ISA Reviews - Mary Poppins Returns

Jeff York • December 28, 2018

“Mary Poppins Returns” delights in song, dance and nostalgia.

“Mary Poppins Returns” is a film full of childhood wonder, exquisite production values, and charming performances across the board, particularly Emily Blunt picking up where Julie Andrews left off as the title character. One does wonder however, if all of this sophisticated entertainment may well be a little lost on the kiddies. Not only is it a period piece, making lots of hay about the English caste system, but it’s a meticulous homage to the original “Mary Poppins” from 1964. Doubtful those under 10 will understand just how much of one it is with its old-school animation and songs in the style of the Sherman Brothers. Still, few Christmas movies this season are as great a gift as this toe-tapping, heart-warming musical.

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