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Program Description

Catalina is known for literary giants like Zane Grey, Oscar-winning films, wildlife conservation, celebrities, and discovering new talent like yourself! Our non-profit mission on the USA\'s only west coast resort island (in Los Angeles County) is to help celebrate and promote our filmmakers to Los Angeles\' arts and entertainment community, while also helping to boost the much needed local economy with its rich literary and artistic history along with our beneficiary, the Catalina Island Conservancy.

Deadlines and Fees

Feb. 06, 2014
Mar. 20, 2014
May 22, 2014
June 26, 2014
July 03, 2014
Category 1
Standard Fee

Program Benefits

Crystal Trophy with various Sponsored Festival prizes (prizes and values vary from year to year and aren't usually secured until closer to the event). The dollar value reflects past festival prizes we've given for this category in the form of industry packages, services, and gifts. This category is not promised to receive prizes other than our crystal trophy, as anything additional depends on our sponsors' generosity.



All top 10 finalists recieve Catalina Film Festival Laurels, 2 Filmmaker Passs to the film festival, and discounted travel and accommodation opportunities only for our selected filmmakers. Both of our screenwriting awards are given out publicly in front of our esteemed audience at our trophy ceremony.


Value of Goods/Services: 1,500 U.S. Dollar

Announcement Dates

Approximate Notification Date

Aug. 18, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

 See our FAQ pages at: http://catalinafilm.org/faqs/


Revised December, 2013

FILMMAKERS UNDER 18 YEARS OLD: You must have a parent or legal guardian submit the film on your behalf to qualify.

DEADLINES: Deadlines are firm, so please send us your project within 14 days of submission and payment. Please contact us if this is a problem and/or you need extra time. If submitting to our very Last Deadline for entries, you must send your project within 7 days of payment (without any possible extensions) or it will run the risk of not being reviewed and considered.

SUBMISSIONS: Please send a DIGITAL PDF copy for easier distribution with our jury and professional script-readers. We will take a hard copy, if you prefer, but it will slow down the reviewing process for your script if we need to physically distribute your project. All material should be protected and/or registered with the Writer's Guild of America at WGA.org and/or the US Copyright Office through the Library of Congress.

Here's a suggested link on how to protect your script:


` Prizes differ each year and will be announced as soon as we secure them from sponsors before the festival takes place.

SUBTITLES: All non-English screenplays must be submitted in English version, but noted with original language or country it was intended for.

ENTRY FEES: Are non-refundable for our non-profit organization.


LABELING SCREENPLAYS (Digital or Hard Copy): On cover page, include title, page count, writer's name, contact phone number, email address, and/or ISA tracking number.

Participants agree that excerpts of their accepted project and all other material related to their project may be used and/or published in the event program, CFF website and for any promotional purposes which CFF deems appropriate to help promote your project upon acceptance.

CFF holds no responsibility for lost or damaged prints. While the utmost care will be taken with regard to prints, it is solely up to the writer to take full responsibility (i.e.insurance). The cost of delivery and pick-up of all materials is the responsibility of the filmmaker.

If selected, all commercial/private property including all trademark/copyrighted materials shown or recorded on the project is the responsibility of the filmmaker. CFF will NOT take responsibility for any infringement of copy written materials.

CFF retains the right to keep record of your script for its festival archives. In addition, it may also be used for educational purposes within the Catalina Film Institute (a branch of the Catalina Film Organization).

Contact Information


13547 Ventura Blvd.

Suite 200, CA, Sherman Oaks


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