stay on the Development Slate only if they write together as a team moving forward. There are no exceptions.

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I submitted for an Evaluation, does this guarantee I'll be invited onto the Slate?

An Evaluation submission does not guarantee acceptance. We urge you to take our notes, do a rewrite and resubmit. The goal is to help you develop as a writer so you don't waste your time getting shot down by producers, agents and managers in the industry who will not take you as seriously next time.

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Who decides if I get onto the Slate?

ALL screenplays submitted will be read thoroughly by vetted ISA Readers. They will pass their notes to both you and the ISA Development Team consisting of Felicity Wren, the ISA's Director of Development and Max Timm, the ISA's Director of Outreach and Education for a final decision.

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How long will I be included in the Slate?

We invite writers for up to 1 year. This is typically extended as long as the writer is continuing to work with the ISA Team to improve their craft, their current projects and/or develop new ones.

If your time is extended, you will NOT have to reapply, nor will you need to pay an additional fee.

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Once accepted onto the Slate, what is the process to participate?

One of the team members will contact you and fill you in on all the details. You must sign some basic documentation/release for the ISA to solicit on your behalf, none of which obligates you to the program. The release form is only to grant the ISA permission to submit your project to outside sources. It does NOT grant legal control or participation to the content itself. The ISA does not attach itself as a producer, manager, or agent to your material. You retain all creative rights.

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When do I get an agent or manager?

The ISA makes no promises to deliver either of these to you, nor can we guarantee that your material will be optioned. We are simply opening the door to get your work in front of industry players. You must participate to help us help you.

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What if I no longer want to be in the ISA Development Slate?

You can withdraw from the program at any time.

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Can I be dropped from the Slate?

Yes. Since we are working for you, for free, we rely on your participation. This means working with us to develop your work. If you don't do what it takes to improve your work, develop as a writer and/or heed our advice, we reserve the right to drop you from the program at any time. There are no refunds for your application fee.

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If I don't make it onto the Slate, can I get a refund?

There are absolutely no refunds. We are providing development notes for a reasonable cost. An invitation onto the Development Slate is an added benefit, not a promise.

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Can I resubmit if I don't get accepted the first time?

Yes! We urge you to take our notes from the first evaluation and do a thorough rewrite. You can then re-submit that same project for only $99.

Please email us at when you complete your rewrite in order to inquire on how to resubmit. 

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What is the ISA Fast Track Fellowship?

The ISA Fast Track Fellowship gives two undiscovered screenwriters a direct line to be mentored by eight top executives in Los Angeles. You’ll meet with partnering agents, managers and producers whose credits include: Ocean's 8, Book Club, Free State of Jones, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Pretty Little Liars, Diary of a Future President, The OA and Good Trouble.

After your Fast Track week of meetings in L.A., fellows will be invited onto the ISA Development Slate and be championed to industry contacts like MGM, ICM, Eclectic Pictures, and Luma Pictures for a full year.

Your Fellowship Includes:

  • A mentorship week in Los Angeles featuring 8 meetings with studio and development executives and literary agents
  • Airfare and hotel included
  • Year-long script development and guidance
  • Acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate
  • Script Diagnosis Read and Notes Session from Jessica Blank Coaching
  • A 12-Month ISAConnect Membership
  • The Craft Coursein Screenwriting
  • Fellowship announcements to various media outlet.

The Top 50 Will Receive:

There is no faster path to breaking in than getting on the Fast Track. The ISA Development team works tirelessly to promote Fast Track Fellows and their scripts, and as a result, many fellows have signed with top agents, managers and/or had their scripts optioned or purchased.

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How much is it to enter the Fast Track Fellowship?

Please see the Fellowship email announcements for the current entry fees. We often run specials!

Entering early can save you later fee increases as the deadline nears.

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Who are the mentors and what can I ask them?

All mentors will be listed on the home description page as they are announced, and you can ask them anything you like in the meetings. The time is yours - what you make of it is up to you, so plan ahead. You'll spend about 30 minutes - 1 hour with each executive over a 5-day period while in Los Angeles. 

These are not pitch meetings. Unless they ask you to pitch, this is your time to ask question about the industry and build relationships rather than sell your work. You will know after the meeting (or maybe even during) if the mentor is interested in working with you further.

ISA will not be held responsible for mentor meeting cancellations or rescheduling.

If Fast Track Fellows miss or are late to a mentor meeting, the ISA makes no guarantees to reschedule.

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Do you pick one Feature writer and one TV Pilot writer?

No, TV Pilots and Features run together. We are looking for the best writers overall, so feel free to submit both types of scripts as one writer. Each entry requires a separate entry fee.

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Do you accept submissions via snail mail?

No. In an attempt to be green, we’re not accepting hard copies via the postal service. All submissions must be in PDF format.

You’ll receive an email confirmation when we’ve received your submission.

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Should I include my title page with my screenplay?

Yes, you should include your title, your name, telephone number and email address.

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Can I submit a screenplay under a pen name?


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Does my script have to be registered?

No, but we DO recommend registering your work with the WGA and/or the Library of Congress Copyright office.

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Does the writer maintain rights to the screenplay?

Yes, always!

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What if my script is optioned or sold after I submit to Fast Track?

As long as your script was not optioned or sold prior to the date you submitted, you are still eligible.

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Do I get feedback with my submission?

You can order feedback for an additional fee.

Choose your FEE TYPE to make your feedback selection at the bottom of the submission form.

·         1st 20 pages: $30

·         Full script with 5-6 Pages of Notes: $65

·         Development Evaluation: $125

You’ll receive your feedback within 90 days of submitting your script.

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What can I submit?

We accept ORIGINAL narrative feature length screenplays and narrative sitcom or hour-long TV pilots only.

Scripts should be written in standard spec format and set in 12-point Courier font.

TV Pilot submissions may include standard supplementary materials, such as lists of recurring characters and future episodes.

We accept all genres. You’re welcome to submit a script in more than one genre, but a submission fee is required for each entry.  

We DO NOT accept novels, short stories, stage plays, musicals, treatments or synopses, reality show concepts, web series, documentaries, short scripts, or spec scripts for existing TV series.

You may enter adaptations of materials that you have the full rights to, or that are in the public domain.

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Can I submit more than one screenplay?

You sure can, and there's a discount if you enter them together. Please check the fees at the time of entry.

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What if I make a mistake and send the wrong script?

Writers are allowed a 24-hour grace period in which to correct legitimate mistakes like typos or incorrect draft dates. If you realize you’ve made a mistake, email us within 24 hours, and we'll send you instructions on replacing your screenplay:

If you later have a rewrite you want to substitute after you’ve already entered your script, you’ll have to enter it as a separate entry at the current entry fee.

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How about page count?

Features scripts are 70 - 120 pages.  

TV Pilots are 10 - 70 pages.

We urge you to stay within the guidelines. It’s rare that a good screenplay needs more than the standard number of pages to tell its story.

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If I'm over 120 pages and receiving feedback, will my full script be read?

We’re happy to provide your purchased feedback on the first 120 pages, and we’ll allow a 5-page overage, but if you’re six or more pages over the maximum, you’ll be charged $1 for each page over 120 pages. You’ll be emailed to discuss the issue and be billed separately.

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Who pays for the flight and hotel while in Los Angeles? What if I already live in Los Angeles?

The ISA will cover your flight from anywhere in the world (up to $500 domestically and $1,000 internationally), plus hotel accommodations for 5 days in Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles residents will receive a $250 cash stipend to cover transportation fees, parking and other incidentals.

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I don't live in the United States. Can I still enter?

Yes, but all scripts must be in English.

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How do I get the Four Free Contest Entries?

We’re very happy to provide ISAConnect members with a FREE  contest entry FOUR  times a year as a "thank you" for being an ISAConnect member!


  • You must be a current ISAConnect member, OR register for a yearly ISAConnect membership, OR have paid the monthly membership fee for at least three consecutive months prior to the free entry in order to qualify.
  • We will send out notifications with promo codes four times a year, on February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1.
  • Contests will be of our choosing, and will be announced the day the codes go out.
  • Promo codes can only be used on the ISA website, and cannot be applied to previous entries. The ISA is not responsible for entries you may have made to specific contests before the free code was released.
  • Promo codes are valid for 10 days. 
  • Notifications will be sent to the email address on your account. We are not responsible for missed emails that land in spam or junk folders.
  • Free entries do not include Feedback or Evaluations. You will have to purchase those at the time of entry if you want them.
  • All other contest rules still apply.

Please keep in mind that the free contest entries are a gift that we provide to our ISAConnect members. If you've already made a recent submission to the announced contest, you can either enter again with a different script or a later draft, or just wait for the next free promo. We make them available every quarter, and as long as you are an ISAConnect member, you will always qualify!
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I keep trying to enter a competition, but it's not accepting my submission.

Do you have your screenplay already uploaded to your profile? If you’re having trouble with your submission, this is usually the problem. You will need to go back and upload the screenplay you want to submit, then return to the registration form and try again.

You might also want to have your logline and synopsis already uploaded and ready to go, although many competitions won’t require them. It’s best to be prepared!

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I accidentally submitted the wrong draft of my screenplay. Can I replace it?

Most competitions will allow an entrant to replace their screenplay with an edited or later draft within 24 hours of their submission. They’re pretty firm on this because otherwise it’s not fair to other entrants.

Please contact the competition directly for further details. You can find contact information for each competition on their individual pages, under the "Contact" tab.

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I made a mistake/left in a typo/need to change something about my entry.

Most competitions will allow a writer to make corrections to their entry within 24 hours of their submission. There's sometimes a little leeway given for technical issues, as well. 

Please contact the competition directly for further details. You can find contact information for each competition on their individual pages, under the "Contact" tab.

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I need to cancel my entry. How do I get a refund?

Most competitions have a "no refunds" policy. Some competitions, however, will allow cancellations and refunds within 24 hours of the submission.

Please contact the competition directly for further details. You can find contact information for each competition on their individual pages, under the "Contact" tab.

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I purchased feedback. How long do I have to wait?

That will depend on the competition or program that you’ve entered.

ISA Development Evaluation is 90 days.

Fast Track is 90 days.

For all others, please check the “Details” and “Rules / FAQs” tabs on each competition’s page.

If you don’t receive your feedback within a reasonable time, you can send an email directly to the competition admins. Contact information can be found on the competition page, under the “Contact” tab.

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I entered a non-ISA contest and never heard anything back. Can you help me?

If you haven’t heard anything, and it’s been longer than a reasonable amount of time, please contact the contest administrators directly. Contact information can be found on the competition page, under the “Contact” tab.

If you get no response, please contact us at and we’ll see what we can do.

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Where can I find my Contest records?

You can find records of all the contests you’ve entered by looking under Expenses.

Login to your account.


Click on the Expenses tab.

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How do I apply to a Writing Gig?

You must be a registered member of the ISA to submit to Writing Gigs.

Click on the Writing Gig you’re interested in.

If you see a Writing Gig in an email notification that interests you, click on the link in the notification to be taken directly to the Gig.

Next, click on SUBMIT TO THIS GIG. The Gig Registration Form will open.

REGISTRATION DETAILS should already be filled in with your profile information.

If there is a co-writer on your screenplay, click on
+ADD CO-WRITER and fill out their information.

The Writing Gig owner will have indicated what files they want to see. Select your screenplay, and the files from that screenplay will attach to your submission form. ONLY the files from the screenplay will attach - the screenplay itself won’t unless it has also been requested.

In this example, the Logline, Synopsis and Cover Letter have been requested by the Gig owner, and are the ONLY files that will attach to the submission:

If they've requested a Resume, Cover Letter, Pitch or Samplesyou'll be able to select those, too. If they have not requested those files, you won't see those options.

You can add a short note in the Note  field. There is a limit of 350 characters.

Check the ISA Terms of Use box.


That's it!

Please note: Only ISAConnect members can apply to paid Writing Gigs. Basic account members can apply to non-paid Gigs and internships.

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Why can't I apply to a paid Writing Gig?

Only ISAConnect members can apply to paid Writing Gigs. Basic account members only have access to unpaid Gigs and internships.

Right Aroow

Why isn't my Writing Gig submission going through?

You must have a screenplay and logline already uploaded to your profile before you can submit to a Gig.

It also helps to have a synopsis and/or a resume already uploaded, too. When you fill out the registration form and select which screenplay you're interested in submitting, the appropriate documents will be attached to your submission form automatically. The Gig Owner will have checked off what they are interested in seeing.

If you really want to communicate something to the Gig Owner, you can add a Note, too.

Right Aroow

How can I keep my screenplay from being included with my Writing Gig submission? It's attaching automatically!

Don’t worry, your screenplay is not being sent with your Writing Gigssubmission. Your submission will only include what the gig poster has requested. In fact, there’s no way to send anything other than what they’ve requested!

When you upload a screenplay to your profile, you also upload your logline and a synopsis. They are separate files, but they are attached to that screenplay.

If a Writing Gig asks for a logline, you can only send a logline. Nothing else will attach to the submission form. But in order to select the logline you want to send, you have to see your list of screenplays, first. By clicking on the screenplay, you are telling the submission form, “Send the logline from this screenplay.”

It’s the same with Resumes, Cover Letters and Samples. If you have more than one in your profile, you’ll see a list and will have to select the one you want to be attached to your submission form. That way, you have complete control over the information you want them to have.

Right Aroow

I applied to a Writing Gig but never heard anything back. Can I contact them to ask why?

Unfortunately, writers do not always get a response after they've submitted to a Gig. Some Gig postings will make this clear in the description, but many times the posters will simply be overwhelmed with applications and are unable to respond to each one.

If a Gig poster decides they want to speak with you, they will contact you directly. We ask all our members to please respect this policy.

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How often do you update Writing Gigs?

New Writing Gigs are constantly being posted. We strive to bring you the best Writing Gigs available, but we can’t guarantee the number of gigs offered in any given time frame. They do sometimes seem to come in waves.

Right Aroow

How do I place a Writing Gig?

First check out the Gigs currently posted, to get an idea of the kinds of Gigs that go up, how they're written, how long they run, the pay scales that are quoted and what Gig owners usually ask to see. Once you've decided what you want your Gig to say, just follow these steps to get it posted:

Log in to your account.

Click on the WRITING GIGS tab in the Navigation Bar near the top of the page.

On the right side of the page, click on +ADD NEW>>.

1.  Under GENERAL INFORMATION, fill out all the requested fields.


Put in the date you want your Gig listing to end. Please don’t leave your Gig open-ended. You can always relist it again later if you need to.


If you’re offering compensation, you must state the details clearly and up front. We recommend offering compensation of some kind.


Provide details of the Writing Gig, including such information as if it’s an off-site or remote Gig, if it’s a permanent position or a one-time project, and the type of documents you’re looking for.

If you have a production history, providing some verifiable information can help your legitimacy.


Check the boxes of the documents you want applicants to submit. You can request a Logline, Synopsis, Screenplay, Video or Audio Pitch, Resume, Samples and/or a Cover Letter. 

Please be sure that what you ask for here matches what you’ve written in your description. Writers can’t submit the requested documents unless these boxes are checked.

For example, if your description states that you want to see resumes, but you forget to check the “Resume” checkbox, there will be no way for applicants to attach their resumes to their submission.


If you want additional information that can’t be provided by the checkboxes, you can ask here. For example, you can ask if they’ve won any contests.


This can narrow down the applicant field for you. If you only want to see police thrillers, you should state it in the description field, and check it here. Otherwise, if all you say is that you want to see screenplays about police detectives, you may end up seeing a lot of buddy-cop comedies.

Check the "Terms of Use" agreement.

Click SAVE AND SUBMIT. That’s it!

IMPORTANT:You won’t see your Gig published on the site right away. All Gigs must be verified first, and are then published one-by-one (or a few at a time, depending on how many are submitted). This ensures that each Gig is featured at the top for at least a little while, and gets individual attention. If you haven’t seen your Gig after a week or so, or if it’s time sensitive, please contact

Right Aroow

I posted a Writing Gig. Why isn't it on the site yet?

Writing Gigs must be approved by ISA Admin before they go live, so you won’t see them up on the site immediately. Gigs are also posted a few days apart so each gig has a chance to be featured at the top of the page for a short while.

Approval doesn’t take long, though. If it’s been a few days and you still don’t see it, please contact support@networkISA.orgfor assistance.

Right Aroow

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to Writing Gig notifications?

Log in to your account.



Select the type and frequency of notifications you prefer. That's it!

Right Aroow

I'm having problems registering for an event.

You can send an email directly to most Event Admins by clicking on the “Contact” tab on each event’s page.

Right Aroow

Why don't you have an ISA Third Thursdays event in my city?

We're always interested in adding more cities to our Third Thursdays events! If you're interested in setting one up in your city, you can send an email to and she'll help you get started.

We've been adding cities from all over the world, so why not yours?

Right Aroow

I signed up for a virtual event but missed it. How can I listen to it?

All past virtual events and webinars can be found at Pro Tips & Tricks.

Right Aroow

How do I turn off/turn on emails you send me?

You can control the email notifications we send you by turning them on or off on your Notifications page.

Login to your account.


Click the “Notifications” tab in the bar across the top of the page.

Turn specific Notifications on or off by clicking on the checkboxes.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click SAVE AND CONTINUE before exiting.