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May 20, 2016

Grand Prize

Jun 17, 2016

Table Read My Screenplay - LONDON!


The Feature/Pilot Grand Prize Winner will be flown to London in the U.K. during BFI London Film Festival to have their screenplay read by professional actors. We cover Hotel & Airfare expenses during the festival. Plus, you’ll get to network with the people who can change your career! Parties, Movies, Celebs & more!


  • We FLY YOU to London during the London Film Festival and put you up in the Park Plaza Hotel & Resorts - Westminster Bridge. (View Video Tour!)
  • A professional Director will workshop your script.
  • Professional actors will Table Read YOUR Screenplay
  • We capture the Table Read for you, so you will have a recording of the experience forever!
  • You'll receive all prizes in the Top 10 Category and Semi-Finalist Categories!
  • Script Or Career Consultation with Stephen Molton (WRITE YOUR SCREENPLAY($1000 Value)

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  • This contest is open to anyone except all employees, directors, associates, and immediate families of the TABLE READ MY SCREENPLAY - Screenplay Contest.
  • Multiple entries are permissible, but each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry form and entry fee.
  • Once material has been entered, no substitutions of new drafts or corrections will be considered past 24 hours from original submission time and date. You may submit a revised logline or screenplay as a new submission as many times as you like, but you must fill in an entry form and pay the appropriate entry fee.
  • Those that receive free feedback are not eligible to receive a free resubmission, which comes as an option with purchased feedback, unless otherwise noted in the promotion.
  • Table Read My Screenplay cannot guarantee feedback will be received within enough time to resubmit.
  • The writer understands that feedback can take up to 90 days turn-around time and may not be received before the end of the contest.
  • Adaptations from other works are permissible provided you have the writer's written permission to adapt the work.
  • Adaptations of works in the public domain are permissible, however you are responsible for the legalities of this.
  • Collaborative work is eligible; the writers are responsible for the distribution of the contest prize(s).
  • Writers under the age of 18 years old must have parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate.
  • The work or submitted material must not have been previously sold, optioned or produced for profit.
  • Writer understands and accepts without reservation that he/she is an independent contractor and that the contest administrators are not responsible for withholding any taxes or payments to any government agency, at any level, be it state, local or federal.
  • Writer understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to register material with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or with the Writers Guild of America West or the appropriate agency in his/her country.
  • You must retain at least one copy of the submitted material, and you understand that all material we receive cannot and will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • Recommended length of your work:
    Feature - (70 -140 pages), Shorts – (1 - 40 pages), TV Pilots – (10 - 60 pages)
  • All entries must be received by Final Deadline. TRMS reserves the right to extend the contest deadline up to 90 days.
  • TRMS is not responsible for late, lost, unacceptably formatted, corrupt, or incorrect submissions.
  • Contestants may submit their screenplay to any other person, contest, producer, agent, publisher, and/or organization.
  • If a screenplay is submitted for feedback and is over 140 pages, an additional fee of $2 per page will apply and the contestant will be contacted and billed separately for the extra, or only the first 140 pages will be read.
  • Contestants retain all rights to their screenplay, subject to the terms and agreements contained herein.
  • TRMS will only accept your submission if you assure us that to the best of your knowledge you are the sole originator of the idea and that you have the legal right to submit it for judging to TRMS.
  • You understand that your logline and / or screenplay will be reviewed by our employees and/or our panel of Industry Judges for evaluation. You also understand that any one of these employees or judges may have been or may be exploring ideas similar to yours and you hereby waive any claim that TRMS, its employees or judges may have misappropriated any ideas or portions of your submission logline or script.
  • No agreement for compensation, other than the TRMS prizes listed, has been implied.
  • TRMS agrees that your work is protected, and we have no intention of distributing it for our own benefit. We do, however intend to submit the TOP 100 to respected producers with your permission, which will be granted upon clicking the 'I have Read and Understand the Contest Rules' button. You can withdraw from this process at any time.
  • When your screenplay, application, and payment have all been received, you will be notified by E-mail only. Please provide an appropriate email address. If your email address changes, it is your responsibility to let us know.
  • By entering this contest and in the event you are declared a TOP 100 finalist (also known as Semi-Finalist), you understand and accept that TRMS will be free to use your name and likeness for advertising or promotional purposes without additional consideration.
  • If you are the GRAND PRIZE Winner, 2nd or 3rd Place overall winner, you agree to give TRMS permission to post your video or audio Table Read on its web site.
  • All contest participants understand and agree with the following:
  • TRMS reserves the right to award a cash prize, at its discretion. A Grand Prize Winner is under no obligation to accept the associated prizes but will not be awarded or owed a cash replacement upon electing not to move forward with prizes offered.
  • International or Domestic flight not to exceed $1200. There is no cash reimbursement for flights that cost more than the limit nor will there be a disbursement of the difference for flights that are less than the $1200 limit.
  • The SHORTS winning writer does not qualify for the Grand Prize trip. They do qualify to have their script read at the applicable venue, and the winner can attend at their own expense. TV Pilots are judged alongside Features and are therefore eligible for the Grand Prize trip.
  • TRMS may develop a series or documentary style program based on the inner workings of the contest and the production resulting there from. TRMS reserves the right to contact contestants with offers to participate in any such production. Contestants are under no obligation to participate therein.
  • Contest applicants must accept without reservation the decisions rendered by the judges.
  • TRMS has the right to change the prizes at any time, without notice, and/or substitute prizes of equal or lesser value.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on any entries or feedback for any reason.


Q: Why should I enter this contest?
A: Because your incredible talent will win you a trip to the LONDON Film Festival, one of the best places an up-and-coming screenwriter like yourself can network in the U.K.! It starts with a Table Read of your screenplay with professional actors. Then, what you do at the festival from there is up to you. If you want to meet people to pitch your screenplay, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Q: How do I enter?
A: Complete the form on the SUBMIT ENTRY page.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Paypal and all major credit cards.

Q: Can I mail a copy of my Screenplay, Submission Form and Payment?
A: No, we're sorry. We only accept online submissions and payments at this time.

Q: Should I include my contact information on my title page?
A: Yes, but it does not affect judging either way if you forget to include it.

Q: Who will be reading my screenplay/judging the contest?
A: The final panel of judges will be comprised of members of the Los Angeles and Chicago Film Communities, including numerous producers and established writers.

Q: Will you fly me to London, UK during the London Film Festival if I win?
A: The respective GRAND PRIZE winner(s) will receive coach airfare and hotel accommodations resulting in a three-night stay.

Q: When will my Table Read be scheduled?
A: It will be during the 2016 London Film Festival in October. We will work with the winner to determine an ideal date to the best of our ability. If the final date as selected by TRMS does not work for the winner, TRMS will not provide any cash value matching for the non-accepted airfare and hotel expenses turned down by the winner. We will be as flexible as possible, but the ultimate decision resides solely with TRMS.

Q: How will I participate in the Table Read?
A: You sit back and relax, watch and listen as Professional actors perform your characters.

Q: Is this contest associated with the London Film Festival?
A: No, this is just an exciting place for any writer/filmmaker to attend. If you've never been to the Festival we can't urge you enough to go. It's an experience you'll never forget!

Q: Who will I meet at the festival?
A: That is totally up to you. We can't guarantee you'll meet the people who will change your career. If you're at the festival, we can, however, guarantee at some point in time you may be standing right next to a person who could change your career. You've just got to mix and mingle, and there's no better place to meet A-list producers than this festival!

Q: Do I maintain the rights to my screenplay?
A: Absolutely YES, you retain all the rights to your screenplay!

Q: Do I need to submit a Synopsis?
A: No.

Q: Can I submit a screenplay under a pen name?
A: Yes.

Q: Does my screenplay have to be registered?
A: No, but we do recommend registering your work with the WGA West , the Library of Congress Copyright office or other similar organization in your country. It's really easy and a VERY smart thing to do.

Q: Do you accept TV Pilots, Web Series or Short screenplays?
A: Yes.

Q: Can Shorts win the GRAND PRIZE?
A: Yes, there is a Shorts Grand Prize but shorts do not qualify for the Grand Prize Trip to London. The winning Short will be Table Read during the festival. The writer can attend at their own expense.

Q: Can TV Pilots win the GRAND PRIZE?
A. Yes, TV Pilots run alongside Features and therefore are eligible for the GRAND PRIZE Trip.

Q: What's the minimum/maximum required page length?
A: Feature - (70 -140 pages), Shorts – (1 - 40 pages) , TV Pilots – (10-60 pages)

Q: Does genre matter in my submission?
A: Yes, after the two Grand Prize winners, the other top 8 are judged based on the best in its genre, as well as the best short and best pilot.

Q: What genres do you accept?
A: All genres are welcome, but not all have their own category to enter. When submitting, please choose the genre category that BEST suits your screenplay!

Q: Can I submit my screenplay in multiple categories?
A: Yes, you can. Each time you submit in each category, you will have to pay the entry fee.

Q: If I make the TOP 100 what elements of the screenplay are taken into consideration during the judging?
A: We are looking for excellent Originality, Story, Dialogue, Description and strength of Characters, scripts with their own true voice.

Q: I don't live in the United States; am I still eligible?
A: Yes, but all submissions MUST BE IN ENGLISH!

Q: What happens if I don't live in the United Kingdom but win the GRAND PRIZE? Will you still pay for my flight?
A: You will be given a cash payment not to exceed $1000 to apply towards your international flight.

Q: Is an adaptation of a published novel (by somebody else) eligible?
A: You must have the legal rights to adapt the book to enter your screenplay.

Q: Can I make a change to a submission?
A: You may make a change to submission within 24 hours of the original submission ONLY.

Q: What stops you from taking my idea and developing it yourself?
A: Our panel of judges is comprised of respected industry professionals, and they have no intention of stealing your material. They're actually hoping to find new talent to work with. If you make it to the TOP 100, your work will be seen by these professionals, which in turn gets you one step closer to getting your screenplay produced. You can sit at home and protect your ideas all day long hoping for that one right person to come along. Or you can get your work out there and show us what you've got!

Jeff York Places Two Projects At Table Read My Screenplay Semifinals

Two different scripts by Jeff York have advanced to the Semifinals of the 2014 Table Read My Screenplay contest. HIs TV show HISTORY/HERSTORY, a kids talk show where the celebrity guests are figures from history, is in the top 100 scripts out of...
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More success for Pim Hendrix's The Italian Spy

Pim Hendrix's latest screenplay, The Italian Spy, recently garnered more success after being awarded an Official Finalist (Top 15) selection at the 2015 Barcelona International Film Festival.
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Table Read My Screenplay Grand Prize Winner Optioned By Original Film

The Grand Prize Winner of Table Read My Screenplay - London, Derek Asaff, has optioned his script, THE WHEELMAN, to Executive Producers, Tania Landau and Neil H. Moritz of Original Film (22 JUMP STREET, FURIOUS 7, GOOSEBUMPS). The script is...
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Jeffrey Abelson

Jeffrey Abelson's "The Rise and Fall of Robert Johnson" is a Semi-Finalist in the 2016 round of Table Read My Screenplay -- scheduled for October 2016 in London.
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Jeffrey Howe's family, SciFi scripts advance in contests

Jeffrey Howe's family screenplay Robo4ce continued its string of contest successes, advancing to the Quarterfinals of the 2016 Fade In Awards after taking First Place at the American Movie Awards in the first-time screenwriters category....
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Matt Rhoden's Murder at the Mic a semi-finalist in Table Read My Screenplay

Matt Rhoden's latest script, a one-location mystery titled Murder at the Mic has been named a semi-finalist in the 2016 London Table Read My Screenplay Contest. In the story, an arrongant singer-songwriter is killed on stage by a faulty...
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Mark Robertson's E-DEN Places Again in Competition

Mark Robertson's new teen SF screenplay E-DEN has just chalked up its third recent competition placing. Currently, the script has reached the semi-finals of Table Read My Sceenplay - London, while the script's previous competition placings include...
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Mark Robertson's E-DEN takes "Honourable Mention" in Screenplay Festival

Mark Robertson's new teen SF screenplay E-DEN has just secured a win in the Screenplay Festival screenwriting competition, taking an "honourable mention" place in the comp's "Family Movie" category. It's the script's second competition...
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Mark Robertson's E-DEN hits top 75 in Launch Pad

Mark Robertson's brand new YA science fiction screenplay E-DEN has just reached the top 75 in the Launch Pad Features Competition, a high profile screenwriting contest run by film industry website The Tracking Board. It's the script's first...
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Kane W Holder's debut feature, 'Dark Island', has recently made it to the Top 100 Semi-Finalist in the 2016 Table Read My Screenplay Contest – London. The sci-fi thriller is set on the island-state of Singapore,...
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Sanctuary is a Semi-Finalist in the 2016 Table Read My Screenplay - London!  The horror/thriller western placed in the top 100!
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Free Spirits by Craig Fleming receives Special Mention at Table Read London

Missed it by THAT much! "Free Spirits," one-hour supernatural drama by Craig Fleming, missed finishing in the top ten, receiving a Special Mention by the judges at Table Read My Screenplay - London.
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Andy Byrne's DISCONN wins 2nd place Table Read My Screenplay- London!

Andy is also a 2016 ISA Fast Track Fellow for Disconn which is currently gaining industry interest. DISCONN is a low-key, social sci-fi following the story of Jenna, a woman struggling to fit into her life in a mental utopia where people pay a...
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Gary Files - Table Read My Screenplay

Gary Files becomes a Semi Finalist placing with his screenplay "Simon Says" in the Table Read My Screenlat Contest - London.
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Scott Pittock's horror/thriller western screenplay Sanctuary continues its competition/festival run with a Quarter-Finalist placement in the Austin Revolution Film Festival.
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The western/horror script, Sanctuary, a story about a family who must work together when a feral posse invades their home, is now an official selection in the Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition.  
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Jeff York's "Incurable" takes 3rd prize in Table Read - London

Jeff York's horror movie "Incurable" continues its string of success in screenwriting contests taking third place in the 2016 Table Read My Screenplay contest in London. It received Script magazine's only recommend rating back in...
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2016 PAGE AWARDS FINALIST for Andy Byrne's Grounded Sci-fi DISCONN

DISCONN continues to make progress after winning the 2016 ISA Fast Track Fellowship and placing 2nd in Table Read My Screenplay - London.  The script is also gaining industry interest, along with Andy's new grounded dystopian feature JONAS...
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'Cleaning House' wins Grand Prize in TABLE READ MY SCREENPLAY - LONDON

 Mark Grisar's film noir script CLEANING HOUSE, is the Grand Prize Winner of TABLE READ MY SCREENPLAY - LONDON 2016, and will see Mark travel from NYC to London for a professional reading, and a showcase event for producers at Soho House....
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Scott Pittock's 'Sanctuary' - semi-finalist in Austin Revolution Film Fest

Scott Pittock's horror/western script 'Sanctuary' placed as a Semi-Finalist in the Austin Revolution Film Festival.  
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Elizabeth Quinn Semi-Finalist - 2016 Table Read My Screenplay - London

Quinn's one-hour, original TV drama pilot 'Going Reno' made the semi-finalist list in the 2016 Table Read My Screenplay Contest - London.  'Going Reno' tells the story of the men and women who flocked to Reno, Nevada in the...
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James M. Freeman's "To Kill Gandhi" honored.

James M. Freeman's "To Kill Gandhi," the script won a Wildsound Table Read Award for September 2016 and under the title "Gandhi and the Goonda" was selected as a 2016 Semi-Finalist at Table Read My Screenplay London.
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Melissa Emery's "Surviving Leo" Named Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder

Melissa Emery's "Surviving Leo" (aka Worst Hostage Ever) was named a Second Rounder for the Austin Film Festival. It was also named Semi-finalist for both ScreenCraft Comedy Script Contest and Table Read My Screenplay Contest.   The buddy...
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Mark Grisar

Script CLEANING HOUSE is under option and in pre production with Goldcrest Pictures. Nick Quested attached to direct and Omari Hardwick (POWER) attached as lead.Grand Prize Winner - TABLE READ MY SCREENPLAY CONTEST, LONDON Semi-Finalist - Nicholl...
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Table Read My Screenplay Screenplay Contest - London Grand Prize Winner

Derek Asaff's action/comedy feature THE WHEELMAN takes Top Prize in Table Read My Screenplay Screenplay Contest London
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Table Read My Screenplay Screenplay Contest - London - Winner Pilot Cat.

Derek Asaff's one hour sci-fi/drama pilot AFTER THE MERGE wins the pilot category at the 2014 Table Read My Screenplay Screenplay Contest - London   Derek's comedy feature THE WHEELMAN also won the comedy category and took Grand Prize
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A-list female actor currently considering DISCONN

DISCONN -- winner 2016 Fast Track Fellowship III & Gold in the PAGE International -- is currently under consideration by an A-list female actor. More news to come!
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There are no judges bio linked to this contest.