Life with Caca: Michelle Purple, Producer at Iron Ocean Productions

Carolina Groppa • August 17, 2020

Michelle Purple is a classic movie lover who also happens to own a production company with her close friend, Jessica Biel. They met on the set of STEALTH and  became fast friends, bonding over films in Jessica’s trailer.  When Jessica poked her to start a production company together, Michelle was hesitant. She was nervous to work with her friend and running an actor based company. She set her fears aside and eventually said yes. Iron Ocean Productions’ most recent project was Facebook Watch’s “Limetown,” in which Biel starred opposite Stanley Tucci. The show premiered in Fall 2019 to over 10 million viewers in the first 72 hours. Twelve years later, Iron Ocean Productions is a thriving production company that aims to enhance strong female voices. Tune in as she shines a light on what it’s like to work with Jessica, the grief and heartbreak that comes with producing, and the realities of having a first look deal.