Indiegogo for Filmmaking and Authors with Kate Drane

Laura Powers • June 20, 2017

Kate Drane is Indiegogo’s Senior Director of Outreach for Tech and Hardware. Her favorite thing to do is democratize access to resources, and considers herself as a VC of the people. Since starting at Indiegogo in July 2012, she's empowered more than 500 entrepreneurs to collectively raise over $80M on the Indiegogo platform, including Canary, Misfit, and Skulpt. For more information on Indiegogo go to or connect with Kata on Twitter @katedrane. We met at the Industry conference in Cleveland can connect at You can also find her on facebook via Write Hot and follow her on twitter @thatlaurapowers. Laura also is now taking pre-orders for her new book Supernatural Survival Guide! You can get order the book and get great perks at