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IFH 334: How to Direct a Sex Scene with John Bucher

We have a special episode today. I wanted to discuss a topic that NEVER gets discussed until minutes before the cameras begin to roll, shooting sex scenes. Loving making or sex scenes are like walking through a field of landmines. I’ve shot these kinds of scenes in my life and it’s just uncomfortable for everyone on set. Today we have a guest who literally wrote a book on the subject, John Bucher.

He is the author of six books including the best-selling Storytelling for Virtual Reality, named by BookAuthority as one of the best storytelling books of all time. John has worked with companies including HBO, DC Comics, The History Channel, A24 Films, The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation and served as a consultant and writer for numerous film, television, and Virtual Reality projects. The book that inspired this episode is A BEST PRACTICE GUIDE TO SEX AND STORYTELLING.

A great deal of storytelling in film and television involves narratives that include sexual situations and nudity. The increased amount of on-line and streaming content outlets has in turn increased the number of narratives that involve these once-taboo subjects. Often, even though directors and producers desire to handle such issues with professionalism, sets become awkward when producing these scenes. 

I hope this episode serves as a helpful tool for guiding creators through these waters.

Enjoy my conversation with John Bucher.
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