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Mad Max Fan? Writing Partner for Thrillers with a Strong Femalle Lead

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I want my next screenplay to feature a truly complex female character. Many movies try to do this and fail, simply making the woman "one of the guys." Others follow the "strong female" archetype, which can be powerful, but has become overdone. What I am looking for is a female character like Imperator Furiosa from "Mad Max: Fury Road" or Ripley from "Alien." A complex, nuanced woman who has to grapple with issues of feminism, gender, and sexuality. You need to be able to write from the female perspective


I am a student with a passion for writing screenplays. I am not in the WGA and would prefer a non WGA writing partner, preferably in Chicago.

I am trying to reach a younger audience of males and females, who may be more "artsy" in their viewpoints. I am interested in thrillers and dramas in the vein of films like those of Paul Thomas Anderson and Terrence Malick. I like gritty, grimy stories. They can be set just about anywhere: a corrupt city, a warzone, an apocalyptic landscape, etc.

If this interests you, please reach out! I am looking to go through candidates for the next month before making my decisions. We would likely get down to business in early/mid December.