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May 01, 2018

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Aug 30, 2018

New Hope Film Festival Script Competition


The New Hope Film Festival Script Competition is especially interested in discovering and nurturing new and overlooked screenwriters. The film festival environment is a fine way to meet producers, directors and other industry professionals who can help bring a script into production. Free feedback is offered on request. Script finalists are offered two (2) Festival passes and share the awards ceremony with the Festival's filmmakers.


Best Script winner is announced in multiple media outlets and all award winners receive trophies at the Festival's awards ceremony gala event. NHFF Script annually runs a promotional campaign in Variety, either print or digital, to bring attention to its award winners. The 2017-18 season winners are announced in a full-page Variety print ad distributed at the American Film Market. Additionally, all script Official Selections are listed in the Festival's Program Guide. 


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International Screenwriters' Association

We are squarely focused on supporting emerging screenwriters in their professional growth by providing nearly every tool and resource available in the industry. It's our express goal to support writers of any level or background, who are proactive in developing their careers and are willing to learn from the insights and expertise of our community members. Screenwriting takes perseverance. The harder you work, the better this site will work for you.

  • ISA Introductory Feedback: (1-2 pages of notes): $30
  • ISA General Feedback: (2-3 pages of notes): $55
  • ISA Extensive Feedback: (5-6 pages of notes): $125

Feedback Type Description

ISA Introductory Feedback (1-2 Pages)

So much of the opportunity available to your script is spent within the first twenty pages. You need to make sure the hook, teaser, cold open… grabs the reader and presents you like it should. This analysis will give you those answers.

ISA General Feedback (2-3 Pages)

You know your work inside and out, now it’s time to get a second opinion. We’ll read your full script, and you’ll receive a detailed personalized critique on what we see, what we think, and suggestions on where to go next.

ISA Extended Feedback (5-6 Pages)

For those looking for an extensive breakdown of the inner-workings of their creative material. Writers who select this Analysis will receive suggestions on how to improve overall writing, story, structure, characters, pacing, stakes, climax and resolution, specific problem scenes, tone and overall commercial appeal.


The Festival does not offer fee waivers, discounts, invitations to become an Official Selection, or any other form of preferential treatment that Festival directors feel would be out of step with the Festival's mission of providing a level playing field for all filmmakers. Filmmakers seeking a waiver because the required fee is beyond their current budget are advised to wait until the next Early Submissions period, find a sponsor and/or earn the fee through an additional source of income. The Festival's organizers do not respond to pitches for individual projects, and filmmakers writing the Festival with requests or demands for other forms of preferential treatment may not receive a response. Filmmakers must behave in a professional, courteous and civil manner at the Festival at all times or risk removal from the Festival.   


Scripts accepted by the Festival are considered Official Selections of the New Hope Film Festival and may be marketed with NHFF's official laurels. Scripts accepted are not automatically nominated for awards. All awards and nominations are announced at the awards ceremony on the final day of the Festival. A valid contact email address must be provided with each entry. Scripts submitted without an email address will not be accepted. 




Are there any NHFF Script screenplays or teleplays in pre-production or production?

Yes, absolutely. Examples include 2014 Official Selection "Boonville Redemption," which reached production, and 2015 Official Selection "Victoria," which is in pre-production directly because the screenwriter met a producer at the New Hope Film Festival. NHFF Script Official Selection "Reconquista" was produced and released as a short film that NHFF screened in 2018. NHFF's 2018 Best Script winner "Christopher Marlowe" is currently in pre-production. 




Best Narrative Feature 2013 New Hope Film Festival - Shari MacDonald

Winner Best Narrative Feature 2013 New Hope Film Festival
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Dan Healy - Finalist in Multiple Contests

Gabriel's Bones was a finalist in the Screenplay Search and New Hope Film Festival screenplay contests, and a semi-finalist in the Scriptapolooza screenplay contest.
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Dylan Brann Places 1st at Two 2014 Festivals with Two Separate Projects

Brann's "Falling Star", a sci-fi super-hero thriller set in Roswell, New Mexico, placed 1st in this year's New Hope Film Festival, 2014. His time travel thriller, "Impulse", placed 1st in the sci-fi/fantasy/horror...
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Joy Gee a Finalist at CWA after winning at New Hope

Joy Gee continues to do well in competition with both feature film and tv pilot scripts.  In the past twelve months she has won at New Hope Film Festival Script Competition, West Field Screenwriting Awards, and was a finalist at the Creative...
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Holy Mackerel written by Glenda Ganis - multiple successes

Holy Mackerel is a Finalist in New Hope Film Festival - July 2014 and was accepted into DreamAgo Screenwriting Workshop in Sierre, Switzerland May 2014. Only 9 writers from around the world were accepted into this program sponsored by Plume &...
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HOMESTEAD-Best Period Script, by Lindsay Waite

At the Sixth Annual New Hope Film Festival in 2015, Lindsay Waite's script - "Homestead" - won the Best Period Script award.  This festival presented 97 official selections from 16 countries and had six competitive categories for...
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Jeffrey Howe's THE COLDEST HORIZON in the running at 3 festivals

Jeffrey Howe's South Pole ghost story script, THE COLDEST HORIZON, was named best fantasy feature script at the International Horror Hotel (Cleveland, OH), and is a finalist for best overall script. The screenplay is also in the finals for feature...
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