2021 FAST TRACK XIII Results

Elena Perez with Ectogirls | Vandon Gibbs with The Divided States of America 
Genre Finalists: 

Picket Charlie by Michael Graf

Chink in the Armor by Andy Jiang
The Divided States of America by Vandon Gibbs
Exiled by Becca Mann
Hire Me, Santa by KT Kerr
Ectogirls by Elena Perez  
Deep East Texas by Rachel Liebling
Honorable Mentions:
Blood At The Root by LaDarrion Williams
Hard Rice by Mary Nguyen
Scorpions by Chris Pittas
Zora & Zizi by Desa Larkin-Boutté

 Top 50 Screenwriters:
5150 by Patti Wall
A Heavenly Christmas by Bryan Farrell
August & Alexandra by Bryan Farrell
Baghdad by the Bay by Michael Weinreb
Bewitiching Hitler: The Coven that Beat the Nazis and Saved the World! by Bob Pondillo
Black Cat by Chris Phillips
Blood at the Root by LaDarrion Williams
Chilmark by Stephen Nolly
Chink in the Armor by Andy Jiang
Debs by Matthew Myers
Deep East Texas by Rachel Liebling
Dreamers by LaDarrion Williams
Ectogirls by Elena Perez
Exiled by Becca Mann
Face On by Justin Best
Flyover by Heather Faris
Gods of the In-Between by Miriam Lyapin
Hard Rice by Mary Nguyen
Hardcore '86 by Chris Pittas
Hire Me, Santa by KT Kerr
Imposter Syndrome by Elizabeth Quinn
In Theatre by Anna Cain
Incarnations by Albert M. Chan
Looking Glass by William Zide
Losers by David Siegel
Maestra by Susan Polk
Ms Hargreaves' Handbook of Unspeakable Horrors by Ed Appleby
Near Death by Carlo and Erin Carere
Noise! by Juliana Del Prete
Occupied Intelligence by Collin Lieberg
Oracle by Holly Holstein
Picket Charlie by Michael Graf
Pieces of Eight by Bruce Leaf
"Possum" by Bob Ingraham
PostScript by Nelson Downend
Sick & Tired by Nelson Downend
Sick Like Me by Jenny Deller
So You Created a Wormhole by Nick Hurwitch
Something to Wine About by Lynn McPherson
The Divided States of America by Vandon Gibbs
The Ghosts of Everbridge Manor by Don Ternyila
The Girl With The Red Hair by Caitlin Gallo and Brittany Harris
The Gradual Deterioration of Walter Twig by Lisa Garvey
The Halloween Club by Gerardo Maravilla
The Mist Among the Trees by Daniel Woburn
The Narcissist and the Psychopath by Chris Pittas
Together by Neal Dhand
Trail of Blood by Fiore DeRosa
Who's Minding Malcolm by Linda Marr
Zora & Zizi by Desa Larkin-Boutté 
2020 FAST TRACK XII Results

Robert Ripley with The Mender | Danielle Nicki with The First White President
Genre Finalists: 

13 Minutes by Yvonne Paulin

Gladiatrix by Paige VanTassell
Everything and Nothing by Denise Meyers
Kate and Ava by Aiko Hilkinger
Saving Mark Twain by Staton Rabin
No Overnight Parking by Megan Swertlow
Persona by Mary Hasavari

Top 50 Screenwriters:
Silver Wings by A.W. Scott
Kate and Ava by Aiko Hilkinger
Suplex by Andy Compton
Sassy Gay Samurai by Bradley Combest
The Lines We Draw by Cat Dale
Wives of Gangsters by Christopher Xiao
Ghouly Tales by Christopher Higginson
Between Us Girls by Courtney Hope Therond
Tree Hugger by Crystal Wood
Veiled Fences by Daniele Dominguez
The First White President by Danielle Nicki
The Body Worker by David Sullivan
Everything and Nothing by Denise Meyers
Noah In Dreamworld by Dillan Cohen
Lady Franklin Rock by Donald Hauka
Wanted by Duane Piedmont
Rock Story by Guil Parreiras
Heavenly Heist by Gwyn Gilliss
Right Hand Man by Hollis Sherman-Pepe
The Last Frontier by Holly Holstein
The Ghosts of Patriot Park by Jack Calk
Queen of the Valley by Jade Parks
Imaginary Children by Janet Stilson
John & Meryl by Jimmy Prosser
Highway to Heck by Joey Day Hargrove
T-Roll by Jordan Friedberg
Menopause Bites by Karen Bryson
Fixing Up by Kristine Eckert
The Black Banshee by Kyla Sylvers
Transference by Mark Spera
Persona by Mary Hasavari
No Overnight Parking by Megan Swertlow
Dance Hall Girls by Melissa Pilgrim
Officer X by Michael Joiner
Middle Age by Myles Hewette
Stalemate by Nat Miles
Frankenstein Unleashed by Neal Wiser
Three Dates With Ben by Oliver Warren
Gladiatrix by Paige VanTassell
La Lechuza by R. E. Hilburn
Dirty Laundry by Rafaella Biscayn & Adam Fried 
A Well-Regulated Militia by Randall Fontana
Atom Bravo by Rob Rex
The Mender by Robert Ripley
INDUSTRxY by Ryan Romer
Saving Mark Twain by Staton Rabin
The President's Daredevils by Tim Fitzharris
Soulfunny by Tonya Vann
13 Minutes by Yvonne Paulin
The Trail by Yvonne Paulin
2020 FAST TRACK XI Results
Julia Skikavich with Survivors: B.S. and Missing Pieces | Kevin Bachar with Tundra Kill
Special Mention:
Val Bodurtha with The Shtick-Up and Making a Killing
Evan Laughlin with Kerry Dunbar
Suzanne Reed with Twice Shy
Joel Buxton with Red Lake Society
Top 50 Screenwriters:
Tundra Kill by Kevin Bachar
Reklaw by Polaris Banks
Star Child: A Fourth Generation by Judy Bednarek
Making a Killing by Val Bodurtha
The Shtick-up by Val Bodurtha
Eilean Mor by Matt Bryan
Jacqueline/Hyde by Matt Bryan
Dirty Hands by Travis Burgess
Red Lake Society by Joel Buxton
One Fateful Encounter by Ray-Alan Cameron
Hurricane Tara by Kyle Curry
Sprinkle Squad by Kristi Dick
Heir Presumptive by Yellowlees Douglas
Lansky's War by Kerry Dye
I'm Your Venus by John Ellis
Lancer's Down by Montgomery Floyd
Tandem by Greg Fortier
The End Times by Greg Fortier
Jubilee by Mason Thomas Freeman
One Nighter by Vandon Gibbs
The Storm by Heather Hamel
The Run by Joseph Harrison
Ice by Stéphanie Joalland
School Nights by John Killoran
Kerry Dunbar by Evan Laughlin
Seven Washington Place by Larry Leinoff
Ecco, Idaho by Christian Lybrook
Zaire by Christian Lybrook
Presidential Legacy by Heather MacArthur
Victoria's Dirty Secret by Heather MacArthur
Black Tiger by Karl Mather
The Great Adventure by Clint Morey
Faster Than Horses by Chris Mul
Fly Girls by Phil Parker
Strange as Angeñs by Akiva Penaloza
Sovereign Citizen by Craig Peters
Bullets Are Blind by Guy Prevost
Taxi Moto by Guy Prevost
Twice Shy by Suzanne Reed
The Westchester Boys by Kevyn Richmond
The Mourning Star by Christopher Salmieri
Leading Edge by A.W. Scott
Missing Pieces by Julia Skikavich
Survivors: B.S. by Julia Skikavich
The Most Hated Man in New York by Josh Sorokach
The Nature of Things by Kelsey Tucker
The Washing Machine by Marshall Uzzle
Trading by Anna Weinstein
Wives of Gangsters by Christopher Xiao
The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele by Paul Zeidman

2019 FAST TRACK X Results
M Elizabeth Eller with Third Party  |  Victoria Lucia with Out of F*cking Time
Special Mention:
Rebecca Jordan Smith with Orientation
Jon Brecto with The Revelation of Desiree Wells
Mike Doyle with Skeletons
Courtney Suttle with Mimic
Nancy Nyman with Social Work
Guy Pooles with Rust
Nora Jaenicke with Whales
Top 50 Screenwriters:
33 Weeks A Prude by Kelly Beck-Byrnes
No Such Thing as Monsters by Tony Abbate
Exabyte by Daniel Abrams
The Vacationers by Grant Taylor & Daniel Lawrence Abrams
Senator Vince Lombardo by Zachary Adams
Bitsy's Labyrinth by Mary Andonian
Kindred Spirits by Malcolm Badewitz
Darryn the Bold and the Sword of Boldness by Justin Best
The Shtick-Up by Valerie Bodurtha
Borderline by Joe Bonito
The Revelation of Desiree Wells by Jon Brecto
Harm's Way by Ted Campbell
Rebel Rebel by Kirsten Chen
Expat by Kris Crenwelge
Companion by John Darbonne
Monsters in Ohio by Mike DeBarr
Adopted by Heather Donnell
Desdemona by Nelson Downend
Skeletons by Mike Doyle
The Variant by Mike Doyle
Cowboy Beach by Trudy Duisenberg
Orson by Jared Egol
Third Party by M Elizabeth Eller
The Story of Garret Johnson by James Everett
Return to Treasure Island by Kerry Glamsch
A War on Terror by Peter Haig
Holy Sh!t by Christian Hearn
The Devil's Breath by Tom Hogan
Whales by Nora Jaenicke
You Got To Move by Nicholas Johnson
Orientation by Rebecca Jordan Smith
Boat People by David Kane
The Tarrytown Saint by Miles Kimball
Pastor Dash by Pearse Lehane
Out of F*cking Time by Victoria Lucia
Down the Baja by Rima Lyn
Faster Than Horses by Chris Mul
Will to Power by Chris Mul
The Buried Truth by Elizabeth Musgrave
Social Work by Nancy Nyman
Rust by Guy Pooles
Prae For The Dead by Ryan Porter
Tattooed Tears by Jim Purdy
Hellgate by Robert Ripley
Tearin' Up My Heart by Laura Sexton
Mimic by Courtney Suttle
Talon by Deborah Syna
Pistil by Kirk Vanderbeek
Lord Have Herschel by Michael Wohl
Justice, Justice by Jack Zafran
2019 FAST TRACK IX Results
Devorah Snively with The Art of Suicide | T Siena with Border Dogs
Special Mention:
Patricia Kullberg with The Abortionist
Melissa Kong with Wonderful World
Nelson Downend with The Divinity Cycle
Merridith Allen with Inside Fight
Lauri Donahue with The Bushwhacker
Top 50 Screenwriters:
Inside Fight by Merridith Allen
The Sound of Rain by Mary Andonian
Bound by Adrienne Arno
Ice by Christine Autrand Mitchell
Shunned by Kevin Bachar
Fits the Crime by Steve Blame
Devil's Game by James Butler
In the Realm of the Fallen by Caroline Carrigan
The Prince of Rails by Caroline Carrigan
The Replacement by Nabil Chowdhary
A Gang of Orphans by Sam Cooke
Anomaly by Philip Denson
Soap Lake by Doug Dilg
The Bushwhacker by Lauri Donahue
The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend
Avalanche by Cody Duckworth
Blessed by Nick Ellis
Outsourced by Tony Ferrendelli
Ardon Park by HS Fishbrook
A Free State by Joel Fishman
The Understudy by Jenna Good
Tinderella by Jane Henning
Transfat by Matthew Kelly
Wonderful World by Melissa Kong
The Abortionist by Patricia Kullberg
Sex Responsibly by Sondra Lacey
Dandelion by Grant Laine
Potter's Ground by Pearse Lehane
Weimar by Ben Maraniss
Three Storeys by Andy Maycock
Blind Fork by Rachel McClard
Looking For Garbo by Jon Miller
Channel Third by Jonathan Murnane
Peculiar Animals by Obiageli Odimegwu
Distortion by Travis Opgenorth
El Aurens by Johnny Pickavance
Ida by Guy Polin
Cold Harbor by Guy Polin
Becoming Terpsichore by Susan Polk
The Empty Sea by David Poulshock
Happy Bus by Mara Powers
Border Dogs by T Siena
Love For Those Who Fall by Genevieve Sipperley
Father Fernando by Anthony Smith
The Art of Suicide by Devorah Snively
Girl Trouble by Devorah Snively
Devotion by Brian Thompson
American Spy by Elena Trueba
Broken Halos by Chris Wivell
For the Method by Les Zig
2018 FAST TRACK VIII Results
CJ Arellano with Case Unsolved | Peres Owino with The Basket Weaver
      Special Mention:   
Josh Auter with S.H.A.R.P.
Elizabeth Dwyer with North Amerikay
Michael Mizrahi & Zoe Warncke with Libertine
Heidi Putallaz with Across the Line
Max Rissman with Hypnotic | Grandpa
Kal Bogdanove & Adrienne Arno with The Devil You Don't
Top 50 Screenwriters:
The Monarch Guild by Jason Ancona
Case Unsolved by CJ Arellano
S.H.A.R.P. by Josh Auter
The Devil You Don't by Adrienne Arno & Kal Bogdanove
Coming Home To Me by Tori Bond
Child Of Cumber by Landis Carrion Aponte
Taxman by Jonathon Cooper
Branded by Meagan Daine
The Case of Stone vs Glass Window by Victor Daniel-Kalio
Christmas Shelter by L Fay Devlin
The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend
North Amerikay by Elizabeth Dwyer
Screener by Kerry Dye
Challenger by Skye Emerson
Walks Like A Man by J. Franklin Evans
Days of Infamy by Saiya Floyd
Sol by James Fox
Fissure | Amazons by Sean Gallimore
The Lucky Ones Drowned | Black Balloon by Jason Goldberg
Trial By Ordeal by Samantha Gordanier
Secret Santa | Maria Santiago | Nala's Heart by Pauline Gray
Scribe | Queen's Gambit | RELO | The Fourth Reich by Christopher Greene
The Contestant by James Hibbard
Finding Alexandria by Sayem Huq
Shrimp by Nicole Jones
Helen on 86th St. by Nicole Kempskie
How To Save Your Own Life by Michael Long
Ivan's Hammer by Ben Maraniss
The Sleeping Life Of Sofia by Marcelo Mayen
Fucking Robots by Emily McGregor
NancyGirl by David McMahon
Eat Dead Bird by Molly Miller
Libertine by Michael Mizrahi
The Masses by Toni Nagy
The Basket Weaver by Peres Owino
Odium by Annika Pampel
Persona by Hussain Pirani
Across the Line by Heidi Putallaz
Converted by Dana Quercioli
Bison Man by Michael Rhodes
Hypnotic | Grandpa by Max Rissman
In The Wolf's Mouth by Mariah Robinson
The Lawsuit by John Rosans
Summery Sometimes by Sasha Siljanovic
Morretti & Jones Publishing and Emergency Plumbing by Steven Snell
The Dreaming by Eric Steele
The Mentor by Andrew Stone and Meredith Levine
Commander by Amanda Treat
A.B. Is An E.T. by Aaron Yarber
Looking Glass by Bill Zide
2018 FAST TRACK VII Results
Ned Farr with Tin Kickers    |     Sean Collins-Smith with End of Life | Lifers Anonymous
Special Mention:
Erin Berry & David Pluscauskas with Crime and Privilege
Nicole Kempskie with Helen on 86th St.
Pearse Lehane with The Lean
Camille Righi with The Ark
Top 50 Screenwriters:
Poly | Sex Curve | Virtually Yours by Merridith Allen
Crime and Privilege by Erin Berry and David Pluscauskas 
Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower
Insurrection by Simon Bowler
King Company by Robert Brickman
Eyes of Eve | Fortress by Dan Bronzite
The Endless Fortune of The Barefoot Ship Breaker by Nick Camacho
Unravelled By Ted Campbell
Reverse the Curse by Patrick Caulfield
Kast From Heaven by Elie Choufany
Lifers Anonymous | End of Life by Sean Collins-Smith
Landscape with Bandits by Richard Crawford
Asomni by Stuart Creque
Blue on Blue by David Dasilma
Dave's New World by Luke Dinsmore
Plugged | Killer Skillset by Geoff Dupuy-Holder
The Madman's Robot Wife by Alex Falzon
Tin Kickers by Ned Farr
Amazons by Sean Gallimore
All the Gallant Men by Ken Gire
FUNeral | Flatwoods | The Caregiver by Jason Goldberg
The Redeemers | Bulldog and Flower by Leonard Harris
The Devil's Breath by Tom Hogan
Life with Rodney by Jabari Howard
Kyla's War by Hank Isaac
Western Approaches by Andrew Judge
Comic Book Kings by Amanda Keener
Helen on 86th St. by Nicole Kempskie
I Think We Missed Our Turn by Chandler Kilgore-Parshall
Dronegames by John Kim
The Most Important Thing by Daniel Kuhlman
Connection by Jace Lacob
The Lean by Pearse Lehane
Boston Marriage: Rallying Cry by Leslie Linder
The Three Lives of Angel Fleming | Quintana by William Lipera
Stringer by Elaine Loh
Envie by James "Doc" Mason
The Eagles of Kandahar By J.D. Mathes
Judge and Jury by Kristopher Miller
Smothered by Emanuel Nisan
Iron Maiden by Travis Opgenorth
The Ark by Camille Righi
Noir | The Tallest, Darkest Leading Man in Hollywood by Tom Powell
Sister Midnight by Evan Price
Love Struck  by Nicole Rodrigues
Burden of Courage by Daron Ross
With Friends Like These | Anxious Panxious by Jason Ryan
Silverton by Richard Schenkman
Trust Issues | The Bigger Story by John Sparano
Teton Reckoning by Debi Yazbeck