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Though not his day job, Mark Grisar is a professional screenwriting contestant, having won, placed, or showed in the most prestigious contests in the country. In one year, his comedy BAD RAP placed in 10 out of 12 major competitions including Austin FF (top 10), Script PIMP (top 10), Open Door (top 3), Slamdance (semi-finalist), Page (top 2%),  Nicholl (top 10%). He boasts that he is one of the few who has won more than he has spent on contest entry fees. Grisar is especially proud of the 3 copies of Final Draft Software he won in one year.

Grisar has written five viable scripts (all contest favorites), has had several options -- US and abroad (some even paying!) and has 3 unexecuted sales contracts residing on his hard drive. He has come as close to a produced credit as a screenwriter can, without having anything committed to celluloid, or digital media.

He currently resides in NY with his two kids, two dogs, and one wife.

What he’s working on now:

Grisar's script CLEANING HOUSE is in preproduction with Goldcrest Pictures, Nick Quested attached to direct and Omari Hardwick attached as lead. Principle photography scheduled for early 2018.

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