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Third Thursdays with the ISA - Boston


Join us for Third Thursdays with the ISA - Boston, a monthly mixer for screenwriters and the entire film and television community. Mingle with fellow screenwriters, meet film and television industry professionals, and win screenwriter door prizes all in a fun, casual atmosphere.

This event is free and open to all. All members of the greater Boston film and television community are welcome and encouraged to attend.   

WHEN: March 21, 2019     6p - 8p.
WHERE: Park Restaurant and Bar - 59 John F. Kennedy St, Cambridge, MA 02138
THE PLAN:   Screenwriters, filmmakers, and other industry people in the room, chatting with each other, having fun, building the community is what it’s all about. Plus some good prizes!  
Door prizes for the night will include:

One free script entry to NEW MEDIA FILM FESTIVAL
One free script entry to SHORE SCRIPTS
Special Guest:  Amy Wade
Amy Wade is a filmmaker, writer, director, and actress. She lived in Los Angeles while studying and pursuing her craft for more than 20 years. In 2009, she returned to New England, (where she was born and raised) to be near her family in Rhode Island. After putting her career “on hold” for many years, her creative side started to lure her back into the business.  This feeling of “restlessness” is what led to the making of her first feature film, CONDO HELL, which takes place in the mill she worked in with her father. She wrote it, directed it, and starred in it, along with a cast of friends from Los Angeles, whom she met in acting school over 20 years ago.
Amy enjoys living in New England because her family lives there and also because she discovered how supportive the communities are to aspiring filmmakers. Massachusetts and Rhode Island in particular, were instrumental in helping Amy make CONDO HELL a success. The film traveled the festival circuit, screening at the AOF festival in Los Angeles, The RIP Horror Film Festival (winning an award as Best Feature Film) and The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.
She is currently in the process of submitting her second screenplay, DEADLY SECLUSION, into festivals to gain exposure and hopefully find investors to help her make the film.
Amy also has a blog-site, full of hilarious stories about her crazy acting adventures in LA, her weird dating experiences, and random thoughts about annoying people and life. She’s a character actress as well, and loves physical comedy. She writes her own material, does her own stunts, and plays over a dozen different characters. You can see her comedy videos on her YouTube page. In 2018, Amy booked several acting jobs- a starring role in a pilot sitcom, WICKED WORKOUT, (written and directed by Chris Anderson) a supporting role in a short film, TEMPORAL, (written and directed by Jack and Alex Ieronimo) and another supporting role in the feature film, HOLLYWOOD BABYDOLL, (written and directed by SHARE CHERRIE.) Amy is excited about getting involved with the ISA community and feels honored to be a speaker at the next ISA Boston event on March 21.

Meet your hosts:  

Dianne Grattan

Dianne Grattan is a writer and an entrepreneur. Her successful career in the world of corporate sales gave her 25 amazing years of experience and insight which she has carried over into her more recent ventures. Her heart is now deeply dedicated in developing her script for a web series that she hopes will inspire others with its unique, time-travelling take on the hyper-connected modern world; a nostalgia-inducing ride through our recent century, reminding us all about the things that truly matter.

 Ike Zhang 

Ike Zhang is an artist and entrepreneur based in Boston, MA. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Ike came to the U.S. to pursue his undergraduate degree at Amherst College. Having lived in Los Angeles working as an actor and screenwriter, Ike experienced first-hand the struggles and pitfalls that early stage artists go through. So in 2017, Ike co-founded the Boston Creative Collective, a creative talent management agency that helps to represent and grow emerging artists, especially those from diverse backgrounds. Currently representing 35 full-time artists and over 400 part-time emerging artists, the BCC has become a hub for up-and-coming musicians, models, photographers, cinematographers, actors and writers to gather and find jobs in Boston. Through artist business education and commercialization of their personal brand, the BCC helps incubate local talent and cultivate financially sustainable careers. Some of BCC's clients and talent have gone on to become contract photographers for Vogue and Paper Magazine, written and shot promotional videos for the record breaking Kickstarter campaign Sated, and designed for large multinational corporations! Ike still acts and writes, and is currently workshopping a few shorts and feature scripts.  

Event Sponsors:

New Media Film Festival Honoring Stories Worth Telling - All Ages, All Cultures, All Media. New Media Film Festival works hard to produce a festival that highlights and honors the hard working and uprising content creators in the New Media Industry. It is a unique festival that diligently works to find opportunities, including distribution for almost all of the submitted content, not just those programmed. Accepts all stories in text format (books, event scripts, reality etc.) 


Shore Scripts are focused on discovering the best new screenwriting talent from around the world, and how do they do that I hear you ask? Since they started in 2012, Shore Scripts have helped 60+ Writers gain Representation, Option, Sell and have their screenplays Produced. Their most recent success story was setting up Feature Winner Louis Ackerman's thriller script, Flesh & Blood with Blumhouse.

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On March 21, 2019 Sarah Brockmann said:
Is this a one-time event or is it closer to monthly? I was nearly triple booked for this afternoon so I couldn't make it, but I'd love to come another time, and to bring my brother, who is a computer animator out of RI. I really hope someone has an answer to my query.



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