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Jan 31, 2015

Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest


The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest is an international screenwriting competition dedicated to discovering and showcasing the work of the world’s best new emerging screenwriters in the city globally recognized as the center of the movie and television industries. We celebrate and share your passion for storytelling by helping to advance the careers of talented screenwriters, connecting our winners with working industry producers, agents, managers, and development executives.


This year’s contest will see over $20,000 worth of cash and prizes awarded to Winners across 14 official competition categories!


Far more important that money or prizes, and in partnership with our industry leading sponsors, we actively publicize and promote the winners of the contest to both media and industry, helping to gain invaluable recognition within the community and hopefully kick-start a lucrative and successful career.



First, and most importantly, the very best screenplay entered into competition, as determined by the judges and chosen from among all competition categories, will be crowned the overall Grand Prize Winner, the contest’s highest and most prestigious award.


Next, our Official Judges will carefully select and award a Gold, Silver, and Bronze Winner for each of the official 14 competition categories.


Last but not least, 5 Official Finalists will be chosen from among the highest scored remaining entries in each official category. 


Promotional Services

The Winners of the competition will be included in our annual press release announcing the results of the competition to the industry entertainment media.  This press release is sent out internationally as well as directly to our contact list of producers, agents, managers, and development executives.  All inquiries received as a result of this press release will be sent directly to you or your stipulated contact.


Additional prizes and benefits packages include:

  • Cash Prizes
  • Exclusive Introductions with Hollywood Literary Agencies and Managers
  • Exclusive Introductions with Hollywood Production Companies
  • Annual Memberships to Industry Databases Used by Top Executives
  • Production and Post Production Packages
  • Software Packages
  • Marketing Packages
  • Gift Certificates
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Free Entry to The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest
  • Script Coverage Packages

International Screenwriters' Association Membership

A complimentary one-year membership will be awarded to all Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest entrants, regardless of whether or not your project is selected as a Winner or Finalist.


The International Screenwriters' Association is a global community that provides screenwriters access to hundreds of valued resources. You start by building a profile: share your training, experience and exciting success stories, then upload your screenplays. Once you tag them, ISA approved Industry Professionals can search the database by using the information you provide. The more you share, the more you'll be searched and matched with the perfect producer, agent or manager.

Advisory Meeting with Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis

The Gold Prize Winner of the Comedy category will receive a complimentary advisory meeting with industry executives, Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis.


Hollywood industry professionals, Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis of Edwards / Skerbelis Entertainment, together have over 25 years of experience in the film industry, having worked in development for major studios (Universal, 20th Century Fox, Paramount), production companies (Michael Phillips Productions, John Larroquette’s Port Street Films, Fern Field’s Brookfield Productions), and have had movies produced and/or in development with Warner Bros., VH1, ABC, USA, HBO, Lifetime, CBS, Phoenix and Ed Pressman, to name a few. Additionally, they are the authors of the critically acclaimed book, “I Liked It, Didn’t Love It: Screenplay Development from the Inside Out” and the BRAND NEW, "The Complete Filmmaker's Guide to Film Festivals."


Sony Creative Software

All Gold Winners will receive of copy of Imagination Pro 4, and the Grand Prize Winner will receive an exclusive Vegas Pro Suite collection.


Sony Creative Software inspires artistic expression with its award-winning line of products for digital video, audio, and music production, as well as industry-leading technology for DVD production and Blu-ray Disc™ authoring. Sound Forge™ Pro, ACID™ Pro, and Vegas™ Pro software have defined digital content creation for a generation of creative professionals. These signature product lines continue to advance media production by providing powerful, accessible tools. Today, there is a Sony Creative Software application for every level of expertise, including a full line of consumer software based on the company's professional applications. The company’s customers span the globe and include professionals in the film, television, video game, and recording industries, as well as students, educators, and hobbyists.


TV Writers Vault Membership

A one-month membership, including one full month of free posting for your winning project, will be awarded to the Gold Prize Winners of the TV Original Pilot and TV Existing Series competition categories.


The Television Writers Vault is the first and only Industry website to bring new TV Show Ideas from everyday people like you to global broadcast on networks, including; Discovery Channel, SyFy, A&E, OLN, UKTV, TV4, and others. Site provides electronic proof of review and direct contact with requesting Producers from hundreds of major television companies using the site to scout new concepts and scripts for development.


Scripped Pro Lifetime Membership

All Silver Winners from the Feature Screenplay Categories will receive a Pro Lifetime Membership, courtesy of Scripped.


Scripped is a Web-based software solution for screenwriters.  It allows you to format your scripts to industry standards without having to download software to your computer. Access your scripts from anywhere, at anytime with any computer and an Internet connection.  Scripped runs frequent writing contests with cash prizes and potential industry exposure. With 100,000 writers using Scripped from over 100 countries, we are true believers that screenwriting is an international phenomenon. Everyone has a great screenplay and we want you to write it on Scripped.?


Scrivener 2 Software

All Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners from the Action/Adventure & Comedy competition categories will receive a free download of screenwriting software Scrivener 2. All participants and entrants are eligible to a receive a 20% off discount by using the promo code BEVERLYHILLS.


Developed by Literature & Latte, Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on helping you get to the end of that awkward first draft.


ScriptCrawler Coverage Services

The overall Grand Prize Winner will receive a complimentary Extended Comments Coverage and 30-minute phone consultation package, courtesy of ScriptCrawler.


ScriptCrawler Coverage works with experienced story analysts who provide coverage for major studios and production companies, as well as “Big 3” agencies like ICM and CAA. That means your coverage comes from the "gatekeepers" for agents, executives, actors, and directors. Their seasoned story analysts provide honest, direct, real-world feedback.


Selling Your Screenplay - Professional Screenwriting Tools

The overall Grand Prize Winner will receive a free membership to Selling Your Screenplay's suite of professional screenwriting tools.


The lucky recipient will receive their very own Screenwriter Website to highlight their career as a screenwriter, list log lines, synopses, and background information. You will also gain access to their Screenwriting Forum, where you will receive personal career coaching and counseling from produced screenwriter Ashley Scott Meyers. In addition, Ashley Scott Meyers will help you prepare your log lines, query letters, and synopses so you can make professional high-impact submissions to over 1000 agents, managers, and producers using Selling Your Screenplay’s fax and email query letter submission service.

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All persons entering the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest must adhere to the following Competition Rules:


All intellectual property rights, ownership, and title to entries submitted remain the property of the entrant.  We assume no rights to your work.


  • Entries must be submitted via our online entry form in any of the following formats: .PDF, Final Draft, Movie Magic, Rich Text Format, or Microsoft Word.  (You may also choose to submit your script via hardcopy by mail in Step 4 of our online entry form.)
  • Writers who reside in countries other than the United States are welcome to enter the contest. 
  • All scripts must be submitted in English. 
  • Entry fees must be paid in U.S. dollars. 
  • Entry in the competition is void where prohibited by law.
  • All online script entries must be under 10MB in file size.
  • Writers of all ages are eligible to enter the competition, provided that entry does not violate any laws in your jurisdiction.
  • Substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages will not be accepted. If you wish to submit a new draft you will need to enter the script again using our online entry form and pay the appropriate fee.
  • Competition judges, readers, employees of The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, and their immediate friends and families, are not eligible to enter the contest.
  • Screenplays must be the original work of the author, although we do accept adaptations of existing works.
  • Screenplays that have been produced, sold or optioned are still eligible for entry.
  • The decisions of the judges are final.
  • We suggest scripts be written in standard 12-point font. 
  • Screenplays will not be returned. Please ensure you keep a copy. 
  • When submitting by mail, please print each page on plain white three-hole-punched paper and bind it with two brads.
  • The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest is not responsible for late or lost submissions.  
  • Pages must be numbered, not including the title page.
  • Once an entry payment has been processed we cannot provide a refund.
  • Please include a title page on your entry with the following contact information: title of your script, name of the author(s), telephone number and email address. 
  • We notify all winners and official finalists by email at the conclusion of the contest at the address provided by the entrant at the time of entry.  It is your responsibility to make sure we have your current contact information.
  • It is the winners' responsibility to redeem corresponding prizes from us or any third party sponsors or partners by responding to our winners notification email in a timley fashion with your current mailing address or any additional requested contact information.  Prizes that go unredeemed after 90 days from the conslusion of the contest will not be delivered.
  • By submitting your work to the contest, you agree that you have read and understand all of the contest rules and agree to hold us, our company, our employees, and partners harmless from all claims or liabilities. 


Scripts should adhere to the following length guidelines:

  • Feature Scripts: 70 - 150 pages
  • Short Scripts: Under 70 pages
  • Television Scripts: 20 - 75 pages
  • Stage Plays: 20-120 pages
  • Treatments / Concepts: Under 10 pages

If you have a question that you do not see answered here please email us and we will get back to you right away.


I live outside the United States. Can I still enter the contest?
Yes, entrants from anywhere in the world are eligible to enter the contest.  However, all scripts should be submitted in English.


What kind of payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal.


If I win will I have to assign you any rights to my script or any percentage of future profits?
Absolutely not. You retain 100% of ALL rights to your work.  Participation in our contest does not convey any rights or future profits to us whatsoever.


Can I submit my screenplay online?
Yes.  We encourage you to submit your script digitally through our online entry form. We prefer .PDF format but we also accept Movie Magic, Final Draft and Microsoft Word and Text files.  We also accept hardcopy entries by mail.  You will be given instructions for mail or online upload during the online entry form.


How will you use the contact information I give you?
Your contact information will only be used by our staff to communicate to you directly about your entry's status in the contest. We will NEVER share your information with any other person or business.


Can I enter my screenplay in more than one category?
Yes, you may submit your screenplay into multiple categories if appropriate. It’s entirely up to you. The price of the first category is included in your entry fee, and you may enter a project into additional categories for an additional $10 each.  No matter how many categories you enter, you only need to provide us with one copy of your script.


Do you accept novels or short stories?
No, we do not accept novels or short stories.


Do you accept scripts for animated films and musicals?
Yes.  Most of these scripts are entered in the Family Film category, but they can also be entered into any other category you feel is fitting, such as Sci-Fi, Horror, etc.


I entered the contest last year. Can I submit the same script again this year?
Yes. We always encourage writers to develop and improve their work. So as long as your screenplay has not won an award in our contest previously, you are welcome to submit it again.  It will be considered in the same manner as any new screenplay entry.


Can I submit more than one screenplay?
Yes, you may enter as many scripts as you like into the contest, but you will need to submit each one separately using our online entry form.


My screenplay is longer than 150 pages. Will it be disqualified?
No, your script will not be disqualified if it is longer or shorter than the lengths we specify; however, we highly recommend that you adhere to our standard guidelines. The Judges who are reading and evaluating your work are industry professionals, and any deviation from standard page count and format may put you at a disadvantage.


What information do you want on the title page of my script?
Please send us a standard title page including the title of your script, author’s name(s), address, phone number and email address. This is for our record keeping purposes only and will not be shared with any other third parties, ever.


Will entering early increase or decrease my chance of winning?
Entering early will not affect your chance of winning, but you will receive a discount for earlier entries.  We like to give our Judges as much time as possible to read and evaluate all of the submissions.


What if my script doesn’t arrive by the deadline?
The deadlines apply to the date of postmark or electronic transmission. As long as your entry and payment are postmarked or transmitted electronically on or before the deadlines you're all set.


How will I know you received my entry?
If you’re submitting your script by mail and you’d like confirmation that we received it, you may include a self-addressed stamped postcard which we will return to you. If you submit your script online, you’ll receive an email message from us with a Screenplay Tracking Number assigned to your entry.


Can I send you the revised pages or an updated script after I have submitted?
Once you’ve submitted your entry we cannot accept any rewrites, revisions, or corrected pages under any circumstances. If you wish to submit a new draft of your script, you may enter it as a new entry using our online entry form. However, unless you’ve made extensive and substantial revisions, we do not encourage this.


After the contest will you send me my Judges’ comments about my script?
Only if you choose the option to receive Judge’s Feedback when you enter.  If you choose to receive Judge's Feedback, your professional screenplay judge will write for you a multi-page candid and professional assessment of your screenplay consisting of his or her detailed thoughts, criticisms, and constructive ideas about your screenplay, along with thorough feedback regarding your script's strengths, weaknesses, characters, pacing, plot, structure, marketability and overall quality and originality. This feedback will contain a detailed explanation of how your script scored and why and will be emailed to you in PDF format.


When will I receive my Judge’s Feedback?
Your Feedback will be emailed to you in .PDF format no later than 1 week subsequent to the announcement of the Winners and Official Finalists, but oftentimes we try to return feedback within just a couple weeks after entry.

Beverly Gandara wins the Golden Palm Award for Best Screenplay at the 2012 Beverly Hills Film Fest.

The Golden Palm Screenplay Competition Award went to Beverly Gandara for “Rent Money.” The first runner-up award went to Michael Buchanan for "Confederate Son."  The second runner-up award went to “Rockin’...
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Byron Anderson\'s success with Question for Light - Adventure of the Magi

Byron Anderson completed Quest for Light, the screenplay in 2012.  Since then, it has won many awards, including: Winner of the Illinois International Film Festival, Winner Query Pros Competition, Winner Winnipeg Real to Reel,...
read more »


Steve Somers romance/fantasy script, 'Just One More Day', is an official finalist in the 2013 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest..
read more »

Nilofer Dhillon - Finalist in Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

The treatment/Concept  for the animation  screenplay ' Lose the Alien'  is an official  finalist in the 2013 Beverly Hills screenplay contest.
read more »

Jason Kessler - Official Finalist in 2014 Beverly Hills Contest for TV spec

Jason Kessler's Modern Family spec script entitled "Clowns, Frowns, and Cello Sounds" was recently recognized as an Official Finalist in the 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest in the TV - Existing Series category.
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Jason Vinley's full-length play, ELVIS WAS KING, BUT JOLIE WAS GOLDEN, was a finalist in the 2013 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, Stage Play category. EWKBJWG is a character-driven story about a deadbeat dad, rock singer on the lam who...
read more »

Magi Hart - Finalist in Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

2013 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest Finalist    TV CONCEPT/TREATMENT  -  THE APARTMENT
read more »

Felicity Flesher - Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest Finalist

Felicity Flesher was an official finalist for the 2013 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest in the category of TV-Existing Series with my Cougar Town script, “Jammin’ Me.”  
read more »

Todd Felderstein\'s scripts gaining traction

Having been tapped to write on Spider-Man, the animated series for Sony TV, Todd's scripts continue to gain recognition. 301 was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Film Fest as Magic(s) gained more recognition at Worldfest Houston. HARLEY DAVID...
read more »

Philip Sedgwick\'s Olivia\'s Oath captures First Runner Up

Olivia's Oath, an emotionally evocative screenplay set in the Spanish-American War, received the 1st Runner-Up Award from the Golden Palm Screenplay Awards at the prestigious Beverly Hills Film Festival. This was the fourth consecutive year in...
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\"Infest,\" is a 2013 Horror Finalist in the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

"Infest," is a 2013 Horror Finalist in the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest
read more »

JD Hughes' MORE THAN A CONQUEROR - Finalist at Bev Hills Screenplay Contest

JD Hughes'  recently finished screenplay, MORE THAN A CONQUEROR, was selected as an official finalist at the 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest competition.
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John Heavey's PRECIOUS WARRIOR - Finalist at Bev. Hills Screenplay Contest

Heavey's PRECIOUS WARRIOR was a finalist in the 2013/2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, Historical/Biographical script, PRECIOUS WARRIOR looks to continue its success with continued contest placements.
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Kersten Places at Bev Hills Screenplay and Burbank Int'l Contests

Andrew Kersten's THE BOOK OF TOTH placed at two 2013 screenplays contest and continues to gain steam. Kersten was both a selection and finalist at the 2013 Burbank International Film Festival, and the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest.  
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Jackie Maw Tolliver may have won multiple awards for her unfunny action feature 'Chasing Hobbits', (LA Movie Awards, Beverly Hills Film Festival 2013); her VEEP spec script (Scriptapalooza 2014, Creative World Awards 2014, Hollywood...
read more »

Joshua Keller Katz Wins Bronze Award in Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

Winner, Bronze Award, Comedy: The Secret of SleepThis dark comedy came about from my real-life days as a US Navy veteran turned repo man. Basically, I took the most entertaining experiences I had and wrote a story around them. The script is also...
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Felicity Flesher Austin Film Festival Teleplay Competition 2nd Rounder

Felicity Flesher made it to the second round of the Austin Film Festival and Conference 2013 Screenplay and Teleplay Competition for a sitcom spec for Cougar Town entitled “Jammin’ Me.”  Her script was also a finalist in the...
read more »

Felicity Flesher - Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest Official Finalist

Felicity Flesher's TV spec script for Cougar Town entitled "Jammin' Me" was named an Official Finalist in the category of Existing Series by the Beverly HIlls Screenplay Contest. Her script also progressed to the 2nd...
read more »

Mitchell's EVERYTHING BUT LOVE, Official Selection of Beverly Hills FF

"Everything But Love," a comedy by Lisa Mitchell, written alongside writing partner Joseph Dial, was an Official Selection in the Beverly Hills Film Festival in April, 2014.
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Jonathan LaPoma's feature-length screenplay, THE WAY BACK HOME, is a finalist in the 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest. This is the 7th honor the script has received in the past year, including the Grand Jury Prize at the 2014 Hollywood...
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Phillip E. Hardy, Finalist at 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

Phillip E. Hardy was named Finalist for "Best Biography/Historical Feature Screenplay at the 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest for his JD Salinger Biopic "The Man Who Bore the Myth". This is his fourth honor for screenwriting in...
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Ann Simon's BLACK FUNERAL earns stage play recognition.

Ann Simon's dark stage play, BLACK FUNERAL, earns her recognition as one of ten finalists in Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, 2014. Tragedy culminates in a dark funeral populated by quirky characters.
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Columbus Junior wins Gold Prize in Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

After winning the Grand Prize in Fresh Voices' Pitch Contest and the Grand Prize in Script Pipeline's Movie Idea contest, Ishai Ravid's animated treatment, The Adventures of Columbus Junior in the New New World, has now also won the Gold...
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Karen McKenna Toft's script is finalist in Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

Karen McKenna Toft's spec script, "Parenthood: Coming Out" was chosen as a finalist in the category TV--Existing Series at the 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest.  The contest exists to celebrate excellence in storytelling and...
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Shaun Peter Cunningham's STRANGER - Official Finalist and Option Agreement

Shaun Peter Cunningham's feature, STRANGER, was recently selected as an Official Finanlist in the prestigious Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, 2014. A gritty thriller about a child abduction investigator who faces his worst mightmare when...
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Candy's First Kiss by Brett Riley Places in Several Contests

Brett Riley's feature-length horror screenplay, CANDY'S FIRST KISS, has placed in multiple contests. It won the Grand Prize in Horror at the New York Screenplay Contest, Third Place overall at the London Film Awards' Screenwriting...
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Historical drama written by Eric Fisher ranks as an official finalist

Eric Fisher's historical drama THE DEPARTURE placed as an official finalist in the 2014 Bevery Hills Screenplay Contest. The screenplay also placed as a quarter-finalist in the 2014 WeScreenplay International Screenplay Competition.
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Eric Fisher Places Multiple Scripts in Multiple Contests

Three of Eric Fisher's scripts placed in three separate contests in 2014. Showing diversity in his writing, Fisher's ONLY 16 MILES placed as an official finalist in the 2014 Horror Screenplay Contest, while his Sci-Fi UNIVERSAL ESCAPADE made...
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List of Awards for RJ Nevens, Jr.

AWARDSWALKING POINT9th G.I. Film Festival - Top Ten Finalist - 20158th Creative World Awards - Preliminary Finalist - Drama/Family Screenplay - 201410th Action of Film International Film Festival - First Place - Best Action Sequence in a Feature...
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Phillip E. Hardy Receives Recognition From Multiple Top Contests

Phillip E. Hardy's The Man Who Bore the Myth, an offbeat biopic about literary sacred cow J.D. Salinger continues to do well on the contest circuit, after moving into the semi-final round of the Stage 32 Happy Writer's Feature Script...
read more »

Phillip E. Hardy finalist at Happy Writers Feature Film Contest

Phillip E. Hardy's The Man Who Bore the Myth, his offbeat biopic screenplay about literary sacred cow JD Salinger has been chosen as finalist at the Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Screenplay Contest. This in the ninth time this script has...
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Lauren Hoekstra wins Gold in Beverly Hills Action/Adventure Category

Lauren entered the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest mainly for the feedback, so she was bowled over when she won the action category. The script also made it to the finals of the Reelwriting contest and she was a quarterfinalist in the Fresh Voices...
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Beverly Hills Film Festival - Finalist - "Tangled Spirits"

First chance to walk the Red Carpet for "Official Selection / Finalist" - Screenplay Competition at the 2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival. 
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Psych-Thriller, Luna, Howls for Travis Opgenorth

Travis' short script, Luna(cy), a genre-bender that mixes a pyschological thriller with a werewolf creature feature, was just announced as a Semifinalist in the 2015 Courier Awards screenplay contest. It alsotook home a Finalist finish at the...
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The Brothers McDonagh - Finalist at the Beverley Hills Film Festival

No Award. No Feedback or Coverage. Just the mention on their website...
read more »

Phillip E. Hardy finalist at Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

This week, Phillip E. Hardy's script The Negro League was named as finalist in the action category at Beverly Hills Screenpaly contest. This is Phillip's third year placing at BHSC, as he was finalist in 2014 and Gold Medal Winner...
read more »


Ann Simon's BLACK FUNERAL wins BRONZE AWARD in the 2015 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest for Stage Play Category. This is the third award for BLACK FUNERAL since 2014.
read more »

More contest success for Jeffrey Howe's "Robo4ce"

Robo4ce received Best Feature Screenplay honors at this year's SoCal Film Festival in Huntington Beach, CA. This came soon after it took the top spot in the Family category at the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest and was the Finalist for...
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Carlos Tarango

We'll I dont really have a success story, I'm working on that right now. Hopefully one day I'd like to be able to say that I have the great motivational speech about how I started from nothing. As of right now I only have the story of my...
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Nicholas Oktaras

BEST FEATURE FILM -ScreenCraft’s Family-Friendly Screenwriting Contest BEST FEATURE FILM -Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest FINALIST -Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition FINALIST -Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition...
read more »

"The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy"

Historical drama, thriller taking place in the early days of Franco's fascist regime has recieved international acclaim.
read more »

There are no judges bio linked to this contest.


Our panel of Official Judges is comprised of professional screenplay readers and working industry professionals with combined decades of experience reading, evaluating and recognizing quality in screenplays and cinematic storytelling.


Further, we offer all writers the option of receiving detailed feedback from our expert judges so you can see exactly how your script was scored. By providing screenwriters with articulate, comprehensive, and constructive feedback, screenwriters receive a wealth of valuable insights and ideas for further developing both their stories and their craft.


Your judge will prepare a multi-page, candid and professional assessment of your screenplay consisting of his or her detailed thoughts, criticisms, and constructive ideas about your screenplay, along with thorough feedback regarding your script's strengths, weaknesses, characters, pacing, plot, structure, marketability and overall quality and originality. This feedback will contain a detailed explanation of how your script scored and why and will be emailed to you in PDF format.


Evaluation Process

Judging is completely anonymous.  Even so, no judges are assigned entries to evaluate if any conflicts of interest are apparent.


During each round of evaluation, the judges are assigned screenplays randomly. The judges thoroughly read each assigned screenplay and return their scores along with a personal assessment including commentary and specific reasoning as to how and why an entry was scored.


Judging Criteria

All entries are judged on a subjective numerical scale giving equal weight to each of the below attributes.


The general idea of the story.


The professionalism and presentation along with adherence to industry standard script formatting as well as correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage.


The structural design or framework of the screenplay. A good screenplay should include the effective and well-planned use of each act and sequence and plot point.


The series of conflicts, obstacles, events, and actions contained within and used to advance the story.


The pace and timing with which plot elements occur and characters develop.


The originality, believability, distinctiveness, and purpose of the characters contained with the story.


The quality of communication and verbal exchanges between characters used to advance the story, deftly and subtly provide exposition, and add depth to characters.


The overall subtext or message behind the story. Hint – this should be subtle.


The overall quality and style of the screenwriting and use of the medium to effectively communicate visual messages, information, and story.



Commercial Potential
The overall appeal and viability of a screenplay in the Hollywood marketplace.