ISA Insider News: Corporate Hollywood, Missing Tom Hanks & Baseball Hugs

Shayna Weber, Max Timm • August 17, 2022

Max & Shayna discuss the current state of Hollywood's decision-making, your hero characters' wounds, problems with story formulas, how to address writers block & where 'A League of their Own' falls short.

 - Intro, Shayna's Making a Short!
 - Top Story: Corporate Hollywood Decision-Making
 - Insider: Character Wounds
 - Insider: Formats Don't Work
 - Watching: Bluey
 - Watching: Day Shift
 - Watching: Lock & Key
 - Watching: Sandman
 - Watching: A League of Their Own
 - Twitter Q: Writers Block
 - Good News: Little League hug

 * Top Story - David Zaslav’s Hollywood Doctrine: “Make Sure We Get Paid”
 * Insider 1 - Revealing Your Hero’s Wound:
 * Insider 2 - Why Story Structure Formulas Don’t Work:
 * Twitter Question:
 * Little League Batter Hit in the Head Embraces Devastated Pitcher in Inspiring Display Sportsmanship: