Another Successful Virtual Pitch Challenge

By Karisa Tate • December 12, 2020

Wow! Another Pitch Panel & Pitch Challenge in the books! We were blown away by the submissions this round and it was hard to narrow down our top picks, but first...


One Important Thing Executives Look for in a Pitch:

The biggest thing industry executives are looking for is YOU! What makes you the right person to tell this story? What's your special sauce? What do YOU bring to the table?

Anyone can write a script or come up with an idea, so why you? You want your pitch to feel so personal that the executive(s) you're pitching to can't imagine anyone else writing it. YOUR voice and YOUR UNIQUE perspective are what make you different than every other writer out there, so use that! Explain why you, and you alone, need to tell this specific story. We encourage you to get as personal as possible, because you are the most important part of a successful pitch!

We encourage you to study the below pitches and use them as inspiration the next time you're practicing your own pitch. 

And without further ado, here are the winners and finalists of the ISA Virtual Pitch Challenge.

Virtual Pitch Winners

Jeremy Dehn and Catherine Dale - Beasts Undiscovered 
Leah Bognanni - Not Dead Yet  
Samuel Morrison, Jr. - Second Chance City


Virtual Pitch Finalists

Alan Jenkins - SCOTUS 
Brandon Thomas - One Michelin Star 
Chelsea Totten - Burn It Down  
Christopher Morrison - Blackwood: The Jones Episode 
Connie Weidel - A Little Bit Crazy 
Daniel Shar - Single Family Unit 
Derek Nunn - PARAGON  
Graham Holliday - Dark of the Moon  
Jana Forkel - Z.U.P.E.R. 
Jana Forkel - Symbiosis 
Jonathan Wickremasinghe-Kuhn - Blood Debt   
Jordan Butcher and Jacob Chattman -  SOLUS 
Maria Rotger - Women on Play   
Megan Swertlow - No Overnight Parking   
Michael Klug - Boys 
Nick Black and Michael Cudlitz - The Mortician, Steve   
Sharilyn Kyle - 8Bytes   
Sherry Ficklin - A Girl's Guide to Demon Hunting 
Steven Stiefel and M.E. Ellington - The Harvesting    
Tristan J Shuler - What Even Are You?   
Wendy Wilkins - Tinderbox 


Keep Practicing 

To learn more about pitching, check out some of our past classes and events. And don't forget to keep practicing and perfecting those pitches.

You might not nail your first pitch and remember, that's okay! We're going to have another FREE pitch challenge soon, so check back soon. In the meantime, sharpen up those skills and keep at it. 


A HUGE congrats again to our pitch winners and finalists!

Karisa Tate