Writing Essentials with Veteran Consultants, Craig & Judy Kellem

Max Timm • June 7, 2016

This is a recording of a live free teleconference dated, May 14, 2016.

The number one marketing tool is MATERIAL THAT WORKS. Be sure you write with fire, push your pages to the absolute limit, and honestly know when your script is ready for submission.

Compelling screenplays are born from writers being able to dig deep, access themselves, what they know, what they care about and then convey it all on the page. No matter what the genre is, from the goofiest lowball comedy to the most serious, high-minded piece of drama, great films effectively explore shared human experiences. We love what hits us in the heart - whether it made us double over laughing or left us in a puddle of tears. But how does one actually do this? How do you take that idea you had at 3am and turn it into material that will be an actual contender? We'll discuss key writing devices that will push you toward that mark.

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