Grand Prize Winners

Jewels Proctor - Truth High

Jingjing Tian - Kid C

Mark Bowes - Life During Wartime: Pilot Episode - Nowhere Fast


Adrienne Thorne - Stones

Alex Bright - Revenants

Arnon Shorr - The Golem of Cotopaxi

Bruna Pias - Bonny x Read

Devan Young - In The Hills

Finn Wagstaff - Glenn vs. The Filthiest Woman Alive

J&J Lawson - The Special

Jeffrey Chase - Little Old Ladies

Joel Zhang Jie Pau - Wonders of the Symphony

Jonathan Logan - Danger With Wings

Kate Imy - Uniform

Katie Combs - The Curious Journeys of Samuel Mullins

Natausha Bushell - Scooby's Gone

Norm Fassbender and Katherine Holowach - Quantum Betty - The Plant Thief

Patrice Williams-Marks - The Zetto Equation

Patricia Selznick - The Great Shedding

Patrick Lehe - Our Father

Robin Streichler - Getting Back to Jane

Rod Spence - Straight Up

Sarah Moss - Instant Message

Shane Walsh-Smith - Matchsticks 2.0 (Pilot): Perfect is the Enemy of Special

Simon X. Frederick - Loreful, Good and Evil

Sarah Marie Adamson - What's Best

Tobey Alexander - Timothy Scott: Shadow Island

Yvonne Paulin - The Trail

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Grand Prize Winners

Tommy Garcia - Mergays

Lisa Garvey - The Gradual Deterioration of Walter Twig

Sharilyn Kyle - The Madness in March
Honorable Mentions

Sid Katragadda - Fear

Joshua Maheu - Sugar

Audrey Webb - Dead Name

Daniel Broderick - No Harm, No Foul

Daniel Broderick - Your Wish is My Command

David Chester and Blake Pinter - Tillie
Erin Dooley - Forced

Liisa Evastina - Harvey

Jacobo Fe Gismera - ACE

Naman Gupta and Janki Parekh - Inconvenient Love

Hannah Hendy - Twenty Somethings

Sid Katragadda - Curse

Fredrick Leach - The Hard & Short of It

Teneille Newallo - Soucouyant

T. Siena - Kentucky Blood

Roger Specker - California Motel

Adrienne Thorne - Delivery Route
Adrienne Thorne - Home