Registration Fee $40


Regular Deadline:

Apr 24, 2018

Late Deadline:

May 08, 2018


Regular Deadline
  • Standard Entry $40
  • ISAConnect Entry $35
Regular Deadline
  • Standard Entry $40
  • ISAConnect Entry $35
Regular Deadline
  • Standard Entry $40
  • ISAConnect Entry $35
Regular Deadline
  • Standard Entry $40
  • ISAConnect Entry $35


Category winners announced

Jul 01, 2018

Overall winners announced

Aug 12, 2018

The Indie Gathering International Film Festival


Our mission is to inspire and encourage writers through a competitive showcase, while presenting a great networking opportunity for everyone involved in the industry.


Awards up to 4th place in each category, plus honorable mention. Attending winners receive trophies or plaques. Grand champion belt to best overall script. Non-attending winners receive award certificates by e-mail.

2018 Sponsored Awards TBA

Our 2017 awards were: 
-Trophies and plaques to attending winners. E-certificates to non-attending winners. 
-Championship belts to: Overall Best Film, Overall Best Script, Viewer's Choice Award. 
-Top 3 scripts (best feature/best short/best pilot or series) receive copies of Movie Outline 3.0 from Nuvotech 
-Top 13 feature scripts receive free listings on InkTip 
-Top 3 films receive free listings on InkTip 
-Top 5 scripts receive SellAScript listings 
-1st place short script winners receive complimentary consultation services from WeFixYourScript.com

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International Screenwriters' Association

We are squarely focused on supporting emerging screenwriters in their professional growth by providing nearly every tool and resource available in the industry. It's our express goal to support writers of any level or background, who are proactive in developing their careers and are willing to learn from the insights and expertise of our community members. Screenwriting takes perseverance. The harder you work, the better this site will work for you.

Feedback Type

Additional Fee Added to Entry

  • ISA Introductory Feedback: (1-2 pages of notes): $30
  • ISA General Feedback: (2-3 pages of notes): $55
  • ISA Extensive Feedback: (5-6 pages of notes): $125

Feedback Type Description


In this industry, the first twenty pages can mean the difference between a "go picture" and a "go home and try again." Give your writers the advantage with a page (or two) introduction to their script from an outside perspective. We'll map out the direction of the screenplay thus far, and give advice to gently nudge them on the proper course.


Our most popular analysis. The writer will receive a personalized critique based on a thorough read-through of the entire script, up to 120 pages. Whether half-hour pilot or feature film, we'll note our thoughts on everything from the characters and dialogue to pacing, structure, and formatting, and even where the work fits in the marketplace.


Give your writers the in-depth insight of the ISA's working industry professionals. Our Readers will provide 5-6 pages of advanced notes, breaking down every moment and character arc, noting the subtleties that a writer may not have contemplated, and providing a next-level perspective that will empower screenwriters and help script achieve their full potential.



When submitting your project, please e-mail us with your project information and genre selection at Kristina@WorldEOnline.com. This must be received by e-mail to ensure your submission goes into the proper judging category. Please include your project name and tracking number in the e-mail. Filmmakers, please also note if your film is a student project. Please note that we may, in our own discretion, move your project into a different genre if we feel it is a better fit for that genre. This does not happen often, but we want to ensure your project is in the right category. However, we still need your selected genre e-mailed to us. Please select only ONE.


Script Genres: Action / Comedy / Comedy-Romantic / Drama / Drama-Comedy / Drama-Crime / Drama-Romantic / Family / Fantasy / Horror / Horror-Comedy / Martial Arts / Sci-Fi / Suspense-Thriller / TV Pilot / Web episode / Western

There are NO restrictions as to when your script was completed or where it has been released. Anyone may enter the competition. All entries must receive an average score of 90 or above in the judging process to qualify for award placement.

We do not grant submission fee waivers under any circumstance.

Please note, if your project qualifies for an award, you or a direct representative from your project must be in attendance at the festival in order to receive any physical awards. Non-attending winners will be e-mailed award certificates after the event.

All submissions - whether accepted or not - come with ONE complimentary 4-day event pass to the festival. Any additional passes must be purchased in advance or at the door.

You may withdraw your submission at any time, but there are no refunds on submissions.


There is no restriction on when the script was written.

There is no restriction on submitting scripts that have won awards at other festivals.

You may submit your screenplay for a film that has already been produced or is in production.

Scripts must be written in English as their original language.

There are no success stories linked to this contest. Please ask writers to tag your contest in their Success Stories so that you can brag about the great things happening with your contest and the writers you are helping.

There are no judges bio linked to this contest.