ISA Insider News: Changing Network Upfronts & Do You Need a Pitch Deck

Max Timm, Shayna Weber • May 25, 2022

Network Upfronts for Ad Buying is changing & do you need a pitch deck for your screenplay? Plus, watching 1883, Yellowstone, Angelyne & Chip n' Dale.

Top Story: Network Up-fronts Are Changing
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Streamers Compete for Ad Buys
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Watching: Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers
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Watching: Angelyne
Watching: 1883
Watching, but Not Loving: Yellowstone
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 * How upfronts have changed:

 * Answer these 3 questions about your film or TV Pilot Script - Lee Jessup:
How do I find a Showrunner?

ISA Event: June 1st - Writing For The Bold New TV World with Neil Landau:

Fellowship: Script Magazine - The Black List, The Redford Center and CAA Foundation opens 2022 Climate Storytelling Fellowship:

Good News: Return of Spec Screenplays?