Tswift, Feature Dramas Struggle, Iger Returns to Disney & Ancient Tunnels

International Screenwriters' Association 16 days ago

Max & Shayna discuss a number of entertainment news including the return of Bob Iger to Disney, She Said's opening weekend struggle & the importance of having a growth mindset.

0:00 - Intro: Taylor Swift & TicketMaster struggles
2:54 - Show overview
3:35 - Top News: Awards movies struggle
9:30 - News: Bob Iger Returns to Disney
11:44 - News: Best Movies to Stream in Nov
14:00 - News: Dolly Patron's charity gets $100M
14:44 - Insider: Growth Vs Fixed mindset
19:25 - Watching: Mood
20:38 - Watching: Inside Man
21:24 - Watching: Spirited
21:55 - Watching: Enola Holmes 2
22:32 - Watching: Dead to Me
22:58 - Watching: Toys that Built America
24:08 - Watching: Electrical Life of Louis Wain
25:28 - Good News: Amazing, ancient tunnels found


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