Diversity Initiative Selections 2021
Alone, Together
Katie Crone
Grrrls Drool
Brittany Kelly
No Thank You


Honorable Mentions

Braided Love by Chandra Thomas
Chevalier & Antoinette by Deborah Pratt
Daffodil's Guide to Falling Apart by Zoë Hodge
Ghosted by Kate Beacom and Lacey Jeka
Glacier Point by Alan R. Baxter
In Sects by Alishan Valiani
Kaiju Stepson by Minda Wei
On Time by Xavier Burgin
Scam by Taylor Hopkins
SCOTUS by Alan Jenkins
Tenth by Kenyetta Raelyn
The Banner by Ernestina Juarez
The Day After the Day After Tomorrow by Lisa Laureta
Verity's Game by Jennifer Giacalone
Water Tossing Boulders by Mel Mah