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Dec 09, 2021


ISAConnect $34


Jan 06, 2022


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Feb 10, 2022


ISAConnect $74

Early Deadline: December 9th

The ISA Fast Track Fellowship gives two screenwriters a direct line to be mentored by eight top level agents, managers, producers and executives during a week of meetings. After the Fast Track Week, the fellows will automatically be accepted onto the ISA Development Slate where the ISA and our VP of Development will champion them and their script to industry contacts for a full year!

Seven Genre Top Selections will receive $500 cash each, be evaluated for acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate and go on to be considered for the two Fast Track Fellowships. We are looking for the freshest, most original, and most personal writing in all of these genre categories:

All are welcome to apply! Our mission, as always, is to shine a light on the best undiscovered writers in the world with a special focus on talented writers who are typically underrepresented in the industry. In order to find those unique and original voices, we need to read their work. To that end, we highly encourage all diverse voices to submit. We have our eye on the future of this industry and are genuinely looking to amplify those stories.

7 Top Genre Selections

















Finalist & Fellowship Benefits

2 Fast Track Fellows

8 Industry Meetings

    • Eight general meetings with studio / development executives & literary agents
    • A pitch consultation
    • The opportunity to pitch to executives during the ISA Pitch Panel
    • Year-long script development and guidance
    • Acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate
    • A 12-Month ISAConnect Membership
    • Fellowship announcements to media outlets
    • Selected from 7 Top Genre Selections

7 Top Genre Selections

$500 Each

Top 50

Fellowship Consideration

Fast Track Fellows Meet with
8 Agents, Managers, Producers and Execs

This season's mentors to be announced. Last season's included:

Writer/Director/Executive Producer of "Insecure", Amy Aniobi
Literary Agent at Paradigm Talent Agcy, Olivia Falletti
VP of Scripted Development at Nickelodeon, Brittany Cope
Literary Manager at Gramercy Park Entertainment, Mitchell Bendersky
Writer/Producer, Gina Lucita Monreal
Literary Manager at Emperical Evidence, Daniel Seco
CAA Agent, Allie Cohen
Writer/Director/Producer, Leone Marucci


Amy Aniobi: Writer/Director/Executive Producer of "Insecure"

Amy Aniobi is a writer, director and Executive Producer on HBO’s Emmy-nominated comedy, “Insecure,” starring Issa Rae. She also served as showrunner/head writer/EP for season one of HBO stand-up special “2 Dope Queens,” and she has multiple projects in development, including three projects at HBO and HBO Max and two features set up at Universal. Amy recently directed the short film, "Honeymoon," which explores a new Nigerian couple's arranged marriage. She also co-created, co-directed and starred in the web series, “Lisa and Amy Are Black,” created the web series, “The Slutty Years” and wrote for both seasons of “Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.”

Olivia Falletti: Literary Agent at Paradigm Talent Agency

Brittany Cope: VP of Scripted Development at Nickelodeon

Brittany started her entertainment career working at DreamWorks SKG in the casting department covering animated and live action features and television. She then moved into television development at Amblin TV before joining the Comedy Development team at ABC Network. While at ABC working on broadcast development she also took over responsibilities building, developing and programming for the network’s digital platform. Before joining Nickelodeon she spent a few years leading development at Abominable Pictures. Some of her favorite projects include, How To Train Your Dragon, The Croods, The Americans, Speechless, Blackish, American Housewife, Fresh Off the Boat, All That, Are You Afraid of the Dark, The Barbarian and The Troll, and many more. Brittany is originally from Portland, Oregon and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otterbein University in 2008. 

Mitchell Bendersky: Literary Manager at Gramercy Park Entertainment

Mitchell is currently a Manager at Gramercy Park Entertainment, and worked at Marvel and WME prior to that. He was born and raised in Los Angeles to Belarussian immigrants and graduated from UCLA in 2016. 

Gina Lucita Monreal: Writer, Producer 
After earning her MFA in USC’s Writing for Screen & Television Program, Gina participated in the CBS Writers’ Mentoring Program, NBC’s Writers on the Verge, and the Disney/ABC Writing Fellowship.  She previously wrote for ABC’s Brothers & Sisters and recently completed her ninth season as a writer/producer on the CBS drama NCIS.  When Gina isn’t telling stories for work, she’s telling them at home to her two children. 
Daniel Seco: Literary Manager, Empirical Evidence

A former sports journalist covering U.S. Soccer, MLB, and the NBA, Daniel Seco began his Hollywood career in 2013 at Resolution. He joined CAA in 2014 where he worked in the motion picture literary department before venturing into literary management on the feature side at Writ Large in 2015 as a coordinator/junior manager. A series of consulting jobs including a stop at Netflix in its Original Film department gave way to Seco joining Schemers Entertainment as a literary manager in 2018. Currently, Seco is a literary manager and partner at Empirical Evidence, a literary creative company founded by Derrick Eppich. Seco is a proud graduate of the University of Maryland and the University of Florida as well as a cancer survivor.

Allie Cohen: Agent, CAA

Leone Marucci:
Leone is currently producing THE INHABITANT, a horror thriller starring Odessa A’zion, Leslie Bibb, Dermot Mulroney and Lizze Broadway. Leone launched a career in Hollywood by assisting in special fx, costume and art departments on the films THE TRUMAN SHOW, BLADE, and ANACONDA respectively. Leone independently wrote, produced and directed MEDDLE AND STEAL, a stylish short film that received the unique honor of both Best Action Film and Best Screenplay by the NY International Independent Film & Video Festival. Subsequently, Leone faced many commercial opportunities producing and directing campaigns for companies including Disney, MTV, NFL, Taco Bell, Guess, highlighted by completing a national spot for the renowned fashion company.

Fast Track Week:
May 23-27, 2022

The week kicks off with a meet-and-greet with ISA VP of Development, Felicity Wren, and Creative Executive, Jerren Lauder, who will take the fellows through the week's itinerary. They'll accompany them every step of the way as they have career-changing meetings with top industry mentors in a one-on-one virtual setting. The week is capped off with the ISA's Virtual Pitch Panel, where the fellows will be spotlighted and have the opportunity to pitch to another panel of industry execs.


No Faster Path to Breaking In

Fast Track Fellows are automatically accepted onto the
ISA Development Slate for a full year of support. The ISA Development team works tirelessly to promote fellows and their scripts, and as a result, many have signed with top agents, managers and/or had their scripts optioned or purchased.

Over 80 scripts on the Slate have been produced or optioned.


When You Apply for the ISA Fast Track




Normally $39

    • A 1-2 page examination of your script's 1st 20 pages.
    • Perfect for writers looking to enrich their character introductions, tighten their first act, and hook readers with a clear style.
    • Provides a snapshot of how your work would be received at the studio level.




Normally $69

    • Up to 3 pages of notes covering your entire screenplay.
    • Receive actionable criticism to expand upon your narrative's existing strengths and identify any potential concerns.
    • Refine your work's characters, dialogue, plot, structure and formatting.



Normally $199

    • Up to 5 pages of notes covering your entire screenplay.
    • A Full Review plus a "pass" or "consider".
    • If "consider" then you'll receive a 2nd review by the ISA VP of Development.
    • Projects that receive an 'Accept' during the second read will be invited to join the ISA Development Slate.


Second Round Selections

Mar 08, 2022

Top 50

Mar 24, 2022

Fellows & Top Genre Selections

Apr 05, 2022


Who are the mentors and what can I ask them?
All mentors will be listed on the home description page as they are announced, and you can ask them anything you like in the meetings. The time is yours, what you make of it is up to you, so plan ahead. You'll spend about 30 minutes - 1 hour with each executive over a 5 day period.

Can I pitch my project in the meetings?
These are not pitch meetings. Unless they request you to pitch them, it is your time to ask question about the industry and build relationships rather than sell your work. You will know after the meeting (or maybe even during) if the mentor is interested in working with you further.

When are the deadlines?
Early: Dec. 9, 2021 | Regular: Jan. 6, 2022 | Final: Feb. 10, 2022

What are the announcement dates?
Second Round: Mar. 8, 2022
Top 50: Mar. 24, 2022
Genre Top Selections: Apr. 5, 2022
Fast Track Fellows: Apr. 5, 2022

When is Fast Track Week?
May 23-27, 2022

Are the meetings in person?
During Covid and/or until further notice, all meetings will be virtual. Believe it or not, this has been very successful. Our past fellows both had scripts requested by a number of the mentors, including Lit Manager Matt Prater and MGM Development Exec. Sandino Moya-Smith. The world has gone virtual.

Is it one Feature writer and one TV Pilot writer that is chosen?
No, TV Pilots and Features run together. We are looking for the best writers overall, so feel free to submit both types of scripts as one writer.  

Do you accept submissions via snail mail?
No. In an attempt to be green, we’re not accepting hard copies via the postal service. We’re accepting online submissions and online payments via the ISA website. This includes all major credit cards.

Do I have to submit my script as a PDF?
Yes, and if you aren't sure how to create a PDF our staff is happy to help.

Should I include my title page with my screenplay?
Yes, you should include your title, your name, telephone number and email address.

Can I submit a screenplay under a pen name?

Can I submit with a co-writer?
Yes. Prizes will be issued per project, not based on the number of writers.

Does my script have to be registered?
No, but we DO recommend registering your work with the WGA and/or the Library of Congress Copyright office.

Does the writer maintain rights to the screenplay?
Yes, always!

Do I receive feedback with my submission?
You can order feedback for an additional fee. Choose your FEE TYPE to make your feedback selection at the bottom of the submission form.
- 1st 20 pages for an additional: $29 (Normally $39)
- Full script with 5-6 Pages of Notes: $59 (Normally $69)
- Development Evaluation: $99 (Normally $199)

When will I receive my feedback?
Your feedback will be emailed to you within 90 days of submitting your script, usually much sooner.

Can I re-submit a rewrite or corrected versions of my script if I haven't ordered feedback?
No, you must submit your screenplay as a new submission for the price of the current deadline fee.

What if I make a mistake and send the wrong script?
If you make a legitimate mistake entering and recognize this within 24 hours, email us here, and we'll send you instructions on replacing your screenplay:

Do I need to submit a logline? Synopsis?
Logline: YES / Synopsis: NO

Do you accept short screenplays?
No, not at this time.

Will my screenplay be accepted if it’s not in the traditional format?
Scripts should be written in standard spec screenplay or teleplay format, set in 12-point Courier font. Scripts should be standard length. 

What's the minimum/maximum permitted page length?
Features: 70 - 120 pages.  TV Pilots: 10 - 70 pages.

My screenplay is longer than 120 pages. Will it be disqualified?
No, but we urge you to stay within the guidelines. It’s rare that a good screenplay requires more than the standard number of pages. 

If I'm over 120 pages and receiving feedback, will my full script be read?
A $1 per page fee may be charged separately over 120 pages (not including the Title Page) on feedback orders, or the reader may only read the first 120 pages.

What genres do you accept, and can I submit with more than one?
We accept all genres. We understand scripts can be categorized in many genres. You are welcome to submit in more than one genre, but another submission fee is required. These are the more common genres: Action/Adventure, Thriller, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy, Drama, Family, Historical, and Horror.

Do you accept novels, short stories, stage plays, musicals, treatments or synopses, reality show concepts, documentaries or spec scripts for existing TV series?
No, we’re sorry; we do not. We accept ORIGINAL narrative feature length screenplays and narrative sitcom or hour-long TV pilots only.

Can I submit an adaptation of a book or play?
Absolutely, as long as you have full rights to the material and either are the author or have a written agreement with the author allowing this script to be written and marketed.

Can I submit more than one screenplay?
You sure can, and there's a discount if you enter them all at once. Check the fees at time of entry.

Will entering early increase or decrease my chance of being a finalist?
Entering early will neither increase or decrease your chance of being chosen, but it will save you money!

How will I know if you received my script?
You will receive an email confirming your submission immediately upon completing form and payment. If you do not, please email us here:

What if my script is optioned or sold after I submit to Fast Track?
As long as your script was not optioned or sold prior to the date you submitted, you are still eligible.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still enter?
Yes, and we look forward to reading your work. Please just make sure it’s in English. No other languages are accepted at this time.

Any other questions feel free to email us here:


  • Deadlines:  Early: Dec. 9, 2021 | Regular: Jan. 6, 2022 | Final: Feb. 10, 2022
  • During Covid and/or until further notice, all mentor meetings will be virtual.
  • All writers from all countries are welcome to submit to the ISA Fast Track, however all scripts must be submitted in English, and application fees must be paid in U.S. dollars.
  • Previous Fast Track Fellows may not submit in any future ISA Fast Track Fellowship. 
  • Script must be the original work of the submitting writer and may not be encumbered by any third party.
  • Scripts that have been sold, produced for a profit, or are currently under option are not eligible.
  • Original full-length feature screenplays and TV Pilots only are accepted. Anything else, including but not limited to short scripts or web series, novels, short stories, stage plays, musicals, treatments, synopses, reality show concepts, documentaries, and/or spec scripts for existing TV series are not eligible. Script submissions must be an original screenplay or teleplay.
  • Screenplays adapted from the submitting writer's own self-published books, plays, or other source materials are eligible if the writer retains all rights to the work.
  • Adaptations from other works are permissible provided the writer has written permission by the owner to adapt the material.
  • Adaptations of works in the public domain are permissible.
  • Co-written material will be accepted. However, any and all prizes issued will be based on a single applicant. Both writers can attend and participate in mentor meetings.
  • Multiple submissions are accepted by one writer, however if one or more screenplays of the same writer tie, only one screenplay (the decided “best”) will be selected to determine the chosen "Fellow."
  • The writer understands that script feedback can take up to 90-days turn-around time and may not be received before the end of the final application deadline.
  • The ISA cannot guarantee feedback for the submitted script will be received within enough time to resubmit during the same season.
  • Applicants must submit materials and payment online only.
  • Once a script has been submitted, substitutions of new drafts or corrections may only be accepted within 24 hours of the original application. A revised draft of a script may be accepted after 24 hours if it is entered as a new application with the appropriate fee.
  • Promotional discounts or waivers offered may only be utilized at the time of submission.
  • Promotional discounts or waivers offered may not apply on all submission platforms (i.e. Film Freeway)
  • If a writer receives a Free Resubmission as part of a Feedback Promotion or otherwise, the Resubmission is valid during the same or the following Fast Track season. Free Resubmissions will not be honored in subsequent seasons.
  • Writers under the age of 18 years old must have parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate.
  • Fellowship applicants must accept without reservation the decisions rendered by the judges.
  • The writer understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to register material to be submitted with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or with the Writer’s Guild of America or the appropriate agency in his/her country.
  • Applicants awarded a place in the Top 50 or chosen as a Fast Track Fellow understand and accept that the ISA will be free to use his/her name,likeness and voice for advertising or promotional purposes without additional consideration.
  • Writers retain the rights to their screenplay.
  • Applicants are non-exclusive to ISA Fast Track and may submit their screenplay to any other person, competition, producer, agent, publisher, and/or organization.
  • No transfer, substitution or cash equivalent for prizes is allowed.
  • The ISAConnect Membership gift may only be used within 90 days and may not be combined with any current free membership. 
  • ISA will not be held responsible for mentor meeting cancellations or rescheduling. 
  • If Fast Track Fellows miss or are late to a mentor meeting, the ISA makes no guarantees to reschedule.
  • Length requirements are as follows: 1). Full-Length Features: 70-120 pages. 2). TV Pilots: Up to 70 pages.
  • If applicant orders feedback a $1 per page fee may be charged separately over 120 pages, not including the Title Page, or the reader may only read the first 120 pages.
  • Standard title pages should be included: listing the script title, name of author(s), telephone number, and email address. Applicants will not be disqualified if it is not included.
  • Under no circumstances should the writer include name or contact information within the body of the script.
  • ISA is not responsible for any applicant errors or omissions on any submitted application materials.
  • Synopses, casting suggestions, letters, resumes and photos will not be considered. TV Pilot submissions may include standard supplementary materials, such as lists of recurring characters and future episodes.
  • The writer accepts, without reservation, that the submitted logline and screenplay will be reviewed by ISA staff and/or panel of Industry Judges for evaluation and that any one of these employees, or judges may have been or may be exploring ideas similar to the submitted material, and the applicant hereby waives any claim that the ISA and Fast Track, its staff or judges may have misappropriated any ideas or portions of the submission, logline or screenplay.
  • There are no refunds for any reason after 24 hours from submission. 
  • The writer understands and accepts without reservation that he/she is an independent contractor and that Fast Track Administrators are not responsible for withholding any taxes or payments to any government agency, at any level, be it state, local or federal.
  • By submitting to this fellowship, the writer's email address will be added to the contest database as well as the International Screenwriters' Association newsletter for weekly updates, contest promotions and other notifications. The writer may unsubscribe at any time. 
  • It is our full intention to fulfill all prizes as posted. However, due to an unlikely event, act of God or other, we reserve the right to update or edit prizes.
  • The Fellow will be recorded during interviews and the pitch panel, and the ISA has the right to use their name, likeness and voice for educational and promotional purposes.
  • To submit materials and be considered, the writer must agree to the Rules.