ISA Spotlight: Rising Stars, Maddy Curley and Brooke Buffington

Max Timm • April 18, 2017

Both former D1 student-athletes, writers Maddy Curley and Brooke Buffington definitely followed the "write what you know" rule with their new pilot, Division One. It's a 1-hour dramedy that pulls back the curtain on the high stakes world of college athletics, followed through the life of a rare female athletic director. Before Division One, Maddy and Brooke placed as finalists and/or quarterfinalists in many of the major writing competitions, such as Nicholl, Script Pipeline, Fresh Voices, Blue Cat, Fellini and Scriptapalooza. They also wrote and produced their own independent feature film, Chalk It Up, which was licensed to Netflix and can be found on both their domestic and international platforms. They're excited to continue to hone their craft through the ISA Development program.

Listen in on Max Timm's interview with Brooke and Maddy!