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Program Description

Discovering & Promoting Writers Since 1999

Our intention is to help open doors for the aspiring television writer. There are four categories you can submit to, which include one hour existing shows, ½ hour existing sitcom, original pilots, and reality shows.

The participants we have chosen to read the winning scripts are individuals from established production companies. Whether you are already an aspiring television writer or a writer interested in exploring other avenues, Scriptapalooza TV is here to promote careers in television and provide exposure for the undiscovered writer.

  • We now offer feedback
  • Over 30 producers reading the winners
  • We only accept entries by email
  • Endorsed by Robert McKee
  • Join our Facebook page for updates
  • We are accepting TV entries right now
  • Jason Nieves writes for Latino 101
  • Frank Tumminia develops pilot into novel
  • Barbara Schwartz wins Emmy for Rugrats
  • Scott Gray wins Emmy for Rugrats show
  • Entertainment Weekly Magazine features us

Deadlines and Fees

Apr. 04, 2023
Apr. 18, 2023
TV entry
Standard Fee
Standard Fee

Program Benefits

The television competition is awarding over $3000 in cash prizes. 

 We are giving awards in the following categories:

 • Pilot Category

• 1/2 Hour Category

• 1 Hour Category

• Reality Shows

All the winners will be sent to over 50 producers, managers and agents.

After Scriptapalooza announces the TV winners we do call and promote the 12 winners to all of our contacts. Also we do get calls from interested agents, managers and producers looking to read the top winners. The goal of Scriptapalooza TV is to connect writers with producers, managers and agents...people that can make a difference in a writer’s career.

1st Place

Pilot, 1/2 Hour, 1 Hour and Reality Show

$500 Cash Prize

2nd Place

Pilot, 1/2 Hour, 1 Hour and Reality Show

$200 Cash Prize

3rd Place

Pilot, 1/2 Hour, 1 Hour and Reality Show

$100 Cash Prize 

Success Stories


4-F: OPERATION UNDERWORLD Won 3rd Place at 2018 Scriptapalooza TV

Greg Beck - Screenwriter
Greg Beck's thrilling Second World War TV Pilot 4-F: OPERATION UNDERWORLD has scooped up 3rd Place at 2018 Scriptapalooza TV. This original take, based on true events, wins another accolade.

TV judges

Scriptapalooza pre-screens each producer, manager and agent and makes sure that they are legitimate, associated with a studio or have extensive credits.

This pre-screening benefits you the writer, making sure we have the best producers, managers and agents onboard.

FEEDBACK with entry

Announcement Dates

Winners announced

Feb. 13, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I don’t live in the United States, can I enter your tv competition?

A.  Yes, you can enter the tv competition. You can submit your script by email and then pay thru PayPal all on our website, please do not mail anything in by regular mail.


Q.  Do you offer feedback on entries?

A.  Yes, you can order feedback on your entry at the same time when you enter the competition. The cost for feedback is only $115. Your feedback will be emailed to you about 2-3 months after you submit.

      PLEASE NOTE: You cannot order feedback on Reality shows.


Q.  What does the feedback look like?

A.  When you order feedback, you will get:

     - Logline

     - Synopsis (of the entire script)

     - 4 to 5 pages of notes 

     Your feedback will include detailed notes on:

       • Premise

       • Structure

       • Character 

       • Dialogue

       • Setting

       • Pacing

       • Tone

       • Transitions

       • General Notes 


Q.  Hey, I’ve got a great Seinfeld episode I’ve written, can I submit it?

A.  We prefer you submit spec scripts of current TV shows.  That is the industry standard.


Q.  I've written screenplays (not sold or optioned), but never TV.  Should I bother with TV?

A.  Well, considering if you write both the story and the script for a network episodic, you can receive as much as $18,160.  One hour episodics are $26,710. (please refer to the WGA website for current schedule of minimum payment)  We'd say it was worth checking out.  And besides, writing is writing, if you can follow a format and write a screenplay, you can do the same with TV.


Q.  I'm confused, what does "a spec script of an existing show or a pilot" mean in terms of what I can submit?

A.  You can submit an original concept for a series (pilot) or a spec script on an existing show (one hour program or sitcom).  We give the writer a choice in sending either one or both.


Q.  What is an example of an existing show?

A.  One hour drama - Yellowstone, The Blacklist and The Crown.

     Sitcom - Lopez vs Lopez, Young Rock and Abbott Elementary.

     Reality Show - The Bachelor, Project Runway and Real Housewives.


Q.  Are Reality Shows accepted?

A.  Yes, 33% percent of what you see on TV is now considered Reality TV.


Q.  But why do you give an option of a pilot or spec script of an existing show?

A.  We are letting the writer decide because he/she might have a great idea for a pilot but no spec scripts on an existing show or vice-versa.  We are creating more opportunities without leaving anyone out.


Q.  Can I submit to both?

A.  Yes, but a separate fee and entry form must be sent in for each.


Q.  Does my pilot/spec script need to be registered?

A.  We recommend registering your script with The Library of Congress. Please go to www.loc.gov/copyright


Q.  How do I submit?

A.  Please fill out the application on our website and attach your script in either PDF, Word or Text format. You can then pay by PayPal. We do not accept scripts by regular mail. All entries must be emailed.      


Q.  What's the entry fee?

A.   $45 and $55


Q.  What's the deadline?

A.  The TV writing competition is a semi-annual one, so the deadlines are April and October of each year. (check application for exact deadlines)


Q.  When are the winners announced?

A.  The winners are announced August 30 and February 15 of each year.


Q.  Can I submit to other competitions?

A.  Yes you can.


Q.  Do I get a confirmation that you got my script?

A.  After you fill out the application and attach your script, once you press SUBMIT, we automatically get your script and application. You will receive an email notification from ISA.


Q.  Can I enter more than one script?

A.  Yes, but each script must have its own application and entry fee. 


Q.  Can I send the script FedEx, UPS or Registered Mail?

A.  No, we only accept scripts through this online application. 


Q.  I entered last year, but since have re-written the script, should I enter again?

A.  Yes, we do encourage writers to develop and improve their work.


Q.  Can I register online?

A.  The application process can be done online, please attach your script in PDF, Word or Text format.


Q.  After I entered the competition, I changed my phone number or address, what do I do to let you know?

A.  Please email us your name and script title with your new information, and we will update our records.


Q.  Can I send in a new draft of the script, after I sent in the first one?

A.  Yes, you can. We now allow re-submissions. It only costs $30. Your second submission will go to another judge...you cannot have the same judge reading both.


Q.  How can I pay the entry fee if I live outside of the United States?

A.  You can pay with credit card or PayPal if you have it. 


Q.  If I win, do you own the script? Does Scriptapalooza own the rights?

A.  No, you will retain all rights to your work. We are just a vehicle to get your script into the right hands. Once your script is sold, you keep all the profits.


Q.  What will you do with my contact information that I give you?

A.  The information you give us will only be used by Scriptapalooza to contact you directly or to update you on any upcoming deadlines. We do not sell or share your email address with anyone. Cross our hearts!


1.  Any spec script from any existing television show, or any original television pilot will be considered. 

2.  Entered scripts may not have been previously sold.   

3.  Multiple entries are accepted, provided a signed entry form and appropriate entry fee is attached to each submission.  

4.  Multiple authorship is acceptable.  

5.  Scripts must be the original work of the author(s),18 or older.  

6.  Scriptapalooza recommends registering your script with The Library of Congress.  

7.  No substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages for script entries will be accepted under any circumstances.  

8.  Emailed entry must be accompanied by the following:   a.  Completed official entry form   b.  Entry fee   c.  Completed original script


1.  Submit scripts in English only.  

2.  Do not send originals.  Scripts will not be returned under any circumstances.  

3.  Please submit your entry with all your information on the cover page: The title, author's name, address, phone number and email address.  

4.  Body pages must be numbered.  

5.  Scripts must be in television standard format.  

6.  Entry in the competition is void where prohibited by law.

Here are our requirements to enter the television competition.
Please understand that sometimes your submission is under or over the page limit and that is acceptable. 
We do not disqualify entrants.  

Pilots - 30 to 60 pages  
1 Hour Program - 50 to 60 pages  
Reality Shows - We would like 1 to 5 page treatment  
1/2 Hour Sitcom - 25 to 35 pages  

If you are unsure and need to contact us about your pages or you have any questions please call our office at 310.594.5384 or email us at info@scriptapalooza.com 

Contact Information


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