Write Hot Episode 27 - Good Girls Revolt with Lynn Povich

Laura Powers • December 31, 1969

Lynn Povich is an award-winning journalist who has spent more than 40 years in the news business. She began her career at Newsweek as a secretary. In 1970, she was one of 46 Women who sued Newsweek for sex discrimination. Five years later, Povich was appointed the first woman Senior Editor in the magazine’s history. Her book on that landmark lawsuit, The Good Girls Revolt, was published by PublicAffairs in September 2012. A fictionalized 10-part series inspired by the book, Good Girls Revolt, has been running on Amazon Prime since October 2016. In 1991, Povich became Editor-in-Chief of Working Woman magazine and in 1996, she joined MSNBC.Com as Managing Editor / East Coast. Povich has received numerous honors, including a 1976 Matrix Ward from Women in Communications for Exceptional Achievement in Magazines and the 2006, Exceptional Woman in Publishing Award from Women in Periodical Publishing. For more information on Lynn, please visit her personal web page at: lynnpovich.com. You can, also, connect with Laura Powers at www.laurapowers.net. You can also find her on facebook and follow her on twitter @thatlaurapowers.