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Jan 22, 2020


Feb 25, 2020


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The Shoot Your Sizzle Experience

What is the best way to make your project or concept stand out?  A script is no longer enough. Time is limited, so producers want a shortcut to understanding your TV Pilot or Feature idea.

50% Off Your 2nd Script Entry 
*All scripts must be submitted on the same entry form to receive the discount.

More chances to win!


As the Shoot Your Sizzle Grand Prize Winner you’ll receive over $40,000 in Funds, Production and Post-Production Services, Professional Consulting and more to produce a sizzle or scene for your feature/pilot script. When completed, you will have an excellent calling card that the ISA Development team will champion alongside your script to dozens of companies like Eclectic Pictures, ICM, Bohemia Group Originals and more. Open to screenwriters of all levels!

You don’t need to be a filmmaker to apply, you just need a great TV Pilot or Feature script. We’ll help with the rest. The Shoot Your Sizzle winner will get professional guidance to produce a proof of concept—or “Sizzle Reel”—for your screenplay just like the Writer/Director of La La Land, Damien Chazelle did with his first film Whiplash, which was Oscar Nominated in 2015.

“I’d written Whiplash as a feature, and that’s what I wanted to do. But, as it turned out, the producers’ idea was a brilliant one. Not only did it arouse interest in the project that hadn’t existed before, it also allowed me to get my feet wet, to fine-tune what I really wanted this movie to be.”  

– Damien Chazelle (Oscar Winning Writer/Director of La La Land, Whiplash)


“Winning the Sizzle Reel contest has been a real game changer for me. I can’t thank Emerging Screenwriters enough for the gigantic leap forward this contest has afforded me. Unlike other contests, where a win brings the hope of producers reading your script, this one gives the winner a concrete tool to sell and promote their story. It’s been an eye opening experience and a real delight to work with such a great and supportive team of professionals!”
– Jodi Levitan (Grand Prize Winner 2016)


[On the set of the sizzle shoot of 2017 Grand Prize Winner, Jodi Levitan's, Finding Distance]



  • Production and Post Production Services - $27,500 Value
    Your sizzle or short will be completed with use of a Canon camera and lens package, complimentary post-production consultation for the director/DP/writer with Canon and use of the Canon Burbank space for editing, color correcting, sound mixing and more, plus editing by Real Reels, coloring by Color Space Finishing, and music licensing by Universal Production Music.
  • Mentoring from Production Consultants - $7,500+ Value
    Are you a first-time filmmaker? No problem, our production consultants meet with you multiple times in person or via Skype, check in with you periodically, and support you through the hiring process and in creating an eye-catching reel from start to finish. You will have access to four consulting production managers, a development consultant, a consulting line producer and a consulting editor to answer all of your questions, and help you find a director if needed. Plus, you’ll receive a casting consultation from Casting Calls America and referrals to Emerging Cinematographer Award Winners local to you. 
  • $5,000 in Cash
    We’re funding your sizzle reel project with up to $5000 to help make it happen! You can use the money for insurance, talent, crew, equipment and more…

  • ISA Development Slate Invitation
    With your brand new sizzle reel, the ISA Development Team will work with you to submit your projects to ISA vetted industry contacts, including agents, managers, and producers like Eclectic Pictures, ICM, and Bohemia Group Originals all in an attempt to take you to the next level. This specialized program was created to develop and support emerging screenwriters who have yet to secure an agent or manager, while helping writers better navigate this highly competitive business to find a path to break through.

  • Screening and Exposure
    HollyShorts Film Festival will screen the completed sizzle at their Monthly Film Screening Series.

  • Insurance and Equipment Rental - $6500 Value
    We Make Movies will provide production insurance plus a Gold Member discount on WMM’s equipment rental packages for the winning project’s shoot.

  • Software and Support
    Gorilla Scheduling & Budgeting Combo Pack
    6 Month Membership to Indie Film Hustle
    20 Scriptation Licenses to be Used for Production

TOP 10
  • StoryO 3 Story Outline Software
  • 6 Months of Scriptation Pro
  • 3 Month Membership to Indie Film Hustle

TOP 100
  • ISA Development Slate Consideration
  • 12 Month ISA Connect Membership

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On October 24, 2018 Luka Ajang said:
Can you read my script ?



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Feedback Type Description

1st 20 Pages Feedback (1-2 Pages) – So much of the opportunity available to your script is spent within the first twenty pages. You need to make sure the hook, teaser and cold open grabs the reader and presents you like it should. This feedback will give you those answers.

Full Feedback (2-3 Pages) – You know your work inside and out, now it’s time to get a second opinion. We’ll read your full script, and you’ll receive a detailed personalized critique on what we see, what we think, and suggestions on where to go next.

ISA Development Evaluation (5 Pages) – This is for those looking to submit to the ISA Development Slate. Writers who select this feedback will not only be considered for the Slate but receive suggestions on how to improve overall writing, story, structure, commercial appeal and more.

ISA-Certified Script Readers are experienced industry professionals with a variety of success in screenwriting, producing, and literary management. They are here to empower you to improve your work based on their well-informed perspective and how it relates to the structure and technique contained within your script. We strive to give you something more than just a pat on the back; we’re here to propel your script to the front of the line.
2015 Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition Participating Writer:

I just wanted to let you know that I have entered numerous contests over the last 3 years with this script and I am thrilled with this feedback. Usually coverage from contests means vague book reports, but the coverage I received makes it clear what needs to be done to improve the script. I can’t thank Emerging Screenwriters enough!” ~ Sam Lunay


  • Grand Prize Winning screenwriters of any previous Emerging Screenwriters SHOOT YOUR SIZZLE Competition season will not be eligible to submit to any further contest seasons.
  • Screenwriters who have placed 3 times in the top 6 of SHOOT YOUR SIZZLE are ineligible to submit to any further contest season.  
  • Scripts must be the original work of the author(s) and may not be encumbered by any third party.
  • Scripts that have been sold, produced for a profit, or are currently under option are not eligible.
  • Screenplays adapted from your own self-published books, plays, or other source material are eligible if you have retained all rights to your work.
  • Adaptations from other works are permissible provided you have the writer’s written permission to adapt the work.
  • Adaptations of works in the public domain are permissible.
  • Collaborative work is eligible; the writers are responsible for the distribution of the competition prize(s).
  • Those that receive a free script analysis are not eligible to receive a free resubmission, which may come as an option with purchased script analyses.
  • Emerging Screenwriters cannot guarantee your script analysis will be received within enough time to resubmit.
  • The writer understands that a script analysis can take up to 90-days turn-around time and may not be received before the end of the contest.
  • Prize packages cannot be exchanged or transferred to another party.
  • Camera Equipment Package if arranged by Emerging Screenwriters / ISA is for short-term rental use only. You will not own the equipment.
  • If you are the winner of the Grand Prize you accept responsibility for the camera and equipment. Emerging Screenwriters will not be liable for any damage to the equipment.
  • Emerging Screenwriters will provide cash in the amount of $5000, which will be paid in phases over your production period with proof of progress and at the discretion of the consulting producers. Neither Emerging Screenwriters nor the equipment rental facility will be held liable to provide you more cash or equipment if you go over budget. All additional costs are at your own expense.
  • If you decide not to produce the sizzle project, the cash, editing and color correction services will be forfeited.
  • The Emerging Screenwriters consulting producers will only be there to make suggestions on the production process. It is up to the writer and its core production team to complete the project.
  • The consulting producers will only be available in the United States, during business hours Pacific Time, and for a maximum of 2 pre-production days and 3 shooting days – for a total of 5 hours for each consultant.
  • Production consulting services, cash payment and equipment prizes will be expired and forfeited 6 months after announcement date if proof of production progress is not shown within that time.
  • Emerging Screenwriters and its staff assumes no responsibility or liability of the production set or project.
  • No cash substitute for the camera package or any other prizes forfeited will be provided.
  • Prizes, depending on the sponsor’s request, may be distributed in the rate of 1 package per person based on the highest placement and not per winning screenplay.
  • Upon delivery of the edit by RealReels, a Maximum of 2 Rounds of Notes will be included in the initial prize, after such time the winner will be billed at the rate of $75/hour for any additional changes.
  • CONNECT Membership prizes expire after 90 days and cannot be combined with a current free CONNECT membership.
  • You may submit your entry and payment online only. We’re GREEN!
  • Multiple entries are permissible with an additional discount entry fee. 
  • Once a script has been entered into the competition, we will only accept substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages if you contact us within 24 hours. After that, under no circumstances will we accept changes. If you wish to submit a revised draft of your script, you must enter it as a new submission and pay the appropriate entry fee.
  • Writers under the age of 18 years old must have parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate.
  • Competition applicants must accept without reservation the decisions rendered by the judges, which may not be disputed.
  • Writer understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to register Material with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or with the Writer’s Guild of America or the appropriate agency in his/her country.
  • Winner must give the produced sizzle or short credit, such as Special Thanks or Script Facilitation credit on imdb and end credits on film.
  • Payments will be accepted via Paypal where all major credit cards are accepted, or through registrations on the ISA website or Film Freeway.
  • Promotional discounts do not apply to ISA or Film Freeway registrations unless otherwise stated.
  • By entering this competition, and in the event you are declared a finalist, you understand and accept that Emerging Screenwriters and the ISA will be free to use your name, likeness, and completed sizzle project for advertising or promotional purposes without additional consideration.
  • Contestants are under no obligation to participate therein.
  • Contestants may submit their screenplay to any other person, competition, producer, agent, publisher, and/or organization and will retain all rights to their screenplay.
  • No agreement for compensation, other than the prizes, has been implied.
  • Include a standard title page, listing the title of your script, name of author(s), telephone number, and email address. This does NOT affect the judging process.
  • Under no circumstances should you include your name or contact information within the body of your script.
  • The competition and its administrators are not responsible for any errors or omissions on the writers submission.
  • Please do not enclose synopses, casting suggestions, letters, resumes or photos with your submission. They will not be forwarded to the Judges.
  • You understand that your logline and screenplay will be reviewed by our employees and/or our panel of Industry Judges for evaluation. You also understand that any one of these employees, or judges may have been or may be exploring ideas similar to yours, and you hereby waive any claim that Emerging Screenwriters, its employees or judges may have misappropriated any ideas or portions of your submission logline or screenplay.
  • The writer understands and accepts without reservation that he/she is an independent contractor and that Competition
  • Administrators are not responsible for withholding any taxes or payments to any government agency, at any level, be it state, local or federal.
  • To enter the Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle you must agree to the Rules.


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