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IMLC Quarterly Logline Contest


The Internet Movie Logline Creator (IMLC) gives writers a template and resources for building a short, pitchy logline, one of the toughest things we screenwriters ever have to write. The Quarterly Contest gives you a forum to test out your prose on your peers before taking it to producers.


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  • Loglines must be 140 characters or less.
  • One logline per monthly contest.
  • Participate as often as you want.
  • Your logline does not have to be for a completed script.
  • You can only view entries and vote if you are in that month's
  • You can only vote for one logline.
  • If you vote for yourself, it will be discarded.
  • Enter from the 1st to the 25th of each month.
  • Voting takes place from the 26th to the end of each month.
  • In case of a tie, there will be a 24 hour sudden death face off.
  • Entries that contain obscene language or are nonsense will be
    returned to sender.
  • All entries except the winner will be removed from our database
    when each contest is over.
  • IMLC Logline Creator recommended (but not required) for crafting logline.


1. What if my entry is over 140 characters?


I'll ask you to resubmit, and may suggest a change to get it down to 140.


2. When is the voting period?


From the day after the deadline (26th of month) till the first of the next month.


3. How is voting done?


By return email.


4. What if there is a tie?


I'll resend the tied entries to the list for a revote. If it's still tied, I'll break it myself.


5. Why should I bother entering?


Only enter if you want to improve your logline skills. That's what I build the website for in the first place.


6. Do you cover scripts or do consulting?


No, though I'm happy to toss a few emails back and forth, if you like.  I don't hold myself up as an expert, though, just another screenwriter.


7. What do you get out of it?


The pleasure of meeting new people and paying back a bit for all the free advice I received when I was trying to learn this craft. Shout out to Jack Stanley!

IMLC Summer 2013 Logline Contest Winner: Leslie DuFresne

Congratulations to Leslie DuFresne for her winning logline:"Needing to make ends meet, a recovering alcoholic's sobriety is tested when she returns to bartending at her father's tavern." 
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IMLC Fall 2013 Logline Contest Winner: Dexter Williams

Congratulations to Dexter for his winning logline:"A California businessman discovers that his recurring nightmares of a plane crash could be repressed memories of a previous life."
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IMLC Fall 2013 Logline Contest Winner: Deepak Jacob.Kalarickal

Based on Isaac Newton's prophesy, The Apocalypse day is on Dec. 25, 2060. Daniel and souls in purgatory are saved when Lucifer is killed by Mary.
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Steve Brandt, Winter 2014 IMLC Logline contest winner

A girl with power over death must decide whether to risk releasing an ancient evil in order to resurrect the father she accidentally killed.
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Congratulations to Chad for his winning logline:"A man blames Santa for his life not turning out the way he envisioned, so he decides to kidnap St. Nick on Christmas Eve and gain revenge." 
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