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International Screenwriters' Association

We are squarely focused on supporting emerging screenwriters in their professional growth by providing nearly every tool and resource available in the industry. It's our express goal to support writers of any level or background, who are proactive in developing their careers and are willing to learn from the insights and expertise of our community members. Screenwriting takes perseverance. The harder you work, the better this site will work for you.

  • ISA Introductory Feedback: (1-2 pages of notes): $30
  • ISA General Feedback: (2-3 pages of notes): $55
  • ISA Extensive Feedback: (5-6 pages of notes): $125

Feedback Type Description

ISA Introductory Feedback (1-2 Pages)

So much of the opportunity available to your script is spent within the first twenty pages. You need to make sure the hook, teaser, cold open… grabs the reader and presents you like it should. This analysis will give you those answers.

ISA General Feedback (2-3 Pages)

You know your work inside and out, now it’s time to get a second opinion. We’ll read your full script, and you’ll receive a detailed personalized critique on what we see, what we think, and suggestions on where to go next.

ISA Extended Feedback (5-6 Pages)

For those looking for an extensive breakdown of the inner-workings of their creative material. Writers who select this Analysis will receive suggestions on how to improve overall writing, story, structure, characters, pacing, stakes, climax and resolution, specific problem scenes, tone and overall commercial appeal.


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RICHTER'S WAR by Daniel P. Douglas Earns Finalist Spot at Filmmatic Awards

RICHTER'S WAR, a short screenplay by Daniel P. Douglas, has placed as a finalist at the 2016 Filmmatic Screenplay Awards. The sci-fi World War II hardboiled detective story has previously won or placed in multiple contests during 2015 and...
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MESSAGE TO SHIGATSE is a finalist in 2017 Filmmatic Screenplay Awards

Don Thompson's screenplay 'Message to Shigatse' is a finalist in the 2017 Filmmatic Screenplay Awards. Announcement is here:
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MOCKY'S REVENGE places as Finalist in Filmmatic's Pitch Now Competition!

Joshua Keller Katz's feature-length family screenplay, MOCKY'S REVENGE, has been selected as an Official Finalist in Filmmatic's inaugural 2019 Pitch Now Screenplay Competition. He and the other Finalists will receive a Virtual Pitchfest pitch...
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EVOLUTION, "The Wakening"

EVOLUTION, "The Wakening", is a Pilot for a new Series about a spaceship almost half a mile long that was launched from eath a hundred years ago. Now, the first of the Human Crew wake up from hibernation and they want to take back their ship from...
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In addition to the contests cited in the "Awards" section, these 2019 awards: Big Apple Film Fest - Semi-finalist; Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle - Finalist --- "Highly Recommend" from Paul W. Cooper - "Little House on the Prairie," 3...
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HALF-HOUR DRAMA Wins Pilot Category of Drama Screenplay Awards

Shane was recently named the category winner in the Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards for her half-hour drama pilot, Cannabiz. This is an interesting success worth noting due to the fact that the half-hour drama format is still a very new, niche,...
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Jeffrey Howe's FLAT-RATE FRANK advances in Nicholl Fellowship

FLAT-RATE FRANK, Jeffrey Howe's historical coming of age drama, advanced to the quarterfinals of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. It also entered the semifinal round at the Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices competition.
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Jupiterians screenplay named Finalist

Veronica Tabares's quirky sci-fi adventure, Jupiterians, was named as a finalist in Filmmatic's 2019 Pitch Now contest in the Family category.
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ISA PRO Requests a Read - ANTILLIA now Top 3% on Coverfly

Big Thanks to the International Screenwriters Association for featuring ANTILLIA: CONQUEST GOLD in the ISA Spotlight. An Industry Pro took notice and requested a read! After some recent contest placements, ANTILLIA is now in the Top 3% of scripts on...
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ANTILLIA: CONQUEST GOLD Advances to Semifinals in SWN Screenplay Comp

ANTILLIA: CONQUEST GOLD has advanced to the semifinal round for the Screenwriters Network (SWN) Screenplay Competition. This follows a semifinalist placement in the 2020 Filmmatic Pitch Now (season 3) competition earlier this year. ANTILLIA:...
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ANTILLIA Advances to Semifinals of ScreenCraft Public Domain Competition

ANTILLIA: CONQUEST GOLD has advanced to the semifinal round of the 2021 ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Competition. This is the third accolade for Antillia in 2021, including Top 100 for Table Read My Screenplay - Genre Competition and...
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