ISA Reviews: Logan, with Derek Asaff

Jeff York • March 9, 2017

Logan cuts to the bone as Hugh Jackman ends his iconic role.

Hugh Jackman has appeared as Wolverine onscreen nine times, but never to such a dramatic effect as in this one, his swan song. Logan is a much darker, sadder and meaner X-Men movie than any done before. In fact, the story here is more reminiscent of moody westerns like Shane and Unforgiven.

It's hard to watch Logan in decline, and watching Professor Charles Xavier (a very moving Patrick Stewart) battle dementia is no picnic either. But watching the denouement of these two iconic characters pushes superhero movies into bold, new ground, even if the corresponding story is filled with too many narrative retreads such as mutant children in peril and nefarious corporations for Wolverine to battle. Still, all in all Logan is a fitting finale that cuts deep with its affecting emotion and vivid characterizations.

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