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Mar 26, 2019

Fast Track Fellows Announced

Apr 16, 2019


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ISA Fast Track Fellowship




This is the 9th season of the ISA Fast Track Fellowship. When the program launched, we had no idea what impact it would have on our Fellow's careers. But with each passing year we continue to find fresh and original voices to pair up with eight veteran industry mentors for an intense, career-launching week in Los Angeles. After the week is over, our Fellows are invited onto the ISA Development Slate for support from the Development Team for a minimum of a one year! 

Many of our Fellows have signed with top agents, managers and/or had their scripts optioned or purchased. There is no faster path to breaking in than getting on the Fast Track!





Tom Nunan - Co-founder, Bull's Eye Entertainment (Crash)
As a former network and studio president, Nunan has helped both create and oversee entertainment companies including but not limited to: ABC, FOX, NBC-UNIVERSAL and THE CW. As a producer, he cofounded BULL’S EYE ENTERTAINMENT, a company best known for its Oscar-winning film, Crash, along with dozens of other projects. As a consultant, he’s helped guide the way for brands across the entertainment spectrum, such as HBO, SHOWTIME, WARNER BROS., STARZ, CBS-PARAMOUNT, TNT/TBS and others. Nunan created, designed and enacted a new Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) Degree and Curriculum for UCLA in 2016 - entitled the MFA in Television Creating and Production - the first MFA of its kind in the entire University of California system, and the first new MFA at UCLA’s prestigious film school, in over 35 years. 

Wray - Writer (Mad Men, Mindhunter) Producer (Westworld)
Carly Wray is an award-winning television writer, producer, and screenwriter. A graduate of Reed College and USC's School of Cinematic Arts, Wray got her start on Mad Men, where she began as the writers’ assistant and ultimately won a Writers Guild Award for the show's final season. She has since written on The Leftovers and Mindhunter, and received her first Emmy nomination as a writer-producer on season two of Westworld. Wray is currently Co-Executive Producer on Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen. Wray is engaged in a multi-year overall deal at HBO and is the EP and co-creator of You Know You Want This, an anthology series set up at the network about sex, gender, and power. Wray is also the writer and EP of an upcoming feature based on the New York Times Magazine article  "The Incarcerated Women Who Fight California's Wildfires.” Margot Robbie is attached to produce.

Gayle Nachlis - Senior Director of Education at Women in Film (former Talent Agent and Vice President at William Morris)
Currently the Senior Director of Education, Gayle Nachlis joined Women In Film as Executive Director in 2005, following a 29-year career as a Talent Agent and Vice President at the William Morris Agency. When she took the reins at Women In Film, Ms. Nachlis reviewed all programming and conducted surveys of members and industry leaders. As a result, WIF trimmed the ideas that had little traction and created or expanded the programs that are relevant to the community. She broadened WIF's reach with more and better television and new media programs and retooled the Mentoring and Internship Programs to enable accomplished professionals to support and nurture the next generation. Her goal is to provide women with the resources they need to survive and thrive in the industry.

Adam Krentzman - Consultant, Community Outreach at Creative Future (previously agent at CAA)
For 25 years, Mr. Krentzman has been involved with packaging, producing,and arranging the financing on over 50 feature films. As a long time agent at CAA, he knows the entertainment industry landscape. For 20-years Mr. Krentzman served as a motion picture agent representing Hollywood’s top directors, producers,and writers. His clients included: Michael Bay, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Mann, Antoine Fuqua, Jerry Bruckheimer, Sundance Films, and National Geographic. Mr. Krentzman’s current consulting firm works with Creative Future and Fortium Technologies on behalf of all of Hollywood’s anti-piracy efforts. He produced the feature film The Domestics for MGM which was released in July.

Andrew Gerson - Creative Executive at Silent R
Andrew Gerson grew up in the Bay Area and left Northern California to study economics and film at UCLA. After graduating, Andrew took an entry-level position working for Silent R founder Jewerl Ross and was promoted to creative exec in 2017. An avid reader of fantasy epics, detective mysteries, and science fiction, Andrew now reads every script he can get his hands on in search of talented up-and-coming writers. He also attends showcases around Los Angeles and film festivals across the country looking for new directors to collaborate with. In addition to these duties, Andrew manages a year-round internship program and continues to service Silent R’s current clients, some of which include writer/director Barry Jenkins (Moonlight), writer Matt Aldrich (Coco) and director/executive producer Brad Buecker (9-1-1, American Horror Story).

Stephen Emery - Head of Film & TV Acquisitions & Development at The Solution Entertainment Group
Bio and more information to follow.

Niki  Montazaran - Agent at ICM
Bio and more information to follow.

Scott Stoops - Manager at Good Fear Film + Management
Bio and more information to follow.

The Fast Track Experience

Do you have a great script but don't have the access to the industry to move it forward? That's what we're here for. 
The ISA Fast Track Fellowship gives two undiscovered screenwriters a direct line to meet with and be mentored by eight top executives in Los Angeles. We'll fly you to LA and provide you the experience of a lifetime by connecting you to top industry contacts seeking to work with writers like you. The two Fellows will also immediately be invited onto the ISA Development Slate and work directly with the ISA Development Team for an entire year in an effort to Fast Track their careers.

Many more are out to top producers and many of these emerging screenwriters have received representation
as a result of getting onto the Slate. 


  • Melissa Birks signed with The Savage Agency.
  • Andy Byrne’s, commissioned feature re-write is set for production in 2018 with director/producer, Kevin Goetz (Scenic Route). He also signed with Catapult Entertainment Group, and his pilot Disconn is currently under consideration by an A-list actor.
  • Evan Cooper, Top 10 Fast Track screenwriter has signed with manager Kailey Marsh (creator of The Blood List) and is in production on a $2,500,000 film he wrote and will direct.
  • Christopher DeWan signed an option for his TV project with Indomitable Entertainment, which prompted an almost immediate set of pitch meetings at Netflix and BBC America, among many others.
  • Chris Watkins signed with Catapult Entertainment Group and has 2 films in production with name actors.


”As a Fast Track runner-up, the ISA helped me secure my first manager, which ultimately catapulted my career into a full-time, working writer. And they haven’t stopped there. Both Max and Felicity have provided me with indespensable advice, time and knowledge in guiding the Hollywood system. I’m very grateful to have them in my corner, and consider the ISA an integral part in forming my career.”  ~ Evan Cooper, Fast Track II Top 10

“Winning the Fast Track Fellowship gave me more industry exposure in one week than I had in over a decade of writing. A Fast Track mentor sent one of my scripts out to major studios, and I still remain in contact with this producer. I am also currently developing a television show with another Fast Track mentor. If you want to take your writing career to the next level — apply right away!” 
~ David Kushner, Writer/Fast Track Fellow
"My experience with the ISA has been truly amazing. They have been incredibly supportive in the most practical way imaginable - by getting CHARLES DICKENS'S GHOST CLUB directly into the hands of respected production companies who can genuinely get it made. The script has now been optioned by Eclectic Pictures as a direct result of the ISA's tireless efforts."
~ Mark Robertson, Writer/ISA Development Slate Screenwriter.



    • Mentorship Week in Los Angeles featuring 8 meetings with studio and development executives and literary agents
    • Airfare and hotel included
    • Year-long script development and guidance
    • Acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate
    • One-on-one consultation with the Director of Education Max Timm
    • A 12-Month ISAConnect Membership
    • The Craft Course in Screenwriting 
    • Fellowship announcements to various media outlets


With the ISA Fast Track, you win the experience of a lifetime, a launching pad to a career with connections the normally take decades to create. When we fly you to Los Angeles, you'll build relationships that can lead to a paying career doing what you love! The ISA is here to give writers a shortcut to resources, support and experience that will aid in long-term career success. We encourage emerging screenwriters of all levels and backgrounds to apply.


- Add your title, logline and feature or pilot script
- Select the genre and category
- Select Feedback (optional)
- Then submit

SAVE $10 on your 2nd, 3rd or 4th pilot or feature script with application.

As an ISA Fast Track Fellow you'll get to create new relationships and ask burning questions with industry professionals from around Hollywood. Past mentors include those from: 

Mentorship Week: Los Angeles - May 13-17, 2019

To begin your journey as a Fast Track Fellow, you’ll be flown to L.A. for a five-day stay in a beautiful hotel in the heart of Hollywood. Your week kicks off with a meet-and-greet with ISA Director of Development, Felicity Wren, and Director of Education, Max Timm, who will help you get settled into your new role and take you through the week's itinerary. They'll accompany you every step of the way as you have career-changing meetings with top industry mentors in a one-on-one setting. The week is capped off with a party in your honor during the ISA's Third Thursdays.

After your week in LA, you'll receive a Year-Long Script Development & Career Guidance
Once Mentorship Week is done, the real work of the Fellowship begins. You and your script will be championed to industry through the ISA Development Slate, which will push you to our roster of managers and agents for representation and also share your work with production companies and major studios in the hopes of getting your script optioned.

You'll also receive a one-on-one consultation with the ISA’s Director of Education and Founder of The Story Farm, Max Timm, along with a year membership to ISAConnect. With these resources you'll be able to continue improving your Fellow-worthy work, or create a brand new project that we can promote around town. The choice is yours!




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On February 11, 2019 christine inserra said:

When are winners announced?




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On January 21, 2019 George E Brooks said:
you have all these ads and I fell companies like yours no one any good



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On November 16, 2018 Clay Fusco said:
A brash young hooligan ropes a Midwestern general store owner into a plot to kill a legendary bounty hunter after he steals the store owner’s dime novel about the mythic gunslinger.



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On August 09, 2018 Tori Bond said:
HI, I'd like to summit my script for the Fast Track contest, but I don't see if the scripts will be read blind or not. should I leave my name and contact info from the script? Thanks



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On May 16, 2018 Alicia Weil said:


i have just written a novel and self published  it


it can be found on Amazon .com

my question everyone who has read it say it should be a movie

can you help me or advise Thank you

 Alice Wei






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Feedback Type

Additional Fee Added to Entry

  • Intro Feedback (normally $30): $0
  • General Feedback (normally $55): $25
  • Extensive Feedback (normally $115): $85

Feedback Type Description

In this industry, the first twenty pages can mean the difference between a "go picture" and a "go home and try again." Give your writers the advantage with a page (or two) introduction to their script from an outside perspective. We'll map out the direction of the screenplay thus far, and give advice to gently nudge them on the proper course.

Our most popular analysis. The writer will receive a personalized critique based on a thorough read-through of the entire script, up to 120 pages. Whether half-hour pilot or feature film, we'll note our thoughts on everything from the characters and dialogue to pacing, structure, and formatting, and even where the work fits in the marketplace.

Give your writers the in-depth insight of the ISA's working industry professionals. Our Readers will provide 5-6 pages of advanced notes, breaking down every moment and character arc, noting the subtleties that a writer may not have contemplated, and providing a next-level perspective that will empower screenwriters and help script achieve their full potential.


  • Deadlines:  EARLY - December 12     REGULAR - January 10     FINAL - February 12
  • All writers from all countries are welcome to submit to the ISA Fast Track; however, all scripts must be submitted in English, and application fees must be paid in U.S. dollars.
  • Previous Fast Track Fellows may not submit in any future ISA Fast Track Fellowship. 
  • Script must be the original work of the submitting writer and may not be encumbered by any third party.
  • Scripts that have been sold, produced for a profit, or are currently under option are not eligible.
  • Original full-length feature screenplays and TV Pilots only are accepted. Anything else, including but not limited to short scripts or web series, novels, short stories, stage plays, musicals, treatments, synopses, reality show concepts, documentaries, and/or spec scripts for existing TV series are not eligible. Script submissions must be an original screenplay or teleplay.
  • Screenplays adapted from the submitting writer's own self-published books, plays, or other source materials are eligible if the writer retains all rights to the work.
  • Adaptations from other works are permissible provided the writer has written permission by the owner to adapt the material.
  • Adaptations of works in the public domain are permissible.
  • Screenplay submissions must be written by one writer only. Co-written material will not be accepted.
  • Multiple submissions are accepted by one writer, however if one or more screenplays of the same writer tie only one screenplay (the decided “best”) will be selected to determine the chosen "Fellow."
  • The writer understands that script feedback can take up to 90-days turn-around time and may not be received before the end of the final application deadline.
  • The ISA cannot guarantee feedback for your script will be received within enough time to resubmit during the same season.
  • Applicants must submit materials and payment online only.
  • Once a script has been submitted, substitutions of new drafts or corrections may only be accepted within 24 hours of the original application. A revised draft of a script may be accepted after 24 hours if it is entered as a new application with the appropriate fee.
  • Promotional discounts or waivers offered may only be utilized at the time of submission.
  • Promotional discounts or waivers offered may not apply on all submission platforms (i.e. Film Freeway, Withoutabox)
  • If a writer receives a Free Resubmission as part of a Feedback Promotion or otherwise, the Resubmission is valid during the same or the following Fast Track season. Free Resubmissions will not be honored in subsequent seasons.
  • Writers under the age of 18 years old must have parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate.
  • Fellowship applicants must accept without reservation the decisions rendered by the judges.
  • The writer understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to register material to be submitted with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or with the Writer’s Guild of America or the appropriate agency in his/her country.
  • Applicants awarded a place in the Top 50 or chosen as a Fast Track Fellow understand and accept that the ISA will be free to use his/her name and likeness for advertising or promotional purposes without additional consideration.
  • Writers retain the rights to their screenplay.
  • Applicants are non-exclusive to ISA Fast Track and may submit their screenplay to any other person, competition, producer, agent, publisher, and/or organization.
  • No transfer, substitution or cash equivalent for prizes is allowed.
  • Connect Membership gift may only be used within 90 days and may not be combined with any current free membership. 
  • ISA will not be held responsible for mentor meeting cancellations or rescheduling. 
  • If Fast Track Fellows miss or are late to a mentor meeting, the ISA makes no guarantees to reschedule.
  • Length requirements are as follows: 1). Full-Length Features: 70-120 pages. 2). TV Pilots: Up to 70 pages.
  • If applicant orders feedback a $1 per page fee may be charged separately over 120 pages, not including the Title Page, or the reader may only read the first 120 pages.
  • Standard title pages should be included: listing the script title, name of author(s), telephone number, and email address. Applicants will not be disqualified if it is not included.
  • Under no circumstances should the writer include name or contact information within the body of the script.
  • ISA is not responsible for any applicant errors or omissions on any submitted application materials.
  • Synopses, casting suggestions, letters, resumes and photos will not be considered. TV Pilot submissions may include standard supplementary materials, such as lists of recurring characters and future episodes.
  • You accept without reservation that the submitted logline and screenplay will be reviewed by ISA staff and/or panel of Industry Judges for evaluation and that any one of these employees, or judges may have been or may be exploring ideas similar to the submitted material, and the applicant hereby waives any claim that the ISA and FAST TRACK, its staff or judges may have misappropriated any ideas or portions of the submission, logline or screenplay.
  • There are no refunds for any reason after 24 hours from submission. 
  • The writer understands and accepts without reservation that he/she is an independent contractor and that Fast Track Administrators are not responsible for withholding any taxes or payments to any government agency, at any level, be it state, local or federal.
  • To submit your materials and be considered you must agree to the Rules.


Who are the mentors and what can I ask them?
All mentors are listed on the home description page as they are announced and you can ask them anything you like in the meetings. The time is yours, what you make of it is up to you, so plan ahead. You'll spend about 30 minutes - 1 hour with each executive over a 5 day period while in Los Angeles. 

Last Season's Mentors Included:

Matt Coatsworth – Agent, UTA
Karen Kirkland - Abrams Agency, Literary Agent
Tanja Tawadjoh - Head of Development, Black Bicycle Entertainment
Erika Olde-Coggin - Founder, Black Bicycle Entertainment
Pat Verducci - Producer, Writer, Consultant
Richard Wenk - Writer, Producer
Steve Basilone - Executive Producer, Writer
William (Joe) Saunders - Manager and Producer, Old City Entertainment


Can I pitch my project in the meetings?
These are not pitch meetings. Unless they request you to pitch them it is your time to ask question about the industry and build relationships rather than sell your work. You will know after the meeting (or maybe even during) if the mentor is interested in working with you further.

What are the announcement dates?
TOP 50 Considered: March 26, 2019
2 Fast Track Fellows Announced: April 16, 2019

When is Mentorship Week?
May 12-17, 2019

Is it one Feature writer and one TV Pilot writer that is chosen?
No, TV Pilots and Features run together. We are looking for the best writers overall, so feel free to submit both types of scripts as one writer.  

Who pays for the flight and hotel while in Los Angeles?
The ISA will cover your flight from anywhere in the world (up to $500 Domestically and $1,000 Internationally), plus hotel accommodations for 5 days in Los Angeles. 

What if I live in Los Angeles, can I receive cash for the flight and hotel?
You will receive a $250 cash stipend to cover transportation costs, parking and other instead. 

Do you accept submissions via snail mail?
No. In an attempt to be green, we’re not accepting hard copies via the postal service. We’re accepting online submissions and online payments via the ISA website. This includes all major credit cards.

Do I have to submit my script as a PDF?
Yes, and if you aren't sure how to create a PDF our staff is happy to help.

Should I include my title page with my screenplay?
Yes, you should include your title, your name, telephone number and email address.

Can I submit a screenplay under a pen name?

Does my script have to be registered?
No, but we DO recommend registering your work with the WGA and/or the Library of Congress Copyright office.

Does the writer maintain rights to the screenplay?
Yes, always!

Do I receive feedback with my submission?
You can order feedback for an additional fee. Choose your FEE TYPE to make your feedback selection at the bottom of the submission form.
- 1st 20 pages for an additional $35
- Full script with 3 pages of notes: $55
- Full script with 5 pages of notes: $110

When will I receive my feedback?
Your feedback will be emailed to you within 90 days of submitting your script, usually much sooner.

Can I re-submit a rewrite or corrected versions of my script if I haven't ordered feedback?
No, you must submit your screenplay as a new submission for the price of the current deadline fee.

What if I make a mistake and send the wrong script?
If you make a legitimate mistake entering and recognize this within 24 hours, email us here, and we'll send you instructions on replacing your screenplay:

Do I need to submit a logline? Synopsis?
Logline: YES / Synopsis: NO

Do you accept short screenplays?
No, not at this time.

Will my screenplay be accepted if it’s not in the traditional format?
Scripts should be written in standard spec screenplay or teleplay format, set in 12-point Courier font. Scripts should be standard length. 

What's the minimum/maximum permitted page length?
Features: 70 - 120 pages.  TV Pilots: 10 to 70 pages.

My screenplay is longer than 120 pages. Will it be disqualified?
No, but we urge you to stay within the guidelines. It’s rare that a good screenplay requires more than the standard number of pages. 

If I'm over 120 pages and receiving feedback, will my full script be read?
We are forgiving with a 5-page grace, however if you are at 6 or more pages over the maximum, you will be charged $1 for each page over 120 pages. You will be emailed to discuss and billed separately, or you are welcome to just have your feedback done on the first 120 pages of your screenplay at the normal prices.

What genres do you accept, and can I submit with more than one?
We accept all genres. We understand scripts can be categorized in many genres. You are welcome to submit in more than one genre, but another submission fee is required. These are the more common genres: Action/Adventure, Thriller, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy, Drama, Family, Historical, and Horror

Do you accept novels, short stories, stage plays, musicals, treatments or synopses, reality show concepts, documentaries or spec scripts for existing TV series?
No, we’re sorry; we do not. We accept ORIGINAL narrative feature length screenplays and narrative sitcom or hour-long TV pilots only.

Can I submit an adaptation of a book or play?
Absolutely, as long as you have full rights to the material and either are the author or have a written agreement with the author allowing this script to be written and marketed.

Can I submit more than one screenplay?
You sure can and there's a discount if you enter them all at once. Check the fees at time of entry.

Will entering early increase or decrease my chance of being a finalist?
Entering early will neither increase or decrease your chance of being chosen, but it will save you money!

How will I know if you received my script?
You will receive an email confirming your submission immediately upon completing form and payment. If you do not, please email us here:

What if my script is optioned or sold after I submit to Fast Track?
As long as your script was not optioned or sold prior to the date you submitted, you are still eligible.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still enter?
Yes, and we look forward to reading your work. Please just make sure it’s in English. No other languages are accepted at this time.

Any other questions feel free to email us here:

Marnie Mitchell-Lister's Multiple Scripts - Success Through Contest Circuit

Marnie's most recent feature is a road-trip dramedy titled "Memories".  MEMORIES Contest success: 2015 - Top 50 ISA Fast Track Mentor Program2014/15 - Top 5% BlueCat Screenplay Comp (out of 4500 entries)2014 - 2nd Round (top...
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Joshua Keller Katz' "The Secret Of Sleep" places in ISA Fast Track Top 50!

Joshua Keller Katz' first original feature screenplay, "The Secret of Sleep" was selected as one of the top 50 screenplays by the International Screenwriters' Association Fast Track Mentorship Program! Logline: An insomniac repoman...
read more »

Two Screenplays make the 2015 Top 50 Fast Track!

Kevin had two screenplays place in the Top 50 of the ISA Fast Track Fellowship competition! His "elevated" and "emotional" horror screenplay "The Boys Who Cried Wolf" about two young brothers who fake a haunting only to...
read more »

Ballerina Girl Receives "Special Mention" in the ISA Fast Track Fellowship

Out of roughly 1000 entries, Evan Cooper's crime thriller, Ballerina Girl, placed in the top ten screenplays at this year's ISA Fast Track Program, receiving an honorable mention as well. Set in Russia, the story centers around the...
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Matt O'Connell's LOVE'S REMAINS Gets Contest Attention

Matt O'Connell's horror/thriller spec LOVE'S REMAINS has earned the praise of readers and judges across a variety of high-profile contests in 2015. The feature was recognized as a quarterfinalist in the Final Draft Big Break Constest and...
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Julie Livingston's Self Help included in ISA Fast Track Fellowship Top 50

Julie Livingston's single camera TV comedy based on her experiences working as a ghost writer for a famous relationship guru was a named to the 2015 ISA Fast Track Fellowship Top 50.
read more »

Evan Cooper Signs with Manager and Blood List Creator, Kailey Marsh

His original screenplay, Ballerina Girl, caught Kailey's attention shortly after its success in the ISA's Fast Track competition, 2015. Set in Moscow, the story centers around the brutal and mysterious murder of a young ballerina. But...
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Andy Byrne's DISCONN - Top 50 in ISA Fast Track Fellowship III

"Disconn" is the story of Jenna, a woman struggling to fit into her life in a mental utopia where people pay a hive-mind product to manage and medicate their lives. But her attempt to disconnect brings her into conflict with her instincts,...
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Jason Kessler's "Up In Flames" a Top 5 script in ISA Fast Track

Jason Kessler's script "Up In Flames" was honored with a Special Mention as a top 5 script in the 2016 ISA Fast Track Fellowship.  Jason is currently earning a screenwriting MFA at UT Austin, and he previously attended Princeton...
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Competition Results

Writer Neal Wiser has garnered success over the last few years with impressive competition results. His Quantum Effects pilot made the TOP 50 of the ISA Fast Track III Fellowship 2016, 6TH PLACE (of 1400) in Emerging Screenwriters 2015, a...
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ISA 2016 Fast Track Fellowship for DISCONN

The ISA selected Andy Byrne's feature script DISCONN for the 2016 Fast Track Fellowship. "All the ISA team have been fantastic and so incredibly supportive. A special thank you to Felicity and Max for the week spent in LA meeting with...
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Andy Byrne's DISCONN wins 2nd place Table Read My Screenplay- London!

Andy is also a 2016 ISA Fast Track Fellow for Disconn which is currently gaining industry interest. DISCONN is a low-key, social sci-fi following the story of Jenna, a woman struggling to fit into her life in a mental utopia where people pay a...
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'Drone World' by Dianna Zimmerman progresses in two prestigious contests

Diane Zimmerman's screenplay 'Drone World' has been selected in the top 50 in ISA's Fast Track, and made it to the Quarter Finals in Final Draft's Big Break.  
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Trudy Handel has been named a Top 50 finalist in ISA Fast Track Fellowship

Trudy's screenplay, "My Mother's Daughter" has been named a Top 50 finalist in the ISA Fast Track Fellowship IV. In "My Mother's Daughter", a family member's death unleashes an emotional tidalwave in...
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Michael Curtis selected to ISA Fast Track Fellowship - Top 50

'Inheritance', by Michael Curtis, has made the Top 50 in the 2016 ISA Fast Track Fellowship Competition.
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'The Between Place' By Marcus Leighton in top 50 of ISA Fast Track IV

Horror screenplay, 'The Between Place', makes it into the top 50 of ISA's Fast Track Fellowship! Winnters to be announced October 25th. When a boy finds the ability to step between time, slowing time and moving into the empty spaces...
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Quinn's half-hour TV comedy pilot makes Top 50-ISA Fast Track IV

Elizabeth Quinn's half-hour, original TV comedy pilot,  'Loser Says What' has made the Top 50 list for consideration for the 2016 ISA Fast Track Fellowship IV. 'Loser Says What' is about what happens when you hit mid-life...
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Kelly Beck-Byrnes in Top 50 for ISA Fast Track Fellowship

Kelly Beck-Byrnes' comedy Feature film 'Glitches' was accepted into the top 50 in the ISA Fast Track Fellowship
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Chaz Achieves Top 50 status with Animated Adventure Pilot for kids

Chaz Pruchnicki's half-hour adventure pilot,'Fly Away', made it into the top 50 in the ISA's Fast Track Fellowship. This script, set in an engrosing post apocalyptic world, follows the story of a young boy who run away from home to...
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'Beneath Your Eyes' by Dan Rivais top 50 in ISA Fast Track IV

'Beneath Your Eyes' by Dan Rivais finished in top 50 of the ISA Fast Track IV Competition.
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Giancarlo Fusi's TV Pilot 'Hell Hound' is an ISA Fast Track Top 50 Script

'Hell Hound' selected as a Fast Track Top 50 script for the International Screenwriters' Association Fast Track Fellowship out of nearly 1,000 entries. 'Hell Hound' is inspired by the life of iconic Bluesman Robert...
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'Byron, The Pale Rider' Top 50 - ISA Fast Track Fellowship V

Matthew Clingempeel's screenplay 'Byron, The Pale Rider' places in the top 50 in ISA's Fast Track Fellowship V.
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Ted Campbell's 'UNRAVELLED' Top 50 Script ISA Fast Track Fellowship V

Ted Campbell's feature script 'Unravelled' has been selected as one of the Top 50 Scripts in this year’s ISA Fast Track Fellowship V.
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'Mount Pleasant' in the Top 50 Scripts for ISA Fast Track Fellowship

Catherine Dale's pilot 'Mount Pleasant' advanced to the Top 50 Scripts for ISA's Fast Track V Fellowship.
read more »

ISA Fast Track Fellowship Finalist

Screenwriter Tara Hall's hour-long pilot "Privates" makes it to the top 50 of ISA Fast Track fellowship in 2015.
read more »

Ted Campbell selected for the ISA's Top 25 Writers of 2017

Ted Campbell has been chosen as one of ISA's Top 25 Writers of 2017. The decision was based on five primary points and conditions: overall writing talent and presentation of a gift for the craft of screenwriting, project/script success in...
read more »

Christopher DeWan - ISA Fast Track Fellowship

Christopher DeWan wins an ISA's "Fast Track" Fellowship for his TV pilot WUNDERLAND.
read more »

MEDEA, SOUTH CAROLINA selected among TOP 50 for ISA Fast Track Fellowship

Don Thompson's screenplay 'Medea, South Carolina' has moved forward in the TOP 50 for the ISA Fast Track Fellowship.
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David Kushner honored as ISA FAST TRACK FELLOW

David Michael Kushner has been chosen as an ISA FAST TRACK FELLOW for the 2017 ISA FAST TRACK FELLOWSHIP (VI) for his TV Pilot "BLOODLANDS".
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Ben Maraniss's 'Ivan's Hammer' pilot named to ISA Fast Track Top 50.

Ben Maraniss's pilot Ivan's Hammer was named a top 50 selection in the ISA Fast Track Fellowship VI competition. This pilot has also placed as a Quarter-Finalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Competition.
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There are no judges bio linked to this contest.


2019 FAST TRACK IX Results

Devorah Snively
with The Art of Suicide | T Siena with Border Dogs

Special Mention:
Patricia Kullberg with The Abortionist
Melissa Kong with Wonderful World
Nelson Downend with The Divinity Cycle
Merridith Allen with Inside Fight
Lauri Donahue with The Bushwhacker

Top 50 Screenwriters:
(alpha order by last name)

Inside Fight by Merridith Allen
The Sound of Rain by Mary Andonian
Bound by Adrienne Arno
Ice by Christine Autrand Mitchell
Shunned by Kevin Bachar
Fits the Crime by Steve Blame
Devil's Game by James Butler
In the Realm of the Fallen by Caroline Carrigan
The Prince of Rails by Caroline Carrigan
The Replacement by Nabil Chowdhary
A Gang of Orphans by Sam Cooke
Anomaly by Philip Denson
Soap Lake by Doug Dilg
The Bushwhacker by Lauri Donahue
The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend
Avalanche by Cody Duckworth
Blessed by Nick Ellis
Outsourced by Tony Ferrendelli
Ardon Park by HS Fishbrook
A Free State by Joel Fishman
The Understudy by Jenna Good
Tinderella by Jane Henning
Transfat by Matthew Kelly
Wonderful World by Melissa Kong
The Abortionist by Patricia Kullberg
Sex Responsibly by Sondra Lacey
Dandelion by Grant Laine
Potter's Ground by Pearse Lehane
Weimar by Ben Maraniss
Three Storeys by Andy Maycock
Blind Fork by Rachel McClard
Looking For Garbo by Jon Miller
Channel Third by Jonathan Murnane
Peculiar Animals by Obiageli Odimegwu
Distortion by Travis Opgenorth
El Aurens by Johnny Pickavance
Ida by Guy Polin
Cold Harbor by Guy Polin
Becoming Terpsichore by Susan Polk
The Empty Sea by David Poulshock
Happy Bus by Mara Powers
Border Dogs by T Siena
Love For Those Who Fall by Genevieve Sipperley
Father Fernando by Anthony Smith
The Art of Suicide by Devorah Snively
Girl Trouble by Devorah Snively
Devotion by Brian Thompson
American Spy by Elena Trueba
Broken Halos by Chris Wivell
For the Method by Les Zig



2018 FAST TRACK VIII Results

CJ Arellano
with Case Unsolved | Peres Owino with The Basket Weaver
Special Mention:                                              
Josh Auter with S.H.A.R.P.
Elizabeth Dwyer with North Amerikay
Michael Mizrahi & Zoe Warncke with Libertine
Heidi Putallaz with Across the Line
Max Rissman with Hypnotic | Grandpa
Kal Bogdanove & Adrienne Arno with The Devil You Don't

Top 50 Screenwriters:
(alpha order by last name)

The Monarch Guild by Jason Ancona
Case Unsolved by CJ Arellano
S.H.A.R.P. by Josh Auter
The Devil You Don't by Adrienne Arno & Kal Bogdanove
Coming Home To Me by Tori Bond
Child Of Cumber by Landis Carrion Aponte
Taxman by Jonathon Cooper
Branded by Meagan Daine
The Case of Stone vs Glass Window by Victor Daniel-Kalio
Christmas Shelter by L Fay Devlin
The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend
North Amerikay by Elizabeth Dwyer
Screener by Kerry Dye
Challenger by Skye Emerson
Walks Like A Man by J. Franklin Evans
Days of Infamy by Saiya Floyd
Sol by James Fox
Fissure | Amazons by Sean Gallimore
The Lucky Ones Drowned | Black Balloon by Jason Goldberg
Trial By Ordeal by Samantha Gordanier
Secret Santa | Maria Santiago | Nala's Heart by Pauline Gray
Scribe | Queen's Gambit | RELO | The Fourth Reich by Christopher Greene
The Contestant by James Hibbard
Finding Alexandria by Sayem Huq
Shrimp by Nicole Jones
Helen on 86th St. by Nicole Kempskie
How To Save Your Own Life by Michael Long
Ivan's Hammer by Ben Maraniss
The Sleeping Life Of Sofia by Marcelo Mayen
Fucking Robots by Emily McGregor
NancyGirl by David McMahon
Eat Dead Bird by Molly Miller
Libertine by Michael Mizrahi
The Masses by Toni Nagy
The Basket Weaver by Peres Owino
Odium by Annika Pampel
Persona by Hussain Pirani
Across the Line by Heidi Putallaz
Converted by Dana Quercioli
Bison Man by Michael Rhodes
Hypnotic | Grandpa by Max Rissman
In The Wolf's Mouth by Mariah Robinson
The Lawsuit by John Rosans
Summery Sometimes by Sasha Siljanovic
Morretti & Jones Publishing and Emergency Plumbing by Steven Snell
The Dreaming by Eric Steele
The Mentor by Andrew Stone and Meredith Levine
Commander by Amanda Treat
A.B. Is An E.T. by Aaron Yarber
Looking Glass by Bill Zide


2018 FAST TRACK VII Results

Ned Farr
with Tin Kickers      |     Sean Collins-Smith with End of Life | Lifers Anonymous

Special Mention:
Erin Berry & David Pluscauskas with Crime and Privilege
Nicole Kempskie with Helen on 86th St.
Pearse Lehane with The Lean
Camille Righi with The Ark

Top 50 Screenwriters:

(alpha order by last name)

Poly | Sex Curve | Virtually Yours by Merridith Allen
Crime and Privilege by Erin Berry and David Pluscauskas 
Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower
Insurrection by Simon Bowler
King Company by Robert Brickman
Eyes of Eve | Fortress by Dan Bronzite
The Endless Fortune of The Barefoot Ship Breaker by Nick Camacho
Unravelled By Ted Campbell
Reverse the Curse by Patrick Caulfield
Kast From Heaven by Elie Choufany
Lifers Anonymous | End of Life by Sean Collins-Smith
Landscape with Bandits by Richard Crawford
Asomni by Stuart Creque
Blue on Blue by David Dasilma
Dave's New World by Luke Dinsmore
Plugged | Killer Skillset by Geoff Dupuy-Holder
The Madman's Robot Wife by Alex Falzon
Tin Kickers by Ned Farr
Amazons by Sean Gallimore
All the Gallant Men by Ken Gire
FUNeral | Flatwoods | The Caregiver by Jason Goldberg
The Redeemers | Bulldog and Flower by Leonard Harris
The Devil's Breath by Tom Hogan
Life with Rodney by Jabari Howard
Kyla's War by Hank Isaac
Western Approaches by Andrew Judge
Comic Book Kings by Amanda Keener
Helen on 86th St. by Nicole Kempskie
I Think We Missed Our Turn by Chandler Kilgore-Parshall
Dronegames by John Kim
The Most Important Thing by Daniel Kuhlman
Connection by Jace Lacob
The Lean by Pearse Lehane
Boston Marriage: Rallying Cry by Leslie Linder
The Three Lives of Angel Fleming | Quintana by William Lipera
Stringer by Elaine Loh
Envie by James "Doc" Mason
The Eagles of Kandahar By J.D. Mathes
Judge and Jury by Kristopher Miller
Smothered by Emanuel Nisan
Iron Maiden by Travis Opgenorth
The Ark by Camille Righi
Noir | The Tallest, Darkest Leading Man in Hollywood by Tom Powell
Sister Midnight by Evan Price
Love Struck  by Nicole Rodrigues
Burden of Courage by Daron Ross
With Friends Like These | Anxious Panxious by Jason Ryan
Silverton by Richard Schenkman
Trust Issues | The Bigger Story by John Sparano
Teton Reckoning by Debi Yazbeck

2017 FAST TRACK VI Results


David Kushner with Bloodlands      |     Wendy Wilkins with Hometown

Special Mention:

David Johnson with Choke Job
Chris O'Neill with Affection

Aaron Yeung with Darlings

Top 50 Screenwriters:
(alpha order by last name)

Poly by Merridith Allen
The Redemption of Barry Jane by A.K. Anders
Hopeful Soul by Robert Axelrod
Tundra Kill | Ferocity | Edison's Ghosts | To Kill A Saint | The Treasure Kings | Blood Relative by Kevin Bachar
101 Ways to Become a Better Person by Megan Bacharach
4-F by Greg Beck
Wartime Revelations by Carlo Bordone
Mark of Cain by Edward Case
Tulsa '21 by Anita Collins
Blood on the Gold by Dennis DeBon
Default by Hannah Rae Dillon
East of Mecca by Sheila Flaherty
Rumpel by Lisa Garvey
Is Dad Dating Mom? by Alisyn Ghivizzani
Dependents by Ellie Goodman
Amazing Adventures by Jonny Greenwald
The Royal Nonesuch by John Gross
The Forgotten Slaves of Sand Island by Lisa Hagen
Foursome by Brent Hartinger
Afterliving by Dan Hass
The Third Law "Chirality" by Kenny Heidt
The Last Deer by Steven Hoerger
The Motherless Nanny by Sheila Jenca
Children of Hg by Noreen Jenkins
Choke Job by David Johnson
American Mata Hari by Timothy Kestrel
The Islander by Stelana Kliris
Rebellion by Sergio Kopelev
Bloodlands by David Kushner
The Great Pretenders by Jillian Lauren
Shitstorm by David Luz
Ivan's Hammer by Ben Maraniss
The Main America by Antwan McKnight
Statues of Liberty by Dean Mohr
Devil to Pay by Julie Moran
Man of War Pilot by Robbie Norris
Arthur and the Cat by Brian O'Connor
Affection by Chris O'Neill
Dietrich Danzig by John Pisano-Thomsen
13 East by Enrique Posner
Whitestone by Ian Roumain
Gone Postal by Christy Rust
Dreams of the Lovejoys by Peter Shinkle
The Fairy King by Steven Snell
Medea, South Carolina by Don Thompson
Bulldyke by Britain Valenti
Mr. Butterfly by J.R. Wicker
Hometown by Wendy Wilkins
Darlings by Aaron Yeung
Concrete Samurai | Shambhala by Ramon Zapata

2017 FAST TRACK V Results:


Emily Tomson with Artesia      |     Patrick Holden with Helios Rising

Special Mention:
David Johnson with Choke Job
Troy Miller with The Hitch
Ted Campbell with Unravelled


Top 50 Screenwriters:

(alpha order by last name)

The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff by Nancy Bartley
Unravelled by Ted Campbell
Byron, the Pale Rider by Matthew Clingempeel
Eucalyptus |and| Quarry by Ash Corristine
Special by Jay Cundiff
Law of the River by Meagan Daine
Mount Pleasant by Cat Dale
I'm a Window by Ruggero Dalla Santa
A Fish For Rudy by Helen Darvall
The Resistance by Jon Davis
In The Company Of Strangers by Corey Deshon
Testament by Kerry Dye
Ripple by Heather Faris
The Twin Within by Gunnar Garrett
Ripple by Michele Giannusa
Cinderlands - Episode 101: Pilot |and| Dorothy Quinn by Marten Gisby
Dancing on the Elephant by Lisa Hagen
The Boy Who Had Three Arms |and| The Last Mile by Christian J. Hearn
Genuine Article by Lauren Hendler
Helios Rising by Patrick Holden
Over the Moon by Ted Janet
Choke Job by David Johnson
Charles Towne by Alston Jones
A Woman, Untitled by Charles Lane
Ashes In Lima by Jeff Lehman
The Red Girl by Anthony Liakopoulos
Traumatized by Kris Lippert
Epiphany by Wayne Mathias
Enemyway |and| Waikiki by Patricia Meyer
The Hitch by Troy Miller
Delicate Flower by Ryan Moore
Talk Therapy by Thomas Moore
The 49th Day by Craig Peters
Hidden Eyes by Yolanda Powell
Playmates by Rob Putnam
Edge of the Earth by Seth Renshaw
Beneath Your Eyes by Dan Rivais
With Friends Like These by Jason Ryan
Farm Fresh by Jon Schabl
Butterfly Children by Melanie Schiele
Body Blows by Colin Scott
The Ex Factor by Gary Sharp
We Come in Peace by Michael Snow
Hello Love by James Tapp
Artesia by Emily Tomson
Huckster by Benjamin Tsai and Jess Kroll
The Indestructible Light of Rose Lewis by Melissa Vitello
Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1 by Bill Walker
Boxed In by Matthew Walker
Sheltered by Brad Waskewich


2016 FAST TRACK IV Results:


Hennah Sekandary with 48 Hour Fire      |      Adam Fidler with Etched in Stone: Forged


Special Mention (in alpha order by script):


Matthew Schutt with Convergence

Ron Peer with Donuts with Jerry

Susan Turley with The Frozen Lakes 

Vicki Peterson with Zoe and the Zebra


Top 50:


48 Hour Fire by Hennah Sekandary
Autopilot by Sam Butler
Bad Grapes by sasha siljanovic
Beneath Your Eyes by Dan Rivais
Biddies by Andrew Babick
Binge by James Mason
Bridge Keepers Pilot: Semmum Pretium by Breanna Barton-Shaw
Bronte by Yolanda Powell
Callisto by Robert Fagin
Convergence by Matthew Schutt
Cryptomeria by Blair Donahue
Darlings by Aaron Yeung
Donuts with Jerry by Ron Peer
Drone World by Dianna Zimmerman
End of Days by Sonja Verpoort
Escape from Sudan by antoine tardif
Etched in Stone: Forged by adam fidler
Eve by Angela Bourassa
Fabulous Disaster by Michelle Cutler
Fly Away by Chaz Pruchnicki
Galpagos by Lukas Hassel
Gitches by kelly byrnes
Good Guy with a Gun by Tyler McMahon
Henry Wallace by Michael Long
Hunters Pointe by Scott Liapis
In the Picture by Alex Benedon
Inheritance by Michael Curtis
Intelligents - Pilot by Scott Reynolds
Last Resort by George Covic
Loser Says What by Elizabeth Quinn
Lucidity by David Sueiro
Medicine Show by Christina Wollerman
Melodrama by Dustin McManus
My Mother's Daughter by Trudy Handel
Party Killer by Robert Fagin
Rise Of The Sun by James Visconti
Salt and Her Skin (Pilot Episode) by Michael Easton
That Bitch Is On the Patio by Anthony Giambusso
The Amazing Doctor O by Nancy Ellis
The Between Place by Marcus Leighton
The Chair by Richard Long
The Consultant by David Fairhurst
The Courage Inside by Melissa Emery
The Frozen Lakes by Susan Turley
The Same Face by Erik Santos
The Storm King by Vin Morreale
Through the Glass Darkly by Lauren Fash
Touts by Claire McGowan
Underground by Ted Campbell
Zoe and the Zebra by Vicki Peterson 



2016 FAST TRACK III Results:

Lily Mercer with No More Heroes      |      Andy Byrne with Disconn

Special Mention:

Steen's Folly by Jeffrey Gold 

Waterloo by Chuck Griffith

Up in Flames by Jason Kessler

Top 50 Screenplays:

A Vision Of Angels by Timothy Jay Smith

Absolution by Brian Gerber

Across The Pond by Andrea Harding

Affection by Chris O'Neill

Big Red by Brennig Hayden

Blue Death by Pamela Kay

Braid by Mitzi Peirone

Brights by Edward Klau

Disconn by Andy Byrne

Escaping Bellview by James Kicklighter

Finding Distance by Jodi Levitan

Ganbaru by Todd Maetani

Get Lost by Daniela Amavia

Glimpse by Glenn Acosta

Greek Surf by Jeanmarie Fenrich

Hell Hound: The Legend Of Robert Johnson by Giancarlo Fusi

Life As An Island by Ben Morton

Mexican/American by Michael Hahn

Misprints by Adam Preston

Modern Day Moses by Judy Nogg

Musashi & The Geisha by Stephen Kelly

Nate Of America by Robert Wooldridge

Nellie Bly: Reporter At Large by Lily Mercer

Neuro Confinement by Rory White

No More Heroes by Lily Mercer

Once Upon His Shoe by Pamela Kay

Quantum Effects - Pilot: My First Time by Neal Wiser

Quarterback Queen by Larry Woldenberg

Rebels by Alexandra Swenson

Saving Liberty by Harvey Yazijian

Silver Alert by Deana Costner

Six Letter Word by Lisanne Sartor

Sovereign Citizen by Craig Peters

Spirit Of Revenge by Paul Myerberg

Spirited Encounter by Kathy Meyer

Steen's Folly by Jeffrey Gold

Taking Christmas by Kyle  Wilson

Talk Show Host by Jake Blandford

The 49th Day by Craig Peters

The Aviatrix by Stephen Kelly

The Creed by Charles Fisher

The Elixir Of Pablo Garcia by Brian Gerber

The Empty Sea (aka The Fix) by David Poulshock

The Fossetts by Roman Howell

The Jungle by Rachel Beard

The Summer I Shrank My Grandmother by Anita Brandt Burgoyne

Up In Flames by Jason Kessler

Wake, Willow Dragon by Nell Scannon

Waterloo Pilot by Chuck Griffith

With All Deliberate Speed by Marcus Herzberg

2015 FAST TRACK II Results:

David Baugnon with The Messiah Project      |      Christopher DeWan with Wunderland

Special Mention:

7th Son by William Maurer

Ballerina Girl by Evan Cooper

Incurable by Jeff York 

Live From Mars by Christopher DeWan 

Sabira’s Awakening by Marcus Herzberg 

Sleeping Beauty by Tony Boland 

The God Box by Bill Karl  

The Puppy Cure by Michael Compton

Top 50 screenplays:

7th Son by William Maurer
A Fire in the Mind by Ken White
An Honorable Profession by Andrew Irvine
Ballerina Girl by Evan Cooper
Case of Darkness by Stephen Hoover
Chaos by Kevin Taft
Confessions by Stephen Hoover
Grace by Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel
Hollywoodland by Andy Froemke
In The Cut by William Maurer
Incorruptible by Levi Bailey
Incurable by Jeff York
Last Train Home by Greg Vellante
Little GPS by John Kim
Live From Mars by Christopher DeWan
Lorenzo's Passion by Kathleen Twomey Wahed
Love's Remains by Matthew O'Connell
Nate of America by Robert Wooldridge
Never Stop Living by Bryan Caron
Nineveh by Rob Jacobsen
Private by Tara Hall
Sabira's Awakening by Marcus Herzberg
Saving Alleluia by Anne Katherine
Self Help, "Pilot" by Julie Livingston
Sight by Chance Muehleck
SkyBurner by David Baugnon
Sleeping Beauty by Tony Boland
Solomon's Bane by Helena Derett
Sugar Daddy by Michael Compton
Sugar Land by R.B. Ripley
Thaw by A.C. Abbott
The Book of Revenge by David Miller
The Boys Who Cried Wolf by Kevin Taft
The Choir by Luke Birch
The Contest by Andrew Irvine
The Fallout by Andrew Stylianou
The God Box by Bill Karl
The Messiah Project by David Baugnon
The Night Witches by Steven Prowse
The Puppy Cure by Michael Compton
The Sins of Lucky Foster by Greg Vellante
The Soul of the Murdered Kingdom by Wiktor Grodecki
The Untamed by Clayton Emery
Through the Cracks by David Rocchio
Tiger in the Woods by James McNulty
Torpedo Run by Farrin Rosenthal
Tree of Lies by William Simon
Two Entangled by Dawn LeFever
Wonderland by Daniel Baig
Wunderland by Christopher DeWan